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  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther Optional Landing Gear
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet
  • Freewing F9F Panther RC EDF Jet

Freewing F9F Panther 64mm EDF Jet - PNP


64mm Freewing F9F Panther EDF Jet - Receiver Ready (PNP) - FJ10311P(F1701B)

Are you looking for your first EDF jet or are you a more advanced pilot looking for a new EDF? Look no further. While great for people new to EDF jets, The Freewing F9F Panther is fast and agile enough for experienced pilots too. The Freewing F9F is one of our favorite jets. While this F9F Panther EDF is not for beginner flyers, it is perfect for the intermediate flyer looking for their first EDF jet. There is not an easier EDF jet to fly. Unlike many EDF jets, the Freewing F9F actually floats for an extended period of time without throttle (assuming a correct CG). The F9F is powerful enough to loop and has a fantastic roll rate. We recommend hand launching and belly landing in the grass for pilots new to EDF jets. The F9F is built from durable EPO foam and uses nylon hinges. While a 1600 mAh LiPo is recommended, a 2200 mAh battery can be used by more experienced pilots with minor modification to the battery compartment. We highly recommend a high wing trainer for beginners and proficiency with at least one low wing plane before attempting to fly an EDF jet.


  • Durable EPO foam construction
  • Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to a foam hinge)
  • Brushless motor, ESC and servos installed


  • 4-6 Channel Radio - Click Here for recommendations
  • 4-6 Channel Receiver - Click Here for recommendations
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 1600 mAh Lipo Battery - EPR16003
  • Lipo Battery Charger - Click Here for recommendations

Level: IntermediateArrow.jpgBuild Time: 1 HourAge Level: 14 and upArrow_End.jpg
 FEATURE VIDEO: Flight Demonstration of the Freewing F9F Panther EDF Jet







Flying Weight


Power System

Brushless 2627-4300Kv

Speed Control

30A, Internal BEC, T connector

Propeller / EDF

64mm EDF



Landing Gear

none - belly lander (optional gear is available)

Required Battery

3S 11.1V 1600mAh 25C 3 cell LiPo

Required Radio

3 Channel









Hinge Type

Nylon hinges on all control surfaces


EPO Foam

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  1. Favorite EDF Model 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2016

    I agree 100 percent with Scott: there are enough hot dog planes available that you don't have to spend more money. I wouldn't change a thing about this plane. Looks great in the air, and flies like it's on rails. I've bungee launched and hand launched with no problems. No bad habits. if I want an adrenaline rush I have other EDFs. I'm 81 years old and if I wear this F9F out I'll but another one. Don't throw too hard when you hand launch and you'll be fine.

  2. Terrific Stock performance out of the Box! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2016

    Don't be discouraged by the review by builders who love to hop up their planes!
    This EDF flies terrifically right out of the box! I use a 2200 mAH 3 cell battery and I've been getting terrific flights for years! I'm on my 2nd unit as I've worn out my 1st one!
    See my photos on the Motion RC site.

  3. stock is ok if you want to fight to keep it in the air. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2016

    New bird built stock just doesn't want to fly with any authority. It sucks that I have to spend the same amount of money on parts to get better performance. The plane flies great once you get it going.

  4. Cant get enough of the Panther! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Mar 2016

    The Panther was my first EDF jet and that was three years ago. Ive had the f-16, Sabre and a couple of Stingers since then and they have all been awesome!l However, the Panther was always my favorite and here we go again. This time I have the 12 blade fan and 3300kv motor with a 4 cell 2200 and this bird comes alive! Perfomance is fantasic and so is the sound! I always hand launch and belly land my jets with no issues and this one is no exception. The color scheme is also very easy to see for orientation. I love this plane! MotionRC is still the best in the business and their commitment to their customers is second to none. Thank You

  5. 12 Blade 4S = Pure Joy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2016

    I've had one of these that I had countless flights on using stock
    fan unit. Wonderful model for it's price range. Finally retired it
    as there was more glue than foam holding the plane together.
    Bought and built a new one installing a Freewing 12 bladed fan
    unit with a Freewing 3300kv motor and a 40 amp esc using a
    4S 2200mah 40c Admiral (minor mod to batt compartment).
    All I can say is wow ! This plane has sooo much more performance
    now, especially in the vertical ! Same stable, easy to fly Panther,
    just MUCH faster ....
    If I wasn't constantly jamming the throttle forward I could do a
    five minute flight easily. It's pulling 36 amps wide open.
    The power unit is putting out 1kg of thrust on a model with a RTF
    weight of 730g so you do the numbers ... up up up up .... where'd
    it go ?????
    This model is probably one of the best edf's on the market in the
    64mm fan class in my opinion.
    P.S. - The 12 blade 64mm fan makes that awesome turbine
    "Whoosh" sound that we all love ;)

  6. Good news, bad news 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2016

    Good news: This plane looks great, takes off well, is steady in the role axis, and it lands OK. It looks and sounds great in the air, and I think it has lots of power. I'm getting about 4 minutes flying time out of an 1800 3 cell battery.

    Bad news: As mentioned by other reviewers, there is something not quite right with the balance. I've tried adding weight both fore and aft, and it still flies like a roller coaster, no matter what I do. I'm going to try using a heavier battery and see how that goes.

    One other "not so good" thing about it is the quality of the nose gear strut. It's made out of very thin and fragile metal. Just a couple of rough landings, and it bends and then eventually breaks. I've already had to order a replacement nose gear twice. Main gear is good, nose gear strut is too fragile for this plane.

  7. CG issues 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2016

    build - very easy everything included in kit including glue 5/5

    flying - my manual states CG 45mm from the leading edge I think it is not correct

    first flight - I put 2200 mah in the nose and slightly pushed forward so it was nose heavy (when checking with 45mm CG), hand launch resulted in uncontrollable climb and nose dive into grass - repair reglue

    second flight - pushed 2200 mah all the way into nose; failed hand launch (too slow), belly landing, no damage

    third flight - same battery location, hand launch OK, I fought strong tendency to climb whole flight, nice landing glide, belly landing

    fourth flight- same battery location, elevator trim adjusted a bit, hand launch OK, tendency to climb still, got bit disoriented while trying to land - crash into harder surface, total loss

    for me 2 stars I should be able to trust manual

  8. Performs just OK but there is potential 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2016

    I wasn't too impressed with the performance I got with a fully charged 2200 3s 3 cell battery. That being said, I don't know how the Motion RC guys got it to fly so well on a 1600 in the demonstration video. With my 2200 all the way to the front, I was still a bit tail heavy and seemed to lack power. I attempted to loop it and I momentarily lost control.

    The ailerons seemed a little sensitive on low rates. So I moved the clevis to the outermost hole on the horns.

    The build went fine except for the canopy. It didn't fit right. I had to shave off a little foam to get the canopy magnets to engage. Now the back end of it is sitting slightly up.

    I'm glad I purchased the nose steering and landing gear because I think I would have stalled it on hand-launch.

    Taxiing around on the 2200 barely puts any weight on the nosewheel. I'm going to try a 3000 3s 30c and see how that works and update my review.

  9. FAST AND FUN 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2016


  10. Good for spinning not for flying 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Feb 2016

    I've attempted to enjoy this model, but it is my least favorite only because after several attempts of honing in on the c.g. it continues to spin out of control with only a slight amount of nose high stall. I've spun this aircraft more than I've enjoyed it. Originally I was excited to have a good small flyer, but this one isn't it. I used a 2200mAh 3c. The nose required a lot of weight with the battery full forward.

  11. My First EDF 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Dec 2015

    I've always liked this little jet.
    It seems to be built well and most all the pieces fit well considering it's foam. There were a few areas that had been squeezed but it's seems to spring back if you spend a bit of time on it.
    As soon as I figure out how to fly again (last time I flew an R/C plane was a round 1976 and it's changed a lot) I'm sure this will be a favorite.
    Thanks MotionRC, great service.

  12. The elusive CG! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Dec 2015

    Build went fine. Piece of cake. Colors are great! Nicely detailed. Don't use the manufactures epoxy. If you're into RC you've got plenty of your own.

    CG?? - The manual calls for 45mm back from leading edge. Many reviewers debate this. With an 1800mah 3 cell pack in the front it feels like a brick in the nose. Wouldn't dare throw it like this. Added 1/2 oz weight in the tail cone. This seemed to balance must better. Had to open the belly panel to create a pinch point to allow a one handed overhead throw. Wish me luck. Will get back to you after maiden tomorrow.

  13. I just had to try an EDF 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Dec 2015

    This model is perfect for someone who has never had a jet before. Flying this is absolutely more fun than should be legal.
    It's not the fastest and it is challenging to launch. First launch it went into a hover, interesting to say the least. No repeats though.
    Packaging was good and it went together nicely. Had a warped hatch but took care of that.
    Space is a little tight in the bay but not undoable.
    Assembly is straightforward. I'd make sure that the paint at the wing root and fuselage side is cleaned off before gluing together.
    I thought that at my age it might be troublesome to see but it actually is fairly easy to keep in a reasonably sized window. It's fast but not overly so and its handling is excellent. The glide is a surprise and you could run out of runway waiting for it to settle.
    Highly recommended as a first jet.

  14. DEF beginner's plane 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Dec 2015

    You guys give the best service. I maiden the plane today and it
    is exactly what I needed.

  15. This was my 1st EDF 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Nov 2015

    I would like to say that this is not only a great looking flyer but is one of the best durable plane that I have. The build was simple, I would recommend the you add carbon rod for added support for the wing. I have crash this plane many times and with gorilla glue and a little bit of tape, and it up and flying once again.

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