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E-flite UMX A-10 BL BNF Basic 562mm (22") Wingspan - BNF

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UMX A-10 BL BNF Basic 562mm (22") Wingspan from E-flite - (Bind-N-Fly) - BNF - EFLU3750

We are huge fans of the A-10 Warthog at Motion RC in any size and this new UMX micro offering from E-flite is just plain fun!  With twin 28mm ducted fans powered by two powerful 13,500KV BL motors, the UMX A-10 can take impressive high G turns with incredible maneuverability and stability thanks to the onboard AS3X receiver which is working for you full time behind-the-scenes to smooth out the effects of wind.

When powered with the recommended 2S 800 mAh LiPo battery flight times are in the generous 5-to-7 minute range, which for EDFs of any size is uncommon.  The UMX A-10 is so lightly wing-loaded and powerful you can yank and bank her to your heart's content.  The scale details are fantastic, emulating the rare "Flipper" camouflage found on some of the A-10's from the early 1990's.  Molded panel lines, clear canopy with pilot, gun detail and twin operational rudders are just some of the exceptional scale details for an A-10 of this size.

Shoot touch and go's with the wide-stance landing gear and steerable nose wheel.  If a more realistic scale look in the air is your desire the landing gear can be removed quickly and easily without the need for tools.  Adventure awaits you with this little hotshot UMX A-10!


  • AS3X receiver included for added stability and smoothing out wind effects
  • "Flipper" camouflage livery, molded panel lines, pilot and clear canopy and other scale details
  • Easily removable landing gear for the option to fly "clean" with a more scale appearance
  • Twin 28mm ducted fans powered by twin 13,500KV BL motors
  • Light wing-loading for high G maneuvering and performance


  • E-flite UMX A-10 BL BNF Basic 562mm (22") Wingspan - BNF


Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : intermediate


22.1in / 562mm


20.3in / 516mm

Flying Weight

5.9oz / 168g

CG (Center of Gravity)34-36mm from the wing's leading edge at the root

Power System

Twin high-speed, 13,500Kv brushless motors (installed)

Electronic Speed Control


Propeller / EDF

Twin 28mm ducted fans


4x 2.3-gram performance linear long throw servos (installed)

Landing GearRemovable

Required Battery

7.4V 2S 450-800mAh 25C+ LiPo (required)

Required Radio

Minimum 4 Channel DSM2 full range Radio (required)









Hinge Type


Skill LevelIntermediate
Build TimeNone
Recommended EnvironmentOutdoor

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Fun but brittle

Flies great, likes it's on rails, but that is if you can get it airborne. Can't use landing gear, that looks ridiculous. Handlaunching requires some practice in the gym. Also, the nose is very long and made of very thin styrofoam. Any hard landings and you'll need to replace the entire fuselage because the nose isn't it own separate piece, (To replace fuselage you have to remove the engines, wing, and stabilizers and all the electronics, real pain in the rear.) I would advise finding a steep hill or slope to hand launch it off of. But not a total bust, flying this aircraft can be fun.

Richard W.

Flies great, but the nose is very fragile

I've flown this one many times, and it is great once it gets in the air, but hand launching is really "iffy" with this one. If the launch isn't right, she will want to go nose first into the ground, and you will be rebuilding the nose. Not hard to do, but frustrating. The nose gear that comes with it is far too flexible, and want to bend over just while taxiing. However, once in the air, she really does fly nicely. Loops, rolls, inverted, all maneuvers are smooth and it has good power. If only that nose were stronger, it would get higher marks.

Luis a.

Very disappointed with the quality.

Just 2 days after receiving the airplane and I'm already left with a foamie paperweight. And a beat up one at that. The A3SX was over compensating all over. No matter where I placed the battery and checked the CG, it was tail heavy. Fuse crumpled and snapped after the first flight. This is not my first plane, nor I'm a new pilot. I've been at this for decades. And I've flown planes of all sizes. Sadly I feel I wasted my money on this one. MotionRC, gets a 10 for service as always. Horizon Hobbies, not so much. Not this time. I think it could have been much better. I would suggest investing on any other A-10 from MotionRC, and passing this one. I know I should have. Sorry.


Great in the air, poor on the ground

Great little flyer once in the air. Rudder is currently inoperative due to a faulty servo linkage. Front part from steering forward broke off while taxing down runway. Common complaint I guess. Repair and reinforced with some balsa. Flew great for a couple of flights, went to take off and left gear broke of at wheel end. Not normal for Horizon products in my experience, really pretty poor quality and design on this one.


Flies Great, Made Change to Nose Gear

I had a great deal of trouble trying to taxi in my yard with the nose gear as suggested. Even beefing it up did little good. Then I turned the nose gear around so that it was facing back instead of forward. That did it. It taxis perfectly on pavement, dirt, even rough pavement. I had never flown a jet, but the first two flights were perfect. It needed a little up trim and that was it. I had to do a go around on the first two landings as I was not used to the speed, but each time the second landing was perfect. I love this little plane, looking forward to purchasing another jet. I hope this info helps someone.

Scott H.

Serious fun to fly

You'll want to beef up the sides and the battery area on this plane. It's pretty delicate. I glued in a foam cross member in front of the battery and beefed up the sides with more, bit heavier, tape. This plane is so much fun to fly. I haven't tried taking off, so far only flown on grass. I hope it is fun to take off of the hard top.

Gary S.

Fun, Easy Flying HOG.....AWESOME

First thing you notice is the sound this thing makes. Very distinct,you know when this bird is in the air! Super easy to hand launch. Have someone launch it for you the first couple of times and then you will know what to expect. Easily glides to a skid landing. I think it looks more scale without the landing gear. Used a 900 mah battery and no problems. The plane is fast but easy to control with the AS3X. I agree with others that the fuse seam up front is weak. I used a clear tape on both sides and it's fine now. Floats like butterfly stings like bee...haha

Michael F.

Umx A-10

Great plane but nose wheel landing gear is awful. I glued a carbon price to spring area and it helped it making it more ridged to taxi.


Good plane if prepped correctly.

Everyone states how the feusalage is thin and weak. The upper and lower are taped somewhat,which doesn't help the integrity. I used some foam safe CA and wrapped some transparent tape around the feusalage. 4 flights and counting. If anything, where the nose gear turns inside the canopy, it cracked at the foam on the top of the gear. Epoxied it and no problems since. I would reinforce that area before the first flight as well. Has plenty of power and is stable on mild wind. Very lofty too. Easily getting over 5 minutes of flight. Very capable of dead stick landings.