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Spektrum Radios and Receivers

We carry a wide variety of Spektrum transmitters (radios), Receivers, and accessories for RC Airplanes and RC Helicopters.  Spektrum offers products designed for every level of RC pilot, from budget conscious beginners looking for a first transmitter, to seasoned pilots of turbine powered RC Jets.

Spektrum transmitters designed for beginner pilots include the DXe, and the DX6.  They are priced to appeal to budget minded RC Airplane pilots, and are great transmitters that will serve the user well.  

Intermediate RC Airplane pilots can look to the DX8 for more features, as well as transmitter antenna diversity.  The DX8 contains more advanced features including servo speed adjust-ability, and more complex mixing capability.   

Advanced RC pilots wanting even more features can look at the the DX9 and DX18.  For scale applications, and RC Airplanes with complex features like some high end gliders, more channels and mixing functions are necessary.  

You should make the decision on how many channels you need based on the RC aircraft you intend to fly.  Some simple airplanes only require 4 channels, but most people will end up wanting an RC Airplane with flaps and or retractable landing gear, so a 6 channel transmitter should be considered.  Spektrum transmitter start with 6 channels and go up to 18.

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