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  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito PNP RC Plane | Motion RC
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito PNP RC Plane | Motion RC
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito RC Electric Plane
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito RC Electric Plane
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito PNP RC Plane | Motion RC
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito PNP RC Plane | Motion RC
  • Image 7
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito PNP RC Plane | Motion RC
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito RC Electric Plane
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito RC Electric Plane
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito RC Electric Plane
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito RC Electric Plane
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito RC Electric Plane
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito RC Electric Plane
  • Freewing de Havilland Mosquito RC Electric Plane
  • Freewing Mosquito box contents

Freewing de Havilland Mosquito 1400mm (55") Wingspan - PNP


Freewing de Havilland Mosquito Twin Engine RC Warbird - Receiver Ready

    The Freewing de Havilland Mosquito is truly a site to behold is the sky. We put this plane through its paces, and it held up to everything we threw at it. The Freewing Mosquito has nylon hinges on all the control surfaces as opposed to the simple foam hinges on the majority of foam RC planes. While flaps are optional, we find the plane slows for landing just fine without flaps. If you have never flown a twin engine plane, you must experience the thrust and sound of a twin engine plane. Second generation, shock absorbing landing gear are also included to help make landings smooth and minimize retract damage on tough landings. While assembly is simple, do be prepared to spend a few hours building the plane.


  • Durable EPO foam construction
  • Nylon hinges on all control surfaces
  • Electric servoless landing gear with heavy-duty shock absorbers and sequential doors
  • Counter rotating props
  • Bright LED navigation lights
  • 2 Brushless motors,2 ESCs, and 7 servos installed


  • Minimum 6 Channel Radio - Click Here for recommendations
  • 6 Channel Receiver - Click Here for recommendations
  • 4 Cell 14.8V 2200 mAh Lipo Battery - EPR22004
  • Lipo Battery Charger - Click Here for recommendations

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced     Build Time: 4 Hours

FEATURE VIDEO: Flight Demonstration of the Freewing de Havilland Mosquito Receiver Ready RC Plane





Flying Weight


Power System

Brushless 4010-850Kv  x2

Speed Control

30A brushless   x2, BEC, T connector

Propeller / EDF

Two 10x6  3 blade propellers


9g×6, 17gx1

Landing Gear

Electric servoless retracts

Required Battery

4S 14.8V 2200mAh 20C 4 cell LiPo

Required Radio

5 Channel




Optional -molded servo area and flap cut outs





Hinge Type

Nylon hinges on all control surfaces


EPO Foam

BUILD GUIDE: Build Guide for the Freewing de Havilland Mosquito Receiver Ready RC Plane

FEATURE VIDEO: Flight Demonstration of the Freewing de Havilland Mosquito Receiver Ready RC Plane
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  1. Worth The Wait

    Posted by Nick on 28th Mar 2014

    Had to pre-order but it was worth the wait. It came double boxed and it was packed very well with no dents or dings. I have yet to fly it as I am still building it the build is very easy but the gear doors are difficult to get them set up without the servo stalling out I might leave them off if I cant get them to work correctly. I did have one issue with one gear door it had a pin broken off but I used a very small screw to replace the pin. The build video that Motion RC put on the website has helped me get the plane together. I cannot wait to fly it! I will post another review after the maiden flight.

  2. Modified Mossie still flies great!

    Posted by Dave Gianakos on 26th Dec 2013

    In my last review, I wrote that I might repaint my Mossie in the colors of a USAAF plane from the 25th BG out of Watton, England. These aircraft were used for photo reconnaissance, chaff dropping, weather reporting for bombers, etc. In most cases they were completely unarmed. I really liked the repaint I did of this RAF Mossie; I added a blog in the Forums under Gallery area with a couple of pics. The plane still flies as great as before; I highly recommend this plane for those who want a twin that is not seen all that much in the hobby. I will probably buy another one in time and just keep it in the stock RAF paint scheme, which looks very cool, too.

  3. Very Detailed

    Posted by Doug on 22nd Dec 2013

    Have not fully built Aircraft ,but taking time to go slow, build video great to watch first , highly recommend this Plane ,

  4. Almost Five Stars

    Posted by Bob D. on 21st Dec 2013

    The plane arrived well packaged with no damage to any parts. Very nice quality model. Parts mostly fit well and it took about 5 hours in total to build.
    If it wasn't for the build video that I watched before I started it would have taken me a lot longer. The instructions are terrible, thanks for the build video!!
    I did have a bad tail wheel servo and called Motion RC, and within hours they mailed out a new tail wheel servo to me. Try that with Hobbyking!! Awesome customer service!!

  5. received my Musquito today:)

    Posted by Chevstar, Berlin,NH on 3rd Dec 2013

    Received my mosquito today and was impressed with the packaging and finish on aircraft everything was in the box and in mint condition. Impressed with fit of wings and engine nassels very nice. Can't build till after Christmass

  6. The Mosquito is very scale and flies great

    Posted by Dennis Friesel on 1st Dec 2013

    I purchased the kit version of this plane by mistake, and Motion RC was VERY accommodating in exchanging my purchase for the plug and play version. The parts as they come out of the box are very clean and detailed. Assembly was done by following the ASSEMBLY VIDEO on the MOTION RC Web site. I highly recommend use of this video during the assembly. It really makes the assembly of the retractable gear and gear doors very easy, as well as gives paint numbers for touch up after assembly. The finished product is a really scale looking rendition of the Mosquito.

    I maiden-ed the plane today and was much impressed with its performance, both on the ground and in the air. I used the balance location recommended in the video (not the plans) and the planes first lift off from the ground was very smooth with very little elevator input. It is fast and smooth handling, and does all the basic aerobatic maneuvers well. I slowed the plane gradually while holding up elevator as needed to keep the plane flying level, and it just mushed slowly earthward, no stall break or snap tendency. On landing I find it best to keep a little throttle in until the wheels hit the ground to get that sweet soft touch down. All in all, I really like this war bird . It looks and flies great.

  7. Freewing dH Mosquito

    Posted by D. Rogers on 29th Sep 2013

    First off, don't be lulled into a false sense of security if the gear door hinges appear to be secure. It appears the mold release agent has not been cleaned well before painting. The paint releases pretty easily. The gear door hinges were attached by the factory after the model was painted and the underside paint is brittle and so the hinges will come off, sooner or later. Be fore-warned! I removed mine, scuffed the paint off and reattached with contact cement.

    The clevises for the gear doors were only on the push rods by a few threads so I made new, longer linkage for the doors from some park flyer hardware.

    There were two servo extension wires in the box marked for the gear doors, but I think they were meant for the main gear as that is where it was really needed.

    Much thanks to Motion RC and Rich Baker for the super service and support! Great job guys!!!

  8. One very nice airplane !

    Posted by Dave (dahawk) Halker on 21st Sep 2013

    First off, the Motion RC team is simply unrivaled when it comes to total service and customer support. Timely responses to questions and meaningful technical assistance make for an exceptional buying experience. They set the bar.

    When I first bought the Freewing Mossy, I followed my normal Modus of Operandi in first searching out build threads and you tube videos. I always like to gain as much knowledge as I can about a plane and necessary mods and enhancements. The supplied manual is very lacking. In fact, I’d go so for as to say it’s a complete joke. It appeared there was a lot of conflicting information on the RC Groups forum.

    The build task ahead of me was not overly daunting but there were a few areas that I knew would need some special attention such as tuning the servo actuated gear doors.
    So, I waited about a month until Rich Baker from RC Informer.com could compile a build and flight review video. I’m glad I waited. Rich has produced several review videos for Motion and all are excellent. This one was no exceptional. The build video clarifies many of the details left out in the manual. Rich also provided excellent input into the recommended CG for this plane which turns out to be far further forward than what the manual suggests. It’s closer to 70mm than the 95mm-105mm range stated in the manual. I also added 1 oz of lead in the tail to obtain an optimal balance. The lipo I use is a 4S 3300mah 30 C.
    Be patient and take your time building this model . For the average ARF builder, it will take more time than normal. There are a lot of very cool creature features such as the landing gear, counter rotating props, separate tail wheel servo, lights, fighter/bomber nose configuration. Again, follow RC Informer’s video and you can’t go wrong.

    When I finally maidened the Mossy, it was almost uneventful. I fly off a grass field that is rather shaggy and she had no problems ground handling. The servoless retracts are metal trunnion with a lot of spring loaded shock absorption. I made sure I had gained enough airspeed before rotating and she climbed out scale like. Made a few trim circuits and was surprised that she did not need any aileron trim. Zero. A few clicks of up and presto, she was trimmed. As Rich Baker from RC Informer had suggested in his video, I reduced the elevator throw. She has a big elevator. There was a slight yaw action for which I later added a very slight mix to correct. Dropped the mains and simultaneously received a lot of “ ooh’s and ahh’s” from our pitt area (peanut gallery) as the doors opened and the gear slowing came down. Total flight time was right at 5 minutes. With about 3.8/cell remaining, I did not suck up all of the lipo’s capacity and I know with some more milliamps, flight times will be longer depending on how the throttle is managed.

    When you give her the berries, she screams. She’s plenty fast for me. The twin engines have a nice roar to them as she performs a low pass down the centerline.

    Want a head-turner? This is it. Though I’m very impressed with the overall quality of this model, there are a couple of minor details that I would have liked to have seen such as better cockpit detailing. There is none. No pilots are included so you’re on your own there and they are small.

    The Freewing Mossy is a keeper. You won’t be disappointed.

    Looking forward to buying more planes from Motion RC !

  9. Flight Review of Mossie

    Posted by Dave Gianakos on 8th Sep 2013

    I wrote a review earlier before I got to fly this airplane, but now I have flown it a number of times. It is a delight to fly! It flies very scale-like, or at least that's how I try to fly it. The excessive tailwheel length bugged me so I went in there and lowered the tailwheel servo into the fuse so that it looks a little more scale. Wasn't hard to do, and I think it looks better, and flies and handles as well as it did before.
    I'm thinking I might eventually buy another one, strip it, and paint it up in the colors of planes used by the USAAF's 25th BG out of Watton. It is a very cool blue color with red tail, and invasion stripes on the bottoms of the wings and fuse.
    Another great buy, tons of fun to fly!

  10. Mosquito pretty good

    Posted by Dave Gianakos on 4th Jul 2013

    This was my first Freewing rc plane. I have put the plane together, but not flown it yet. It did have a defect in the electronics of the left main gear, and am awaiting a replacement. However, the gear door and sequencing of the working gear is really impressive. There are a lot of cool details molded into the foam plane and plastic fairings that are well detailed.
    Like others, I pulled off the hinges for the doors and reglued them with epoxy. Some were just about to come off with a very slight tug. Recommend doing this to save future headaches.
    The instruction sheet is abysmal; worst I have seen even for a Chinese-made model with English instructions. Many things are left to the imagination to figure out. Motion RC already has plans to come up with some usable instructions in English help on the website.
    I would like to say that Motion RC is the best company I have ever dealt with in RC. BOTH owners called me when I reported the problem with the gear. A replacement is already in the mail. I think (hope) that the Mosquito will be a good flyer, but I am very happy finding this excellent company for my future rc needs.

  11. Fantastic and Fast!

    Posted by Robert Marasco on 27th Jun 2013

    Greatl flying plane. tracvks very well and has gobbs of power. Only concern is the elevator s are a little on the small size so low speed flight can get touchy. Good thing is the power will get you out of those situations fast. Gear is very sturdy and looks great in the air.

  12. Great plane and Great site to buy from

    Posted by Michael Lowe on 11th Jun 2013

    Overall the plane rates a 5 star. Went together great except for some pretty cruddy directions however when sending in a customer service request for help, within 59 minutes I got a response AND pictures to help with a minor adjustment. How can you not like this in a sites customer service. Gear door hinges need a little epoxy, mine and saw another review where they need some epoxy or better glue to hold them on. Otherwise, very happy with the plane. Oh, have some lead weights around for cg'ing the bird, really nose heavy. I used a piece of iron I cut and placed along the top in a cut out forward of the vertical stab to help with adjusting.

  13. Good value kit.

    Posted by Jim on 9th Jun 2013

    I very much enjoyed building this kit. It should have been 5 stars, but the manual held it back.

  14. Freewing Mosquito

    Posted by John C. on 28th Mar 2013

    A Nice ARF, Came with Extra prop's, Look's like it's been upgraded a bit the ie (Gear door hinge's) are glued in good so im not going mess with them, I will Add flap's also, Only 4 star Because the Wing's are not in a bag like the Fuse and both have Shipping Ding's.

  15. Scale flyer

    Posted by Ken O'Brien on 8th Feb 2013

    As with most all Freewing planes the foam was excellent quality, very nice looking mossie...Assembly was pretty straight forward, liked the no-glue approach. Pulled off all gear door hinges and epoxied in, the rubber cement just was not holding, this solved the problem. Used a 2600 45C battery and had to cut foam to slide battery back as far as I could, then add tail weight to balance at 96mm. Flies like a dream, very scale, it will do loops, rolls inverted (little up elevator). Lands great. Customer service was Exceptional and that to me that is one of the best things about buying anything!!!! Due to weather I have only one flight, but sure no problems will arise. Only improvements English manual with suggested control throws..

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