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  • Eagle A3 Super Six Sensor (3 Axis Gyro + 3 Accelerometers) Airplane Flight Stabilizer
  • Eagle A3 Super - What's included in the box
  • Eagle A3 Super Six Sensor (3 Axis Gyro + 3 Accelerometers) Airplane Flight Stabilizer
  • Eagle A3 Super Six Sensor (3 Axis Gyro + 3 Accelerometers) Airplane Flight Stabilizer

Eagle A3 Super 6 Axis Programmable Airplane Gyro w/ Auto Balance


Eagle A3 Super Six Sensor (3 Axis Gyro + 3 Accelerometers) Firmware Updatable Airplane Flight Stabilizer with Auto Balance Feature

The Eagle A3 Super is our top of the line flight stabilization system designed specifically for fixed-wing aircraft. The A3 Super has an integrated high precision 6-axis (3 gyro + 3 accelerometers) MEMS sensor with advanced attitude and PID control algorithm. The gyro can accurately detect the angular velocity and attitude of the aircraft and issue commands to all servos, which enables perfect balance and stability throughout the flight. The A3 Super has built-in capabilities for delta-wing (flying-wing), v-tail, remote master gain adjustment, and separate dual aileron and elevator control. The Eagle A3 Super offers 4 flight modes, including Normal Stabilization Mode, 3D Attitude Locking Mode, Self-balance Mode and Gyro Deactivated Mode. By using a 3-way switch on your  transmitter you can switch between the 3 different modes during flight. The A3 Super also provides three kinds of control behavior including Stable Mode, Normal Mode and Sport Mode to meet the needs of individual pilots. The firmware of the A3 Super can be upgraded by simply connecting the gyro to your personal computer using the included USB adapter and data cable. See the support tab above for the latest firmware.

Important: The A3 Super is an advanced flight stabilizer. You must have a Windows PC, know how to install USB drivers, and have a strong working knowledge of Windows applications in order to program or update the firmware on this gyro. If you are interested in a 6 axis gyro which does not require a computer for setup and programming, please consider the Eagle A3.

Why use an airplane gyro? Gyros (also called flight stabilizers) help keep your airplane stable during take-off, flight maneuvers, and landings which can be helpful during windy days or when learning how to fly RC planes. Advanced gyros, like the A3 Super, also include accelerometers which automatically turn your plane "right side up" if you lose orientation of your plane during flight. Gyros also help you master aerobatic maneuvers like knife edges and hovering as the system can "lock" in a planes position / trajectory. Once thought to be for beginners only, Gyros are now common in all classes of aircraft and are utilized by all levels of flyers. Gyros are great for learning, they let pilots practice advanced aerobatics, they give you piece of mind in less than ideal flight conditions, and they can often help you avoid costly crash damage. 


  • Works with all major receiver brands including Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, JR, Tactic, and more.
  • Integrated design of 6-axis (3 gyro+3 accelerometers ) MEMS sensor for self-stability and self-balance.
  • Gyro firmware can be updated to latest release and all features of the stabilzier can be programmed using the included USB interface or optional field programming card
  • Advanced brown-out fast recovery ability provides you better security and reliability.
  • 4 flight modes: Normal Stabilization3D Attitude LockingSelf-balance and Gyro Deactivated Modes.
  • 4 Auxiliary modes to define custom functions.
  • 3 control behaviors: stablenormal and sport modes.
  • 5 operating frequencies for servos; compatible with both analog and digital servos.
  • Remote master gain adjustment during flight.
  • Supports separate dual aileron and elevator input.
  • Independent gyro direction setup for aileron 2 and elevator 2.
  • Independent gyro gain adjustment and gyro ratio selection for each flight mode.
  • Separate adjustments for servo travel limits.
  • Mixing functions of delta-wing (flying-wing) and v-tail.
  • Many advanced settings such as gyro response rate, gyro switch, level offset, stick centering, and dead-stick band.


  • Input Voltage: DC 5V~6V, powered from the receiver directly
  • Gyroscope: ±2000 dps
  • Accelerometer: ±4g
  • Supported Servo Type: 1520μs analog and digital servo
  • Operating Temperature: -40 F - 185 F
  • Size: 43×27mm
  • Weight: 10g / .35oz (excluding receiver wires)

What's Included in the Box:

  • Eagle A3 Super Flight Stabilizer
  • Data cable
  • USB Adapter (to connect stabilizer to PC for firmware updates and programming)
  • One 15cm male to male receiver cable
  • Two 15cm male to male 3-way receiver cables

Which Eagle Gyro is right for me?

  Sensor 2D Mode 3D Mode Auto-Balance Auto-Hover Remote Gain S.Bus HV Upgradable Price
A3-L 3-Axis x x     x x x   $
A3 6-Axis x   x x x x x   $$
A3 Super 6-Axis x x   x x   x $$$


Wiring Example (Aux Mode -3)

Connect all the required channels between the controller and the receiver using the included 3-way male to male receiver cables. They flight stabilizer requires at least 3 receiver channels, up to 7 channels. The channels of AIL, ELE and RUD must be connected at all times otherwise the controller will not work. The other 3 pins should be connected according to the AUX mode currently selected. The throttle servo or ESC is connected as normal to the throttle channel of the receiver without bridging the flight stabilizer. The illustration below shows the wiring method only for AUX Mode-3; see the manual for wiring instructions on all four auxiliary modes.
 FEATURE VIDEO: Hobby Eagle A3 Super Introduction. Video 1 from Motion RC
 BONUS VIDEO: Eagle A3 Super 3 Axis Gyro Program Install and Upgrade Video 2

 BONUS VIDEO: Hobby Eagle A3 Super setup on Spektrum DX8 Video 3

 BONUS VIDEO: Hobby Eagle A3 Super setup on Tactic TTX650 Video 3.5

 BONUS VIDEO: Hobby Eagle A3 Super Program Card Video 4
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  1. Really good gyro

    Posted by Billy Crowell on 4th Dec 2014

    I own a Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D and a Eagle A3 both of which are good gyros. The Eagle A3 Super seems to be easier to configure than the Guardian but both work equally well. I like the fact that the Eagle can be located in almost any position while the Guardian must be oriented with the little plane symbol facing forward. The Eagle has a mode similar to AS3X which the Guardian does not. Other than that, they are very much alike.

  2. Stabilization made EASY

    Posted by DarthFlyer on 4th Nov 2014

    The Eagle A3 Super 6 Axis Programmable Airplane Gyro w/ Auto Balance is the most electronic rock solid Gyro I have seen on the market in its price range. If you are not familiar with gyros, always setup with Flight Modes. You can adjust your gains with the Program Card after each flight. It will only take about 3 flights to dial all settings into perfection. Setting up to adjust gains in the air is a mistake for most first timers, it is confusing and can be disastrous if you do not know what you are doing. Some Gain guidelines for most Warbirds and Sport Planes, experiment to your liking with your particular plane.
    Use 3 Flight modes on the 3-way switch:1. Normal Gyro, 2. Off Gyro, 3. Self Balance,
    Master Gain @ 100%, Aileron@32%, Elevator@32%, Rudder@48%, Self Balance@5% This should make your wings level along with straight take-offs and landings. 15mph winds are non-existent with these settings.

    Hope this helps smooth out your bird!

  3. great flight stab.

    Posted by Capt. Smoke on 7th Oct 2014

    i have several different brands of stab. and this one works great and at 1/2 the price i think its a bargain

  4. A3 Super gyro

    Posted by Bob on 1st Oct 2014

    The only problem I had was that I expected it to come with the programming card, as their user guide suggested. I then did research and found the one with the programming card cost significantly more, and in my estimation is not needed if you have a laptop. The config program is much easier to use with the laptop as each function has its own screen that shows the choices.

  5. Caution. Crash mode fault detected ! ! !

    Posted by Stan on 20th Aug 2014

    As stated in a previous review, I have had great success using the A3 Super in making unflyable planes flyable, but there is a mode in which it may cause a crash and you have to be ready to get on the ailerons or switch the unit back to "normal" mode. If the plane goes into a vertical dive and crabs just a little the unit will apply full ailerons. You must either switch it to normal (transmitter switch must have been activated to do this) or give it opposite ailerons and quickly or it will plow into the ground. Beware. I still use it, and recommend it in spite of this flaw. Just be ready on your ailerons at all times especially in a dive.

  6. Amazingly easy to setup and documentation is easy to understand

    Posted by eihoward on 12th Aug 2014

    I am a newbie to the hobby, but an electronics enthusiast. I found the instructions on this unit easier to follow and clearer than the Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D gyro´s instructions.

    The unit is big, maybe three times the size of the Guardian. It does not fit as easy as the Guardian in tight spaces.

    The programming card is a huge advantage in the field. The interface is easy to follow and setup is a breeze.

    I highly recommend this gyro over the Guardian, if you have the necessary space.

    Lights on the unit are very convenient, you can see the mode or status of the unit without problem.

    I am fitting gyros on all my planes, you only need to buy one complete package with the programming card and can use it with any additional gyros you buy.

  7. A3 Super is the best wing leveling system I have seen

    Posted by Stan on 29th Jul 2014

    I use the A3 Super only on "Stable Mode" to allow me to fly planes that are too "twitchy" to fly.I have been able to fly 3 planes without crashing that had always crashed each time I flew them. One of them was a $300 plane, So this fix is definitely worth it. Also gave one to a friend and it performed well in a small plane that he has also.

  8. stabilizer

    Posted by jr on 8th Jul 2014

    PROS; nice unit, pretty simple to operate, still has some quirks I'm trying to work out, being able to dial in levels of gain on the fly pricless, Cons; cover is seperating, has 4 settings for 3 position switch so you cant use one unless you change in field and you need a programmer which cost as much as the stabilizer or a laptop, that sucks.


 Eagle A3 Super Airplane Gyro Instruction Manual v2.7


 USB Adapter Driver (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
 Eagle A3 Super PC Suite Version 2.7 Includes A3 Super Firmware Updater and PC Config Tool v2.7