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  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider from MotionRC
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider flight
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail powered Glider
  • MotionRC presents the RocHobby V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail powered Glider flight
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider folding prop
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
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  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
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  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
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  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider flaps
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider

RocHobby V-Tail Glider 5ch 2200mm (87") Wingspan - PNP


87" Wingspan RocHobby V-tail 5 Channel Powered Glider - Receiver Ready

    This is the best flying glider we have flown to date and that says a lot because we have flown nearly all of the popular gliders. This glider will soar without throttle better than most but it is also extremely quick, agile, and aerobatic for a 2200mm glider. The wings will absolutely stay put while performing aerobatic maneuvers that would rip the wings off most gliders. Unlike some of the popular gliders out there, there are two easily removable pins holding the wings to the fuselage so they will not dislodge during flight yet they can be easily removed for transport. Many people think the RocHobby V-Tail glider is by far the best looking glider on the market. We have never received more complements from fellow RC enthusiasts and bystanders as we do with this RC plane. Not only is this powered glider great looking but it is super easy to keep it in the air with the included flaps and ailerons. Long flight times are easily achievable. Grab a lawn chair and relax because this glider will be in the air a long time. The RocHobby V-tail glider is built with EPO foam construction and includes carbon rods molded in for maximum strength and durability. The glider is very simple to assemble so you can be in the air in about 60 minutes. We know you will love this glider as much as we do. Out of all the popular gliders on the market we can honestly tell you that this one is our absolute favorite. Like all RocHobby planes, The RocHobby V-tail glider is manufactured by FMS

NOTE:This is the new and improved version of the V-tail glider. Small issues like the canopy lip and wing joiner tube have been corrected and the motor has been upgraded to the new "gold" motors. Stronger materials are used to mount the motor and blue thread locker has been used where appropriate.


  • Complete with flaps, ailerons, rudder, elevator, throttle
  • Huge 2200mm wingspan provides stable flights and long fly times. A perfect platform for aerial photography
  • EPO foam construction
  • Simple assembly, no glue required
  • New improved "gold" Brushless motor, ESC and servos installed


  • 5-6 Channel Radio - Click Here for recommendations
  • 5-6 Channel Receiver - Click Here for recommendations
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 1300 mAh Lipo Battery - EPR13003
  • Lipo Battery Charger - Click Here for recommendations

Skill Level: Intermediate     Build Time : 1 Hour

 FEATURE VIDEO: Flight Demonstration of the 2200mm V-Tail Glider from RocHobby by FMS



Wing Area 35.9 dm2 / 556.5 sq in.
Wing Loading 30.1g/dm2 -or- 9.86 oz/sq.ft



Flying Weight


Power System


Speed Control

35A, Integrated 4A SBEC, T Connector

Propeller / EDF

12x6 2 blade folding prop



Landing Gear

front wheel, belly lander

Required Battery

 11.1V 1300mAh 25C 3 cell LiPo

Required Radio

5 Channel computer radio with V-tail mix









Hinge Type



EPO Foam

 VIDEO REVIEW: Review and Build Guide for the RocHobby 2200mm V-Tail Glider

 FEATURE VIDEO: Flight Demonstration of the 2200mm V-Tail Glider from RocHobby by FMS
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  1. Magical Machine

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Apr 2014

    Great glider from launch to landing. Hardest part was Programming the mixes in the DX-8. Used the Radian Pro template from horizon's website & went from there. Glider floats forever, can slow down to a crawl, won't drop a wing when entering a thermal and requires little elevator compensation when switching flight modes.

  2. Fun Plane!

    Posted by Robert Byington Jr. on 16th Apr 2014

    Bought this plane as a Sunday flier and it has not let me down! Found some thermals on my first flight and she did well...mix of soaring and aerobatic flight used 800 mAh of a 30C 1600 mAh pack in 10 minutes and left me with 8.3v. Went together great with the exception of the servo leads in the tail; those were somewhat tricky to get into to fuselage. I also elected to replace the servos in the tail with shorter Futuba 3114's rather than do the "shim mod" some have done. Getting the servo and flap wires in the fuselage while installing the wings is also a bit cumbersome but If you watch the review and build video on RCInformer.com you'll get through it easily enough.
    Great customer service at Motion...as always...made this purchase from them a no-brainer!


    Posted by Al Larson on 5th Apr 2014

    I received this airplane yesterday and flew it today. I had to grind the square metal spar pockets as per the build video.Today it was overcast, windy and cold (55 degrees). I have been flying RC for 30+years and this is the first plane that did not need any trim at all on the first flight. My second flight it was catching what little lift there was and I stayed up about 30 minuits, I only came down cause my legs were tied. After that flight I checked and only used the motor 61 seconds, 70% battery left. I can't wait for warm weather when the thermals are popping all over the place. This is one GREAT SAILPLANE!!

  4. Extream Aerobatics

    Posted by gregory hales on 4th Apr 2014

    Great aircraft, right out of the box I was doing high speed passes, it will weather cock into the wind on it's own if you release the controls. This baby is fully aerobatic. My only complaint is that instead of using a a thin aluminum spar which will bend during extreme manuvering, they use a graphite spar that will not bend while doing outside loops.

  5. Huge value

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Mar 2014

    Great features compared to comparably priced gliders. Quick delivery and great customer service. Easy assembly with very well written manual. Just waiting for the snow to melt so that I can fly it.

  6. Fantastic Glider

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2014

    Excellent delivery time as usual! After putting it together, I went to the field as was amazed how easy it was to hand launch by myself and how great it flew. I've got over 20 flights now and nothing has broken. The main wheel seems to be solid enough after planned 'touch and goes' without any damage.

    I did call MotionRC for help with a question and they answered it with total professionalism, as usual. I always go to MotionRC first when purchasing any need for my airplanes. They are the best!!!

  7. V-Tail Glider Review

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Mar 2014

    Was very happy with my purchase and choice of the v-tail glider.

    Virtually nothing to build other than slapping on control horns and installing push rods, even comes with a bag of extra parts right down to the Y-cable (very nice).

    I did check the forums and followed their recommendations for CG at 70mm (manual 75mm) and it flew great right out of the box. I really like the flying characteristics too at times you can soar through the sky and others times float like a feather, just a fantastic plane.

  8. Great Plane and customer support

    Posted by david Standridge on 14th Feb 2014

    I have two of these birds and am absolutely happy with the product. Additionally, my second glider came in with no hardware (clevis', push arms etc) and Motion RC was quick with customer support. I chalk that up to the assembly line QA not ensuring that those items were in the box.
    Oh, you want to know how it flies? Easy to fly and I use 2250s and 1350s in the birds and get at least 15 minutes flight time out of it (haven't pushed the flight times past that for fear of no power to control surfaces).

  9. motionRC rocks!

    Posted by William Ladewig on 30th Jan 2014

    Of all the vendors I purchase rc hobby stuff from, Motionrc has been the best - 5 star excellent. For a foamie, the v-tail's pretty strong and durable with a nice smooth finish. To reduce some of the tolerance in the v-tail assembly, I cut two 1/4" by 2" long velcro (just the fuzzy pieces) strips, and attached underneath the tails, and along the sides before screwing down the two attachment screws. For my build, I've configured v-tail mixing with an orangerx v3 receiver - which means the transmitter doesn't require v-tail setup. That resolves my dx6i transmitter bug with loss of full v-tail throw authority, and freed up transmitter mixing for two position flaps and down elevator w full flaps. I recommend about 3/4 throttle and a gentle toss w a slight maybe 30 degree angle up - the v-tail is very responsive to pitch and yaw. So, don't over do up elevator with hand launching as it is easy to stall. I recommend applying color to the bottom of the wings and v-tail (something bright, or black). I just applied color tape. One last tip - I wrapped the spar with a thin adhesive metal tap to take up some of the loose tolerance, and to further stiffen the spar a little but not too much..

  10. v-tail transmitter setup

    Posted by Wil on 25th Jan 2014

    I found a tip that I'd like to pass on regarding v-tail pitch and yaw determination. The elevators both move up and down in the same manner as a conventional elevator. The rudders move inverse to one another - one tail moves up, and the other tail moves down,. The trick is to roll the fuselage until one of the tails is vertical to determine if left stick is left yaw and vice versa. To double check, roll the fuselage until the other tail is vertical to confirm the same. One other tip: I recommending setting up dual rates to about 50% to familiarize with stick sensitivity. Especially when launching as too much elevator will easily pitch up and stall quickly.

  11. Improve the wheel supports please!

    Posted by Roger on 20th Jan 2014

    I have had my V-tail for several months and enjoy its ease of flight and ability to catch thermals. 'A little squirrely in a breeze especially on landing but manageable. The only fault I've found so far is that the plastic wheel supports are extremely thin and I broke mine on just one moderately firm landing. 'Managed to install a plastic skid plate from a Radian Pro (in place of the wheel) and I'm off to fly again. I've seen other sailplanes with wheel mounts about 3-4 times the thickness so hopefully this improvement can be made in future versions.

  12. Most BANG for your buck! Period!

    Posted by Steve Price on 19th Jan 2014

    The big V-ROC glider delivers everything you want and more. The price point for this much plane is unbeatable. No wind? Throttle up and cruise around sniffing out thermals. Just for grins see how long that battery can last. At the slopes? Soar all afternoon. Easy build, easy set up, easy to fly. Transports in the box or just the box top. Bigger flies better and the Mighty Vee is a home run!

  13. Great flying plane

    Posted by James Malone on 19th Jan 2014

    This is one of the best flying planes out of the box I have ever purchased. I did the maiden flight today and was quite pleased with the way it flew. Went straight out at 3/4 throttle right out of my hand. It climbed out with plenty of power to get it up high in seconds. I hardly had to trim it. Just a click or two of elevator and aileron. Shut the motor off and she just floated along at slow speed and did not seem to loose much altitude. I was flying in very calm conditions with very little if any lift. This plane will stay up for a loooong time before you have to use the motor to take it back up. I am using a 1300 mah 3cell which is plenty of battery for this plane. I have had other gliders that cost more and had to have a lot of modifications to get them to fly well. I did not have to do any thing except put it together and program my radio, and fly. This plane is excellent just the way it comes. IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT.
    Motion RC shipped this plane out to me fast. I ordered it on Monday evening 1-13-13 and it was delivered 1-17-13 to my house in AZ. I am so glad there is a vender that knows what customer service is supposed to be. Thank you Motion RC.


  14. Flying with the buzzards

    Posted by Roger on 7th Jan 2014

    I've been flying sail planes now for about 6 months- getting in about 6 to 8 - 20 min plus flights in a week and I have to say, V-Roc is my favorite and has been a pleasure to fly each time it leaves my hand. I've flown thermals with buzzards in very tight turns and it just sticks where you put it. getting the wires through the bottom hole when putting the wings on is a little frustrating but worth the effort. Always getting complements when people see it in the air. Decal finish is great. - recommend it highly

  15. Very enjoyable glider for minimal investment

    Posted by Chuck Mager on 4th Nov 2013

    This is my first "real" glider so I'm no expert and have nothing to compare it to, but from the moment I first threw this thing into the sky I was hooked. I don't know if a conventional tail is better than a V-tail and could care less. This thing looks bad ass, flew great, and I had all the control I needed. Like many, I'm using a larger than recommended battery (1800) and put 1/2 ounce of lead on the tail. No big deal. Assembly takes a little wrangling of the wires, but I've got it down to less than a few minutes and the pin retention system is slick. If I had to gripe about anything, it might be the servos. A couple of my servo arms did not fit very snug and I hope they don't strip. There were also no extra arms included. I may upgrade them in the future. Over all, I'm loving my V-Roc!!

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