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SkyRC D200 200W 6 Cell (6S) AC/DC Dual LiPo Battery Charger and Soldering Station

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SkyRC D200 200W 6 Cell (6S) AC/DC Dual Channel LiPo Battery Charger and 60W Soldering Station - SK-100097

Motion RC is happy to bring the new SkyRC D200 200W AC/DC LiPo charger to our customers.  The SkyRC D200 is a twin-channel charger with two independent circuits which can charge two different kinds of batteries simultaneously.  What's unique about this charger is that it also includes a heavy duty 60W, temperature adjustable soldering station. 

The SkyRC D200 also supports power distribution in AC mode to get max charging power to shorten charging time. What’s more, you can set the terminal voltage by yourself and connect it to your PC for PC control and firmware upgrades.  Besides that, users could also use it as a Lithium Battery Meter and Battery Internal Resistance Meter. There are new safety features such as Automatic Charging Current Limit, Capacity Limit, Temperature Threshold and Processing Time Limit which makes the charger safe to use.

The D200 is a high-performance, micro processor control charge/discharge station with battery management suitable for use with all current battery types, with integral equalizer for six-cell Lithium-Polymer (LiPo), Lithium iron phosphate(LiFe) and Lithium-Ion (LiIon) batteries; maximum 10A charge current and maximum 100W charge power.  The additional LiHV mode is able to charge the new generation of LiPo batteries with an end of charge voltage 4.35 V.  Charge with confidence!

Note: We recommend reading this Motion RC knowledge blog article about charger amperage and wattage ratings.


  • A fully working soldering station that can heat up to 450℃/842℉. With heavy duty 60W, the temperature is adjustable from 200-450℃ (392-842)
  • All-in-one charger + soldering station design mean less clutter on your workbench
  • Twin-Channel design lets you charge two batteries simultaneously
  • Powerful 20A charging circuit allows shorter charging times
  • Support for next generation High Voltage Lithium batteries (LiHV) 
  • AC and DC Power compatible gives you the freedom to use the D200 at home or at the field
  • Onboard Internal Resistance (IR) meter helps determine a battery's health and quality
  • Optional WiFi adapter allows you to control your charger from a WiFi enabled smart phone - Click Here
  • Upgradable firmware and charger control through optional PC link
  • New safety features including charging current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold and processing time limit (all user defined)


  • SkyRC D200 200W 20 Amp 6 Cell (6S) AC/DC LiPo Charger and Soldering Station
  • 2 XH Adaptors
  • Power Cord
  • 2 Charging Cables
  • 2 Banana Connectors with XT60 Connector Charging Cables
  • Soldering Iron Handle
  • Soldering Tip (Pencil Tip)
  • Soldering Tip (Chisel Tip)
  • Soldering Iron Stand
  • Cleaning Sponge





SKYRC D200 allows you to charge two different battery packs simultaneously.



With AC source, if you set the maximum output power of channel A xW, then that of channel B will be yW(y=200-x).


SKYRC D200 can charge /discharge a 4.35V LiHV battery.



Power: 60W, Temperature Range: 200-450℃ (392-842℉) Spare tips: pencil tip ×1pc, chisel tip ×1pc.




The user can monitor pack voltage, cell voltage and other data during the charging, view charge data in realtime graphs, and can also control charging and update firmware from "Charge Master".



  • Never, under ANY circumstances, leave your charger unattended while charging a LiPo battery.
  • Keep the charger away from moisture, dust, direct sunlight, or any heat sources.
  • The charger should always be placed on a heat-resistant, non-flammable surface during charging.
  • Never overcharge or exceed a 1C charge current. A 1C charge current means the charge current equals the capacity of the battery. For example, a 2200mAh battery should never be charged using a current greater than 2.2 Amps (2200mAh).

Product Specifications:

AC Input


DC Input


Charge Circuit Power (AC Input)

Max Total All Channels: 200W
- Max Channel 1: 200W
- Max Channel 2: 200W

Charge Circuit Power (DC Input)

Max Total All Channels: 300W
- Max Channel 1: 200W
- Max Channel 2: 100W

Charge Current Range

Channel 1: 0.1-12.2A
Channel 2: 0.1-12.2A

Max Charge Current

2S LiPo: 12.2A
3S LiPo: 8.3A
4S LiPo: 6.2A
5S LiPo: 5.1A
6S LiPo: 4.1A

Discharge Current Range 0.1-5.0A x2
Discharge Power 10W x2

LiPo/LiFe/Lilon Cells

NiMH/NiCd Cells 1-15S
Pb (Lead Acid) Battery Voltage 2-20V
Dimensions (L x W x H) 197 x 182 x 71mm (7.76 x 7.1 x 2.8 in)
Weight 1260g (2.77 lbs)

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United States
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Good charger for price

This charger workes really good only have had it for a few weeks. Charges 4000 6s in about 45 minutes.

Nick D.
Gainesville, FL
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  • How would you rate the value of the product for the money? Very LowLowOkayGoodVery Good
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Great Charger for a number of reasons!

I just got this charger yesterday and plugged it in for the first time today. I bought this model on the recommendation of a flying buddy who loves his. Before selecting the same model as him, I did look at the other choices both more and less expensive. But in the end, I thought the capacity, physical size and price of this unit was right for me. The soldering station aspect is interesting, but I rather doubt I'll ever use it. Now that I'm flying quite a few 6s models, I needed to upgrade from the chargers I have been using -- two units, each able to charge a 6s at 2A. This will take well over an hour. This new charger will do two 6s at the same time and each one at a max 4A. So for the big 6s batteries, I am now charging twice as fast, and two at a time. You can also charge two dissimilar "s" lipos at the same time! I really like the ergonomics and arrangement of the push buttons. It was very simple to figure out and use right away. There's nothing worse than having a device make you feel like an idiot, and then have a manual which was obviously written by non-English-speaking engineers who already knew how to use the device. Finally, I took a small chance and bought the little Wi-Fi Module to use with this charger. The charger becomes a wifi source which your phone can then receive. I downloaded the SkyRC app to my iPhone and in a minute I was setting up and charging a Lipo via my phone, which will also monitor the charge taking place -- capacity , time, current, etc. The App is amazingly self-explanatory, unlike many I have. Again, everything worked right off the bat -- I didn't need to troubleshoot a single thing. That just doesn't happen all that often. Some have mentioned the loud cooling fan. Yes, you can hear it. But it seems to be effective, and that's the purpose. For all the other nice features, I can live with that.

Dennis S.

skyRC d200

Easy to use. Charges 400mah -5000 mah 6 cell in about 38 -45 minutes. While not super fast, still good for the price

Steve J.

SkyRC D200 Charger

The charger initially worked very well, and charged my 6S batteries quickly and well balanced. Unfortunately, the unit quit functioning, completely, in only 4 days. Motion RC sent me a new unit within one week, and the new one is operating well now, but only a few days into using it so far.


Sky RC Charger

Does exactly what I want it to do ! May order another !

William R.

SkyRC D200 Pros and Cons

Sky RC has earned a good reputation over the years and I felt confident in purchasing this charger. Overall, I am not disappointed. Pros: This charger has the heft to charge 6S 4500-5000 mAh batteries within a reasonable time. It fits in my flight box (with the charging leads and power cord removed) and I do use it at the flying field. The banana plugs for the main A and B charging ports are completely shrouded (insulated) all the way to and past their tips. Anyone who had ever connected a battery to uninsulated banana plugs before inserting those leads into the charger will appreciate this important safety feature. It completely prevents accidental shorts which can ruin your battery or even start a fire. The charging leads are designed to automatically make a positive connection to the charger upon insertion. The built-in 60 watt soldering iron is no afterthought. It is equipped with two types of tips and reaches the temperature you specify with amazing speed. Readout is either in degrees C or F. I'm an experienced solderer and this one is nice. I notice that it is a three wire grounded iron, which makes it safer to use on circuits sensitive to electrostatic discharge. This charger's ability to measure the internal resistance of your batteries is a big plus, in my opinion. The procedure used for programming the charger what you want to do is identical to nearly all units of similar design, so there is really no learning curve if you are already familiar with how other chargers in this price range work. You can throw the soldering iron in your flight box and be prepared to solder in the field if needed. There is a USB port up front for charging USB devices. Nice. Cons: The cooling fan is pretty loud. You won't notice it if you operate the charger at the field, but you certainly will at home. The soldering iron has two temperature readouts on screen. The one on the left is the temperature you have just set as your goal. The one on the right, labeled 'real' is the actual temperature of the iron as it is warming up. On my unit, the 'real' readout is a bit erratic and flakey. Having said that, however, the iron reaches its requested operating temperature so quickly that it really is not an issue. Temp probes for measuring battery temperature while charging are almost never included in the box with this type of battery charger, but are available as an option. Why, I don't know. This charger is no exception. Temp probe ports are present just below the main A and B charge ports. Summary: Very nice charger. I'm happy and you should be too.