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Futaba Radios (transmitters) and Receivers

We carry a wide variety of Futaba Radios and Receivers.  Futaba offers transmitters for every RC Pilot from beginners just looking to get started, to advanced pilots with high end jets and helicopters.  We carry Futaba Radios with 6 to 14 channels to meet the needs of every RC pilot... 

The Futaba 6K transmitter is a 6 channel transmitter that will serve the RC Airplane pilot for many years.  Featuring FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology, you are assured a trouble-free flight each and every time.  Aimed at budget conscious RC Airplane pilots that demand the most for their hard earned dollars, the Futaba 6K is a great choice. Telemetry sensors monitor critical flight data, including temperature, RPM, altitude, receiver battery voltage, external voltage and variometer.

For more advanced RC Airplane pilots and for RC Airplanes requiring more channels for scale features, and advanced flight features, the Futaba 8J may be exactly what you're looking for.  The Futaba 8J is economical, but operates on features that other 8 channel transmitters left out. It operates on FHSS, so you can fly with confidence that each and every flight you'll have a solid connection to your aircraft.  

For the RC Airplane pilot that needs it all, whether for high end Jets, scale airplanes with a lot of features and scale accouterments, or complex soaring gliders, Futaba has some amazing radios designed with you in mind.  The Futaba 14SGA, and the Futaba 18SZA are hard to beat.  Featuring Futaba's FAAST technology for ultra low latency, as well as the ability to transmit on FHSS makes these high end radios worthy of even the most demanding world class RC Airplane pilots.

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