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REFLEX XTR² RC Flight Simulator - Digital Download

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REFLEX XTR² Version 6.0 - The "Next Level" RC Flight Simulator

REFLEX XTR² is a groundbreaking RC Flight Simulator from German software developers Reflex Simulation. For over 20 years, Reflex Simulation has been a leading innovator in RC Flight Simulation software. In the early 2000's Reflex Simulation introduced the first flight simulator with photo-realistic scenery; a feature that is now common in all major flight sims. The early version of REFLEX was also the first flight simulator that could be connected to a real RC transmitter. There are simply too many innovations to list them all on this page, but it is important to note that most of the advanced features in today's RC Flight Simulators were first introduced by Reflex Simulation. In our quest to provide only the finest quality RC aircraft, electronics, and accessories, Motion RC felt it fitting to offer our customers the best RC Flight Simulator software, REFLEX XTR².

REFLEX XTR² is believed by many to be the most innovative, most accurate, and most comprehensive RC Flight Simulator on the market. Available as a digital download with no shipping required, REFLEX XTR² can be installed and setup in minutes on any modern PC. Each copy of REFLEX XTR² includes a LIFETIME license, which means you have access to ALL future releases of REFLEX for FREE! The downloadable software includes 20+ sceneries, 90+ airplanes, and 40+ helicopters. When new models and scenery are added to REFLEX XTR², they will be available for FREE; unlike competitors who charge extra for new software versions or new models. REFLEX XTR² can be used with any USB controller including a basic game controller (such as Xbox, Playstation, etc.), a USB Flight sim controller (such as Interlink, Detrum, Flysky, etc.), or real RC transmitter (interface cable required, see spare parts tab above). 

How Do Digital Downloads Work?

The REFLEX XTR² software is delivered to you via Digital Download, which means there is no physical CD or DVD disc sent you to in the mail. The digital download process is simple and fast - after you purchase REFLEX XTR², you will receive an email with a secure link to download the software directly to your PC. No more worrying about lost installation media or damaged discs; you can download your digital copy at any time. 

Free 14 Day Trial

Want to test drive REFLEX XTR² before you buy? You can download a risk-free, 14-day trial version of REFLEX XTR² today.  Download Trial Now 
Note: the trial version contains a single scenery and limited aircraft. When you purchase the full-version of REFLEX it will unlock all scenery and all aircraft. 

Minimum Computer System Requirements

  • CPU Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ 2 X2
  • Operating system Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 Bit)
  • DirectX11 compatible graphics card
  • 4GB system memory (RAM)
  • 2.0 GB of free hard disk space

Note: In order to run REFLEX XTR² on an Apple Mac computer, you must first install Microsoft Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp.


    Discover the Advantages of Reflex XTR²

    REFLEX XTR² is a revolutionary software that allows you to learn and to perfect the remote control of multicopters, model airplanes and model helicopters. Learn more about some of the fascinating capabilities of the world's most innovative RC Flight Simulator.

    Do you feel insecure when flying nose in? Do you dare to fly inverted? Do you start to sweat even before take off? Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional, REFLEX XTR² will take you to higher RC flying levels.

    With impressive graphics and incredibly realistic simulation, every training session becomes an exciting experience.

    Control with your own, familiar transmitter, all you need is a standard USB simulator interface (see spare parts above). If you are just getting started or don't have an interface cable, you can also use a regular PC compatible game controller; Xbox, playstation, etc..

    Almost every RC pilot uses a simulator these days. Do you also want to fly better, safer and more relaxed? With REFLEX XTR² you will have more fun with your exclusive hobby. Not only at the airfield, but also at home. The investment pays off as soon as you prevent a single crash.


    Master Multiple Aircraft Types

    Helicopters, airplanes, gliders, quadrocopters, hexacopters, trainers, 3D, scale, electric or gas engines, you will easily find the perfect model for your individual training. And Motion RC will be adding new models to REFLEX XTR² on an ongoing basis, all free to download with your your lifetime license.

    The models are reproduced down to the smallest detail. Rotors, propellers and control surfaces move exactly the same way as the original.

    Exhaust clouds appear so realistic that you can almost smell them.

    Retractable gear can be remotely controlled.

    In order to familiarize yourself with the different types of stabilization, multicopters are equipped with the original flight modes such as SMART, ANGLE, HOME, COURSE LOCK, GPS, ATTITUDE, MANUAL etc. Even the glowing and flashing of the status-LEDs correspond exactly to the real thing.

    REFLEX XTR² simulates a multitude of highly complex, physical processes that actually take place in reality. This is why you get a flying experience that is thrilling, lively and real.


    Stunning Panoramic Scenery and Realistic Terrain / Obstacles

    Original scenes were photographed, measured and programmed with intense attention to detail and using sophisticated algorithms. The ingenious use of light and shadow conveys a precise impression of spatial depth and creates a harmonious atmosphere for every scenery.

    Fantastic RC flying airfields in beautiful landscape are awaiting you.

    On spectacular slope soaring sites, strong winds are blowing with realistic turbulences. You can even configure the wind conditions according to your own desires and preferences.

    At the immersive night flying sites you will experience the evening twilight in real time.

    Practice flying indoors and in small spaces like this realistic gymnasium.

    Many other exciting locations provide a great variety of training opportunities. Have you ever flown on a huge ice surface?

    The terrain's shape of all sceneries are precisely replicated and provided with suitable material characteristics. That's why you can "feel" any ground contact due to the authentic response of your model.

    Obstacles are precisely simulated so that you can crash, get stuck and, if possible, land on them.

    If you are skilled, you can even balance up on obstacles. Within the simulator you are allowed to do anything that is prohibited in reality. The variety of scenery combined with real-life obstacles makes every single simulation a unique, exciting flight adventure.


    Fly With Friends Over the Internet 

    Fly together with up to 8 pilots in a flight convention. Create your own flight convention as a host or join one that is already running. Setup is quite simple and without cumbersome registration or additional costs. All you need is an internet connection.

    Become part of the constantly growing REFLEX XTR² community and demonstrate your skills. Or alternatively, study the perfect difficult maneuvers at your own pace; you can pause, rewind, slow-motion, and even save flights for later review.


    Analyze Flights with Real-Time Radio Display

    The multi functional Radio display not only shows the position of the sticks, in the graphical control history display tab it also indicates the speed and temporal relation between the individual control functions.

    Use the appropriate buttons to pause, fast-forward, rewind, or slow-motion interesting flights. This not only functions during your live simulation, but also with saved flights and with flights of pilots you observe in a flight convention. Study new maneuvers from other pilots and add them to your own repertoire.


    Experience "True to Life" RC Simulation with Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality has finally become affordable for RC pilots. With REFLEX XTR² you can take full advantage of the Oculus Rift VR headset. The wide field of view and the stereoscopic rendering provide an overwhelming 3D experience. The revolutionary head tracking offers you the perfect orientation in space with which you can accurately estimate trajectory and speed. The sensational feeling of immersion is further enhanced by the ingeniously implemented tracking of the observer's position.

    You will be impressed how natural and genuine RC flying can feel in Virtual Reality. It's like you're actually present at the airfield.

    Whether you want to practice landing approaches or work on the precision of your aerobatic skills, the intuitive spatial orientation that REFLEX XTR² provides on a modern VR headset is a tremendous enhancement to any kind of flight training. 


    Cutting Edge Training Methods

    In order to guide you through learning to fly RC, REFLEX XTR² provides you with sophisticated training assistants:


    With the Hovering-Trainer and the Torque-Trainer you learn to hover step by step by concentrating on individual control functions letting the assistant control everything else. This way, you will quickly gain some initial sense of achievement and you will be motivated for further training.

    The unique Crash & Retry trainer helps you with tricky maneuvers flown close to the ground. If you crash, it rewinds the simulation briefly and then resumes, so that you can easily avoid the previous control failure.

    When training fast and complex maneuvers, the time expansion factor allows you to slow down the simulation as much as you require.

    REFLEX XTR² realistically reproduces the difficulty of clearly recognizing flight attitude and flight direction while your vision is impaired by the sun. Within the simulation, you will gain the necessary self-confidence to easily master these situations in reality.

    Unfavorable winds, thermals, sudden engine failure or fog-induced limited visibility are additional challenges that will keep your REFLEX XTR² flight training always fun and exciting.


    Simple and Fast Installation

    You don't need to be a computer expert to install REFLEX XTR². Installation is straightforward and quick. Software updates are free of charge and install automatically. Just connect your transmitter via a standard USB simulator interface and start flying; you don't have to spend a lot of time programming it, a simple program without mixes will work for any simulator model. 

    After the software installation, the center position is calibrated once and the channel assignment is requested. Everything is self-explanatory, clear and intuitive. 

    If you need any assistance, the software has a built in help feature which explains all menu items, dialogs and settings in great detail. 


    Detailed Feature List


    • Realistic simulation of various lighting situations
    • Realistic light-specific shadow rendering
    • Realistic light-specific rendering of model lighting
    • Realistic rendering of diffuse light reflections of model lighting on ground
    • Realistic material-specific light reflections and mirror effects on surface of models
    • Realistic blurred motion rendering of rotating propellers, rotors and rotor heads
    • Realistic light reflections on rotating propellers and rotors
    • Realistic rendering of exhaust clouds with various densities
    • Realistic rendering of sun dazzle (adjustable)
    • Realistic rendering of haze and fog (adjustable)
    • Stereoscopic 3D rendering
      • Compatible with Oculus Rift
      • Compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision (shutter glasses and red/blue anaglyph glasses)
    • Window mode (rendering in application window)
    • Full screen mode (available resolutions depending on graphics card)
    • Antialiasing
    • Anisotropic texture filtering
    • Trilinear texture filtering
    • Vsync optional


    • Realistic original engine sounds
    • Realistic helicopter rotor blade flapping sound
    • Realistic simulation of Doppler effect
    • Realistic distance-dependent volume reduction
    • Realistic wind noise
    • Scenery specific ambient noise


    • Photorealistic presentation textured with high-resolution images
    • Detailed reproduced 3D-models
    • Realistic simulation of aerodynamics
    • Realistic simulation of ground effect
    • Realistic simulation of vortex ring condition
    • Realistic simulation of landing gear (suspension, damping, friction, steering, wheel rotation)
    • Electric drives
    • Gas engines
    • Scale models
    • Trainer models
    • Aerobatic models
    • 3D style models
    • Expo adjustable
    • Flight characteristics adjustable according to numerous parameters
    • Retractable gear remote controllable
    • Helicopters
      • 3D helicopters
      • Scale helicopters
      • Electric helicopters
      • Nitro helicopters
      • F3C helicopters
      • Collective pitch helicopters
      • Fixed pitch helicopters
      • Gyro mode remote controllable (NORMAL and HEADING-HOLD)
      • Gyro sensibility remote controllable
      • Realistic simulation of autorotation
      • Realistic simulation of rpm drops in any flight attitude
      • Realistic simulation of overspeeds up to destruction of the model
      • Realistic simulation of main rotor plane tilt
      • Realistic simulation of main rotor cone angle
    • Airplanes
      • Aircrafts
      • Gliders
      • Powered gliders
      • Shockflyer
      • Slowflyer
      • Funflyer
      • 3D-flyer
      • Flying wings
      • EDF-jets
      • Realistic simulation of various kinds of stalls
      • Flaps remote controllable
      • Realistic representation of control surfaces
      • Realistic representation of folding propellers
    • Multicopters
      • Quadrocopters
      • Hexacopters
      • Realistic simulation of flight controllers
      • Realistic simulation of inaccuracies in sensor systems
      • Realistic simulation of camera gimbals
      • Realistic simulation of low battery warnings
      • Realistic simulation of status-LEDs (colour and flashing codes)
      • DJI NAZA-M IOC Modes remote controllable (OFF, COURSE LOCK, HOME LOCK)
      • DJI NAZA-M Control Modes remote controllable (GPS, ATTITUDE, RETURN TO HOME, MANUAL)
      • YUNEEC Flight Mode remote controllable (SMART, ANGLE, HOME)
      • YUNEEC Control Rates remote controllable
      • YUNEEC GPS stabilization remote controllable (ON, OFF)
      • YUNEEC Camera TILT Mode remote controllable (ANGLE, VELOCITY)
      • YUNEEC Camera TILT remote controllable
      • YUNEEC Camera PAN Mode remote controllable (FOLLOW, FOLLOW AND CONTROLABLE, GLOBAL)
      • YUNEEC Camera PAN remote controllable
      • YUNEEC Follow/Watch Mode remote controllable


    • Photorealistic 3D panorama sceneries in high resolution quality
      • Sceneries with paved runway
      • Sceneries with grass runway
      • Slope soaring sceneries with realistic slope wind profiles and lee vortices
      • Indoor scenery
      • Night flying scenery
        • Twilight phase adjustable
        • Realtime twilight (optional)
        • Automatic equipment of any model with night flight lighting
      • Detailed reproduction of terrain profile
      • Detailed reproduction of obstacles
      • Realistic collision simulation against obstacles (e.g. landing and balancing)
      • Realistic simulation of various ground properties (hardness, depth, friction, bumps, roughness, damping)
      • Warning when flying into site-specific no-fly zones (optional)
      • Display of compass rose at footpoint (optional)
      • Location-specific initial position for aircraft and helicopter separately adjustable
    • Scenery with selectable pilot position
      • Realistic representation of windsock
      • Orientation aids sky grid (optional)
        • Available as grid, lines or crosses
        • Grid density adjustable
        • Virtual guide for traffic pattern (optional)
      • Vegetation density adjustable
      • Terrain elevations adjustable


    • Transmitter connection via REFLEX XTR² USB interface
    • Transmitter connection via game controller-compatible simulator interface
    • Number of channels: 12
    • Specific functions controllable via remote control or keyboard
    • Ground start option
    • Hand launch start option (launch initial altitude and launch speed adjustable)
    • FPS display


    • Realistic simulation of wind gusts
    • Realistic simulation of local upward currents and turbulences
    • Realistic thermal simulation
    • Wind force adjustable in Bft.
    • Wind speed adjustable in m/s
    • Intensity of wind gusts adjustable
    • Wind direction adjustable
    • Upward current adjustable


    • Dynamic flight impression achieved by sluggish camera motion (adjustable)
    • Dynamic flight impression achieved by predictive camera motion (adjustable)
    • Distance-dependent camera auto zoom (adjustable)
    • Camera field of view adjustable
    • Camera position option: fixed at pilot
    • Camera position option: following behind model (only in scenery with selectable pilot position)
    • Camera position option: onboard (only in scenery with selectable pilot position)
    • Onboard camera position adjustable in 3 dimensions

    Training Options:

    • Free flying
    • Hover Trainer
      • Number of learning steps: 8
      • Inverted Flight mode
      • Initial position selectable (view from behind, view from front, view from left, view from right)
      • Automatic restart in case of lost control
    • Torque Trainer
      • Number of learning steps: 5
      • Initial position selectable (view from top, view from bottom, view from left, view from right)
      • Automatic restart in case of lost control
    • Crash & Retry Trainer
      • Rewind time when crashed adjustable
      • Automatic increase of rewind time in case of repeated crashes
    • Engine failure with adjustable probability
    • Tail rotor failure with adjustable probability
    • Simulation time expansion factor adjustable (0,6 - 25,0)
    • Promenade (only in scenery with selectable pilot position)


    • Joint flying with other REFLEX XTR² pilots
    • Connection with other participants via Internet
    • Connection with other participants via LAN
    • Maximum number of pilots per flight convention: 8
    • No registration or subscription required
    • No additional charges (except possible costs for network connection)
    • Create your own flight convention as a host
    • Select running flight conventions for participation
    • Password protection for private flight conventions
    • Collision simulation against other participants
    • Automatic determination of alternative start position if selected one occupied
    • Save flights of any participants (e.g. for later investigation)
    • Pause, rewind and fast-forward flights of any participants (e.g. for immediate investigation)
    • Convenient playback control of paused flights with the Radio display
    • Window for displaying and submitting text messages to any participants
    • Window for displaying list of participants with indication of name, model and latency
    • Observe participants (with right mouse button click and context menu)
    • Ignore participants (with right mouse button click and context menu)
    • Disqualify participants (with right mouse button click and context menu, only available for host)
    • Transmission of model position and orientation
    • Transmission of stick positions
    • Transmission of control surface deflections
    • Transmission of landing gear position
    • Transmission of rotor/propeller rpm
    • Transmission of engine rpm
    • Transmission of status-LED states

    Flight Recorder:

    • Record flights from live simulation
    • Record flights of participants in a flight convention
    • Save flights as .dmo file
    • Select and playback flights from .dmo file
    • Convenient playback control with the Radio display
    • Registration of model position and orientation
    • Registration of stick positions
    • Registration of control surface deflections
    • Registration of landing gear position
    • Registration of rotor/propeller rpm
    • Registration of engine rpm
    • Registration of status-LED states
    • Registration of pitch values (only with helicopters)
    • Registration of rotor plane tilt (only with helicopters)
    • Registration of camera gimbal orientation
    • Low memory consumption (approx. 15 KB/s)

    Radio Display:

    • Photorealistic presentation
    • Freely positionable in application window
    • Size scalable
    • Analog visualization of left and right stick position
    • Control mode for display adjustable (mode 1-4)
    • Multifunctional LCD graphic display with intuitive mouse operation
      • Backlight color selectable (blue, yellow)
      • Backlight brightness adjustable (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 75%, 100%)
      • Display of selected control mode
      • Digital display of stick position near corresponding control stick
      • Display of control function title near corresponding control stick
      • Display of model name, user name or flight title
      • Display of current flight mode information (in simulation mode)
      • Display of playback timeline with position marker (in playback mode)
      • Digital display of playback speed (in playback mode)
      • Integrated channel display for 12 channels
        • Analog bar graph display
        • Digital display in percentage
        • Display of assigned control function title
      • Integrated control history display
        • Graphs illustrating control history of the 4 control functions next to one another
        • Time scale adjustable (0,1s/DIV, 0,2s/DIV, 0,5s/DIV, 1,0s/DIV)
      • Integrated telemetry display
        • Digital display of altitude
        • Digital display of climb rate
        • Digital display of groundspeed
        • Digital display of airspeed
        • Digital display of heading
        • Digital display of roll rate (only with airplanes)
        • Digital display of main rotor rpm (only with helicopters)
        • Digital display of main rotor pitch (only with helicopters)
        • Digital display of tail rotor pitch (only with helicopters)
        • Digital display of distance (only with multicopters)
    • Keyboard operation
      • Pause, Resume flight (<PAUSE>-key)
      • Playback speed adjustable steplessly by stick motion (<STRG>-key)
    • Mouse operation
      • Start, Stop, Pause, Resume simulation (in simulation mode)
      • Start, Stop, Pause, Rewind, Fast-forward playback (in playback mode)
      • Set playback position (click on the playback timeline)
      • Set playback position (drag position marker)
      • Skip to playback start position (click on left edge of playback timeline)
      • Skip to playback end position (click on right edge of playback timeline)
      • Switch to live playback (click on right edge of playback timeline)
      • Adjust playback speed steplessly (drag above playback speed display)
      • Save flight (click on disk icon)
      • Adjust control mode
      • Switch between channel display, control history and telemetry display tab
      • Adjust time scale (in control history display tab)
      • Get help (click on question mark)
      • Close Radio display (click on X)
      • Open context menu (right mouse button click)

    Virtual Reality (VR): 

    • Support for Oculus Rift VR headset
    • Stereoscopic 3D rendering
    • 6DOF Tracking (head tracking + positional tracking)
    • Audio output via headset
    • Application window display option: HMD display mirrored
    • Application window display option: left eye
    • Application window display option: right eye
    • Application window display option: no display
    • Multisample antialiasing adjustable (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x)
    • Mip levels adjustable (1, 2, 3, 4)
    • Pixeles per display pixel adjustable (0,5 .. 2,5)
    • World scale adjustable to achieve natural perception of size (0,3 .. 1,7)


    • Intuitive and easy-to-use operation
    • Select model dialog with animated preview
    • Select scenery dialog with animated preview
    • Automatic saving of all program settings when closing the application
    • Automatic restore of all program settings when starting the application
    • Save all program settings in .sim file
    • Restore all program settings from .sim file
    • Straightforward adjustment of channel assignment with helpful illustration
    • Plausibility check for channel assignment with helpful error messages
    • Save channel assignment in .fnc file
    • Restore channel assignment from .fnc file
    • Free software updates
    • Automatic notification about new software updates after application start (optional)
    • Automated installation of software updates (optional)
    • User interface switchable between German and English language
    • Comprehensive program help in German and English language
    • Multiprocessor support for highest performance
    • Simple installation/deinstallation

    Product Questions & Answers

    NOTE: Questions submitted on this page are answered by customers who have previously purchased this item. If you have a support related question that requires immediate assistance, please visit our Help Center.

    Product Support

    Product Updates:


    How can I connect my transmitter?

    To connect your transmitter for operation with REFLEX XTR² you will require a standard gamecontroller compatible USB simulator interface. These are available in a variety of designs from various suppliers. Here you can find some of the available products:

    A highly versatile and widely used interface is the RX2SIM Wireless Multi-Sim Adapterfrom RCWARE (RCWT300195). It allows you to control wirelessly when connecting a receiver compatible with your transmitter. Or if your transmitter is equipped with a trainer socket, you can connect it also directly by cable.

    If you have a MULTIPLEX remote control, the MULTIflight Stick from MULTIPLEX (85147) is to be recommended. All M-LINK transmitters can be connected wirelessly to the computer. 

    SPEKTRUM offers the WS1000 Wireless Simulator Dongle (SPMWS1000). This connects wirelessly to all DSM2/DSMX compatible transmitters.

    Can I continue to use my existing REFLEX XTR² USB interface?

    Yes, you can continue to use the blue REFLEX XTR² USB interface without any restrictions. 

    What can I do if my REFLEX USB interface does not work or is no longer recognized?

    Alternatively, you can operate REFLEX XTR² with a standard game controller-compatible USB simulator interface. For this you will also need an activation code, which can be purchased in our shop. You will get a 40% coupon code if you send us your defective REFLEX interface back.

    Is my computer suitable for REFLEX XTR²?

    The minimum system requirements for REFLEX XTR² are:
        • CPU Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ 2 X2
        • Operating system Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 Bit)
        • DirectX11 compatible graphics card
        • 4GB system memory (RAM)
        • 2.0 GB of free hard disk space
    If you are unsure if your system meets these requirements, just use the free trial period and see whether REFLEX XTR² runs sufficiently on your machine.

    Does REFLEX XTR² work on an Apple Mac computer?

    Yes, you will need to install Microsoft® Windows® on your Mac using Boot Camp. Virtual machines such as Parallels Desktop® or Virtual Box are not suitable.

    Other pilots cannot connect to my flight convention or participation in a flight convention fails with the error message "The connection to the flight convention could not be established".

    In order to establish the network connection to the other participants, you must create two port forwardings in your router with the following DirectPlay8 settings:
        • Port 6073 UDP, inbound/outbound
        • Port range 2302-2400 UDP, inbound/outbound
    Please note that port forwarding requires that you have assigned a static IP address to your computer. For more information on port forwarding, you may refer to the website for example.

    Furthermore, your firewall must be configured to allow the following apps to communicate through the firewall:
        • REFLEX (c:\program files(x86)\reflex\simulator\reflex.exe)
        • Microsoft DirectPlay8-Server (c:\windows\syswow64\dpnsvr.exe for 64 bit Windows® or respectively c:\windows\system32\dpnsvr.exe for 32 bit Windows®)

    Contact Support

    If you need help installing or configuring REFLEX XTR RC flight simulator, please email Reflex Simulation at


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