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Admiral RX600SP 6-Channel DSMX™ Compatible Receiver with Stability Plus Gyro

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Admiral RX600SP DSMX™ Compatible 6-Channel Receiver with Stability Plus Gyro and Diversity Antenna

These Admiral DSMX™ compatible stabilized gyro receiver is manufactured by Lemon with custom firmware for Motion RC. Motion RC has drastically simplified the stabilizer programming functions and gyro functionality.  This Admiral 6 channel receiver features a built in gyro for stabilization and a diversity antenna for better range and the most reliable coverage for your model.

The gyro mode can easily be changed remotely from your radio even without using a channel. The Motion RC firmware allows the gyro-receiver to work with 6 channel radios flying 6 channel planes while still retaining the ability to remotely change the gyro mode from the radio without taking an extra channel. The available gyro modes are off, stability, or stability plus. Any two of these three modes can be controlled remotely - you simply pick which of the two modes you want available. The default modes are stability and stability plus. The stability mode functions like the normal 3 axis gyro we are all familiar with. Stability plus mode fully utilizes the 6 axis gyro with a "Panic Recovery" feature. 

Motion RC picked the best receivers on the market and worked with the manufacturer to make them even better.  These receivers are an excellent value for RC pilots with the reliability and performance that Lemon receivers are known for in the hobby.

Tech Note:  The most common installation has the Stabilizer Plus upright in the aircraft (i.e. on a surface that is horizontal when the model is in normal level flight attitude). The long axis of the unit must be aligned with the flight direction and the servo connectors should be to the rear of the aircraft.  Also, if you have a 7+ channel radio, you can use the BIND/AUX2 port as a fully functional 7th channel with the gyro on or off.

Important Disclaimer:

  • This is not a Spektrum™ DSMX™ product, nor is it a copy of a Spektrum™ DSMX™ product.
  • Admiral receivers are designed to be compatible with Spektrum's™ DSMX™ product.
  • The Spektrum™ and DSMX™ brands are a trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc.


  • Fully compatible with Spektrum™ DSMX™ products
  • Manufactured by Lemon, a receiver manufacturer with a great reputation for value, reliability and performance
  • "Panic Recovery" can stabilize your plane - from any attitude - to get your model back to straight and level flight
  • Full range 6 channel receiver with gyro and diversity antenna for exceptional range and reliability


  • Admiral RX600SP 6-Channel Receiver with 6-axis Stabilizer Plus and Diversity Antenna
  • Bind Plug
  • 2 sided tape for easy installation


  • Any Spektrum™ DSMX™ Compatible Full Range Radio - Select a minimum 6 channel Spektrum™ compatible radio from our Radio Collection

Product Specifications:

Number of Channels


Modulation / Protocol

DSMX™ Compatible







Integrated Gyro


Voltage Range



Dual Diversity

Dimensions (L x W x H)

37.4 x 27.6 x 9mm



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