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Heng Long is Changing Their Business Model

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  • Heng Long has recently announced that they will be changing their business model to support the growing global demand for their products. In the past, Heng Long would produce 20+ different tank models in small batches during each production run. While this allowed them to offer a wide variety of models in a short period of time, this did not allow them to achieve certain economies of scale related to mass production. In their new business model, Heng Long will be producing large batches of only four tank models during each production run, and they plan to have approximately four production runs each year. With this type of large batch production there will be periods of time throughout the year when certain tank models will be out of stock for several months at a time. 

    Motion RC is working closely with Heng Long to improve their production processes and help develop methods to produce more tank models simultaneously. In the meantime, we encourage you to consider models which are in stock and we appreciate your patience if your desired tank model is out of stock.

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