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ZTW LCD ESC Programming Card

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LCD ESC Programming Card for the ZTW Series - ZTW180000010

This programming card is specifically designed for the ZTW Gecko Series electronic speed controls.

How to Use the LCD Program Card:

The LCD Program card can be used to set up the Gecko series brushless ESC produced by ZTW Model for RC aircraft and RC cars. Users can choose their desired parameter at any time.

It has 2 user methods as follows:

a) Working as an individual device to set the parameters of ESC.
b) Working as an USB adapter to link the ESC with PC, to update the firmware of ESC and set the parameters of ESC on PC.


Dimensions: 91mm*54mm*18mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 68g
Power supply: DC 5V~12V


Click here to download the ZTW GECKO Series PC Firmware Updater

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