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  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail powered Glider
  • MotionRC presents the RocHobby V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail powered Glider flight
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  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
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  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
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  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider flaps
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider
  • RocHobby by FMS V-Tail Glider

RocHobby V-Tail Glider 5ch 2200mm (87") Wingspan - PNP


Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.

87" Wingspan RocHobby V-tail 5 Channel Powered Glider - Receiver Ready

    This is the best flying glider we have flown to date and that says a lot because we have flown nearly all of the popular gliders. This glider will soar without throttle better than most but it is also extremely quick, agile, and aerobatic for a 2200mm glider. The wings will absolutely stay put while performing aerobatic maneuvers that would rip the wings off most gliders. Unlike some of the popular gliders out there, there are two easily removable pins holding the wings to the fuselage so they will not dislodge during flight yet they can be easily removed for transport. Many people think the RocHobby V-Tail glider is by far the best looking glider on the market. We have never received more complements from fellow RC enthusiasts and bystanders as we do with this RC plane. Not only is this powered glider great looking but it is super easy to keep it in the air with the included flaps and ailerons. Long flight times are easily achievable. Grab a lawn chair and relax because this glider will be in the air a long time. The RocHobby V-tail glider is built with EPO foam construction and includes carbon rods molded in for maximum strength and durability. The glider is very simple to assemble so you can be in the air in about 60 minutes. We know you will love this glider as much as we do. Out of all the popular gliders on the market we can honestly tell you that this one is our absolute favorite. Like all RocHobby planes, The RocHobby V-tail glider is manufactured by FMS

NOTE:This is the new and improved version of the V-tail glider. Small issues like the canopy lip and wing joiner tube have been corrected and the motor has been upgraded to the new "gold" motors. Stronger materials are used to mount the motor and blue thread locker has been used where appropriate.


  • Complete with flaps, ailerons, rudder, elevator, throttle
  • Huge 2200mm wingspan provides stable flights and long fly times. A perfect platform for aerial photography
  • EPO foam construction
  • Simple assembly, no glue required
  • New improved "gold" Brushless motor, ESC and servos installed


  • 5-6 Channel Radio - Click Here for recommendations
  • 5-6 Channel Receiver - Click Here for recommendations
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 1300 mAh Lipo Battery - EPR13003
  • Lipo Battery Charger - Click Here for recommendations

Skill Level: Intermediate     Build Time : 1 Hour

 FEATURE VIDEO: Flight Demonstration of the 2200mm V-Tail Glider from RocHobby by FMS



Wing Area 35.9 dm2 / 556.5 sq in.
Wing Loading 30.1g/dm2 -or- 9.86 oz/sq.ft



Flying Weight


Power System


Speed Control

35A, Integrated 4A SBEC, T Connector

Propeller / EDF

12x6 2 blade folding prop



Landing Gear

front wheel, belly lander

Required Battery

 11.1V 1300mAh 25C 3 cell LiPo

Required Radio

5 Channel computer radio with V-tail mix









Hinge Type



EPO Foam

 VIDEO REVIEW: Review and Build Guide for the RocHobby 2200mm V-Tail Glider

 FEATURE VIDEO: Flight Demonstration of the 2200mm V-Tail Glider from RocHobby by FMS
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  1. Pretty good

    Posted by Scott Holson on 24th Sep 2014

    I don't have much to compare it with. Checked the forums and this glider seemed to have a lot going for it.Shipping was fast and the box was undamaged when it arrived. Like others, the wing spar holder (square metal tube) needed to be trimmed. No other fitment issues were found.
    All hardware was well labelled and a spares bag included (nice touch). The photos in the manual could have been more helpful. They were hard to see any detail.
    In the tail section, I found the servos hit the metal spar, so I raised the servos, hot glued them back into place and that solved the issues. I also found the tail rocked back and forth once mounted. I used a 1/8" soft foam shim on each side to fill in a gap where the tail didn't sit correctly and why the tail rocked. Problem solved.
    Overall, this flies great. I've flown airplanes and helis and this is my first glider. Experience has been good.

  2. Build was not perfect, good bird

    Posted by Andy on 19th Sep 2014

    The build of the v tail was a little tricky to get correct. Fitment with fuselage was gaped. Fly's better than the Radeon, very stable. Best sail for the price. Motion helped me through my problems. A+ customer service. This is my second plane from them, first was the SBACH...great plane, great price. Kudos to this company for their service after the sale. Because of this my buddy has ordered two planes from them. Other company's should model after them.

  3. what??

    Posted by Ray Cox on 17th Sep 2014

    Looks like paul liked my previous comment about this plane climbing like a "homesick angel".

  4. I expected more

    Posted by Kenneth DeZotell on 17th Sep 2014

    Received it more than a week ago, but due to my 4 year old grand daughter staying with us for a week, I only had a chance to open the box and ogle it. Monday 15 Sept I dove into it. First thing I noticed was that the tail feathers did not fit correctly. This is the version 2! With some help from the online forum I cut out the servos and added a 2mm shim under the mounting tabs. The V tail now fits correctly. This is the version 2! The canopy fits great. Now for the wings. Why is the square tube sticking out so far? Dremel to the rescue. Is this really a version 2? Yep the motor is gold color. The wing spar fit nicely in one wing but rattles around in the other wing. Oh well threw it away and search through my carbon fiber rod collection. Found one that fit one wing snugly but tight on the other wing. With the use of my hand drill forced the wing spar in the tight wing. I don't think it will ever come out.
    I sure hope it flies better than it builds!

  5. A Lemon

    Posted by Tim Harvill on 16th Sep 2014

    Well I got my V-tail yesterday and the plane looks good in the box and I was putting it together until I was trying to pull the wires from the V-tail area And I couldn't because the both wires, the rudder wire and the elev. wires are glue in between the fuselage but that's not all, I checked inside and notice the strips that had the battery in place were at the back of the inside of the canopy, which is in the wrong place and I cannot relocate it because the piece is glued too good. which I would tear it up trying to get it out. MRC did a great job on the deliver and the rest of my order is great, but this glider!!! I am going to see what MRC can do to solve this problem. As I said just a Lemon and not MRC fault.


    Posted by paul on 11th Sep 2014

    I finally got her right! Ive flown her numerous times now with the repaired nose and shes a homesick angel. I had to relearn how to land her though. She refuses to be "ground bound". After I relearned how to manage her desent with the motor n throttle, shes a dream.

  7. Flies like a Dream!

    Posted by Dave on 5th Sep 2014

    Got it last night. Assembly was a little more than I expected because of the main wing setup. No problem but you have to work out a method of clearing the wires as you bring the wing halves together. From now on it will be a piece of cake. The maiden flight this morning was a dream. Very smooth. Lots of power for a glider. Nice that the battery sits right at the CG point so it matters very little what size you use. The controls were very responsive . Extremely easy to fly. As with most gliders, if you trim it for gliding, you have to use a lot of down elevator when you add power.
    Oh, I landed without flaps today. Don't do that unless you plan well ahead. This plane floats forever. I'm going to set it up for spoilers instead of flaps next time out. Just curious.

    Yes, I would recommend this model. Very happy camper.

  8. Tip for landing

    Posted by Ray Cox on 1st Sep 2014

    You have to use flaps to start slowing this thing down early in your approach. Also, to deal with it not wanting to lose altitude for landing, if you have a three-position switch on your transmitter for flaps, set the center position for neutral flap position. Set the other two positions for negative ("up") flaps (acting as spoilers) and the other for positive flaps. Use the "up" position of the flaps to reduce lift/reduce altitude for landing...also handy for getting out of a thermal if you need to. Make sure the tail boom is straight. I don't know what caused mine to bow to the left, but I didn't notice it until after picking up the pieces after a wild and crazy launch, during which the plane started rolling uncontrollably to the left as soon as it left my hand.

  9. a deserving 5

    Posted by Paul aka Dr. Nose best on 1st Sep 2014

    I finally got her to cooperate and land. She seemed to fly well regardless of the restitched and broken nose. Im no surgeon, but it looks and flys acceptably. After getting a face lift after her 1st flight, shes a beauty.

  10. Best out of box performance!

    Posted by Richard O'Connor on 1st Sep 2014

    I fly mostly wood and composite sail planes, and have been looking for a good foam glider to practice ALES and soaring. I read every thing I could find, and flew a couple ,but was manly disappointed.I then started reading the thread on RC groups . I liked what I saw.
    It tracks like on rails, the foam is extremely good quality, the trailing edges line up perfectly .This is the plane radian pro owners want.
    Stable, maneuverable, soars great.No broken nose after maiden.A Great deal.
    FMS spent a lot on the molds for this plane, and I got a great product.
    Also Motions RC s service has been great. One day to my door.
    Thank you all, Richard O'Connor

  11. first flight trial n error

    Posted by paul on 27th Aug 2014

    It finally flew today! I took my V to the field today and tried her for the first time. She flew well, kinda like a homesick angel. The only thing is that she did NOT want to land. I tried numerous times to line up with my strip(paved runway) but it only resulted in a go arround. As it was, I was lining up WWWAAYYY TO HIGH. She just would say NO and glide on, n on, n on. After 4 or 5 attempts, I got frustrated. I tried another go around, stalled, and off came the motor. Frustrated, I picked up the parts, went home, and fixed the model. Shes once again ready to fly, and this time I hope shell land.

  12. hope it flys like it built!

    Posted by Paul on 25th Aug 2014

    I admit it, I only have built my V-tail, not flown it yet. I got it last Thursday, was lazy on Friday, built/assembeled it Saturday, and took it out to the field on Sunday. I could not fly it though, something to do with 15mph winds gusting to 25. Otherwise, it went together easily all except for setting up the V Tail. It refused to cooperate. I fumbled and fidgeted with the control settings(reverse switchs) for a solid hour. Finally I got so upset that I went on a binge and switched the elevator and rudder servoe connecters on the reciever. IT WORKED! I had finaly got the V TAIL to react properly. I was so happy. If yours doesnt want to react correctly, regardless what you do, switch the connectors. It should work. Aside from that, and trying to adjust the CG, she was a joy to build. Speaking of CG, I want to fly my CG at around 65MM. Is that advisable since the CG is techniccally at 75? I know she will be more stable, and react slower, but thats just me. Any suggestions will be appreciated. TY.

  13. glad I bought it

    Posted by Ray Cox on 10th Aug 2014

    Ordered this plane at 11:00 a.m. on a Wednesday and had it in my hands in time to assemble it before bedtime on Friday. Nothing wrong with THAT delivery time window.

    Repair/maintenance note: Contrary to info given on the Review/Flight Test Video, the motor is not easily removable by removing two screws through side holes just aft of the prop. They may have inadvertently glued my motor in at the factory, but it will not come out with both of the set screws completely removed.

    Had to do a small amount of beveling of the edges of the plastic wing joiner pieces so they would slip over each other easily instead of butting against each other. Spent most of the assembly time getting the V-tail aligned and mounted because the screw holes in the plastic doubler/servo cover did not line up with the screw holes in the metal spar in the tail of the fuselage.

    With the recommended servo arm/control horn settings the plane is extremely sensitive to elevator but not so much to rudder input. Under full throttle the plane climbs like a homesick angel.

    Lots of positive comments at the flying field about the appearance of the plane both on the flight line and in the air.

    Use the 3S 1800maH battery as recommended. With a 3S 2200maH pack on board it's just too heavy to thermal hardly at all.

  14. Fantastic motor glider

    Posted by Jeff In Alaska on 7th Aug 2014

    This is a fine powered glider; my experience with the build and maiden mirror most other reviews--easy to assemble, followed the manuel and a few youtube vids. It went together easy enough. I stayed all factory, no modifications but I do see the value of the the 7mm solid carbon fiber tube--maybe in the future if I think I need it. I had a heck of a time setting up the V-tail on my DX-9 but I'm part retard. I kept thinking both tail control surfaces needed to move the same direction [both go left, both go right etc].

    I finally read someone else's review to lay the fuseloge on its side and then test the movement--easy--I was doing it right all along. Like I said--part retard.

    I fitted a spektrum telemetry unit and enjoy the novelty of Altimeter, voltage and temperature--the temp is cool because I live in Alaska and fly in severe cold.

    I use only 1800 mAh batteries with 1/2oz of lead slipped in the tail and covered with some red decal cover. I set the CG at whatever the manuel said and after the first flight haven't paid much mind to it.

    My all time best time aloft was 28 min 10 seconds and had 8% battery left--cutting it close but I was watching the voltage on telemetry. Half hour in the air is fun--I did have some thermals and light wind. Typical is 15-18 minutes with a few dives, climbs and maneuvors.

    Great model, highly recommend. Also, shipping was $38 to Alaska which was a GREAT price even for parcel post--surprisingly, it got here in four days which is unheard of.

    Great customer service, Motion RC seems to really care about their products and customer.

  15. 20 flights later...

    Posted by Stace on 23rd Jun 2014

    Follow up on my first review. Twenty flights in and if anything I'm even happier. The only change I made was a 5$ carbon tube to replace the aluminum spar. The original worked fine but it shaved a few ounces and looks a little more finished. The only reason I've only put in about 20 flights is that with an 1800 to 2200 pack your looking at 6-8 pretty solid climb outs. Even in dead air she is going to take awhile getting down. Only other advice is mark the bottom with something dark. If you hook even into a light thermal she climbs the ladder fast and will be a speck in a minute or two. I've flown in prethunderstorm conditions and there were a few moments when I thought it was gone. Glad I took the time to set up crow! Full flaps and nose into the wind and she will float in for a spot landing. Buy this bird!

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