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FlyZone RC Airplanes

We have a wide variety of RC Airplanes from FlyZone, including scale warbirds, gliders, civil scale aircraft, and EDF Jets. FlyZone offers three different completion levels on many of their RC Airplanes, RTF (ready to fly) includes the airplane, all electronics and the transmitter.  The TX-R (transmitter ready) completion level includes the aircraft ready for you to add your own Tactic...  or Tactic enabled transmitter.  The servos, receiver, motor, and ESC are all pre-installed!  RX-R (Receiver Ready) models are include pre-installed servos, motor, and ESC.

For beginners, FlyZone offers the Calypso.  A powered motor glider with rudder and elevator control.  Fun and inexpensive you can fly for ages when you catch a thermal!  

For intermediate pilots, the offerings from FlyZone are extremely varied.  You can choose an EDF Jet like the L-39 Albatross, which is available as RX-R, or a nicely detailed warbird such as the A6M2 Zero, or the Mitchel B-25. 

FlyZone even has three really cool airplanes for those that like to take off and land in the water!  The Tidewater, the Sea Wind, and the Beaver are all equipped to take to the water immediately!

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