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Freewing 80mm 12-Blade EDF 6S Power System w/ 3658-1820kV In-Runner

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Freewing 80mm 12-Blade EDF 6S Power System w/ 3658-1820kV In-Runner - E7233

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Arthur T.

Excellent Upgrade!

I found the Freewing F-86 in stock trim to be underpowered. Installing this motor changed all that, and made a night-and-day difference in how this plane performs. Also recommend the Freewing 100-amp "DE" version ESC, which works great and has the extra-long motor leads that make it easy to install in in this plane.

William C.


Definitely a big enhancement to my F-86. Just make sure you get a high C rated battery to get the most out of it!

Jack H.

My order

Received promptly, good show

Gregg F.

Freewing 80mm fan 1820kv In-runner

Upgraded my F86 with this fan and motor. Very nice power increase! And all plug and play.

John K.




Best combo for the money, anywhere.

This is hands down the best performance increase for for your 80mm jet if you're going to stay 6s. Plus this is a HET motor, you won't find one cheaper than this entire combo anywhere. I have 2 of these as well as 2 of the 1750kv inrunner versions and while only a labeled 70kv difference the 1820kv motor is shorter making it an easier fit in tight spots, examples are the Mirage and Scorpion. Weight is about the same but the biggest difference I find is how well balanced the actual 1820kv motor is making the fan that much easier to balance should you ever need to. Amp draws on dynamically balanced fans are so close to the same it's negligible but I see and feel a slight acceleration increase with the 1820kv offering from Motion. If you're coming from the stock outrunner grab a 100A esc and hang on! Night and day acceleration increase when taking off and whenever you wanna just nail it. Top speed is increased as well although this is up for debate depending who you talk to but I think a lot has to do with the specific jet's dynamics. Inrunners are inherently more efficient then outrunners when it comes to their use in EDF applications so while you will have less flight time flying only WOT it's also quite easy to use proper throttle management in order to conserve lipo capacity and get the same 4 minute flights you're used to. This combo is only a 65g bump up in weight so while a little heavier it more than makes up for it in increased performance throughout the entire throttle range which is especially noticed on the smaller jets in the 80mm lineup. The 2 I've ordered came balanced near perfect and are literally plug-n-play with the addition of a 100A or better esc. So if your staying 6s, this is by far the best way to go without considerably increasing amperage and noticeable damage to your bank account. Static bits in the F-86 with a freshly charged Roaring Top 6s 45c 4500mah: 82 amps settled WOT 1877 watts Running static tests I've seen this unit peak at 93-95 amps just like the previous reviewer stated so 100A esc or better is a must. The previous reviewer hit the nail on the head. This setup will make your Mirage a rocket ship that feels like it's running on 8s. She already gets small in an instant with this combo she's crazy fast it's sick. More then any other jet in the Freewing/Motion selection the inrunner fitted Mirage is a whole different animal in throttle response and all out speed. Grab one before they go!!


Huge difference

This inrunner upgrade made a massive difference in performance (thrust) for my Mirage 2000C purchased from Motion with the stock outrunner. Stock, my outrunner was drawing 70 amps peak and 1650 watts. The inrunner draws 94 peak and 2200 watts. Flight times are reduced about 20-30 seconds if you stay near full throttle most of the time, but with the inrunner, that's no longer needed and you can actually throttle down some and still get great speed and thrust. The Mirage will now climb straight up from level flight until I lose orientation at an all-up-weight of around 2250 grams. I only took a 58 gram weight penalty upgrading to this inrunner and 100A Freewing ESC. I would say this by far is the best single upgrade to the Mirage that you could do. It's a real shame Motion doesn't offer this option PNP. This upgrade makes the Mirage fly, "like a jet" with the vertical performance you'd expect a jet to have. I can fly straight up vertically until I get close to losing orientation, whereas with the outrunner, the jet will fall out almost immediately. Top speed it a bit higher as well. If you're on the fence about this one, don't be. It doesn't impact landing speeds or the fantastic ability of the Mirage to high-alpha with the minimal weight penalty.