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FrSky RC Radios and Receivers

As one of FrSky's largest distributors, Motion RC carries all the latest FrSky transmitters (radios), receivers, and accessories for RC Airplanes, RC Helicopters and RC multi-rotors (drones). Our lineup includes the popular Taranis Q X7/X7S, the new Horus X10/X10S, and low latency ACCST protocol receivers such as the G-RX8, S6R, S8R, X6R and X8R... 

FrSky is best known for their famous Taranis 9 radio which was the transmitter of choice in the multi-rotor and drone racing community for the last three years. The Taranis introduced the RC community to OpenTx, the first open source operating system for RC radios. OpenTx allowed hobby enthusiasts to customize and fine tune nearly ever function of their RC radio to fit their specific preference. This level of radio operating system customization is what differentiates FrSky from competitors such as Spektrum and Futaba.

Because OpenTx is open source and support for the software is largely community based (self help only), FrSky decided to develop their own operating system called FrOS. The Horus X10 and X10S are the first radios to include the new FrOS operating system. FrOS offers similar customization capability to OpenTX, but it is directly supported by FrSky (including updates) and some hobbyists find it less intimidating than OpenTx.

FrSky radios include top quality components and features including quad ball bearing gimbals, real-time data logging, telemetry, super low latency, wireless trainer options, and high contrast displays (easy to see in daylight). FrSky's receiver lineup is equally impressive, they offer 6 and 8 channel receivers with options for altitude and speed telemetry, as well as built-in 3-axis flight stabilizers (gyros).

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