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TechOne RC Airplanes

Techone RC airplanes 3d trainers popwing

TechOne RC Airplanes

As one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality RC airplanes, TechOne is a name synonymous with performance, agility, and airborne fun! Capable of producing premium quality, user-friendly RC airplanes for an excellent flying experience, they are known for products such as the Revolution and Swift 3D that deliver fantastic results. ... 

Regardless of your experience as an RC airplane hobbyist, TechOne’s products are built to handle a variety of weather and wind conditions, and many boast innovative features that make them a breeze to operate for most users! These features include everything from TechOne’s signature vivid color schemes and designs to removable landing gear for easy transport, aerodynamic and lightweight profiles, powerful brushless motors, EPO foam construction, and water takeoff capabilities. Other great innovations include those such as the Air Titan model’s servo-controlled tow hook, rugged and strong tri-gear, and high wing with large camber for increased training capabilities.

As the largest distributor for TechOne RC planes, Motion RC proudly carries the company’s complete lineup of trainers, flying wings, and 3D aerobatic RC airplanes. For Beginner pilots, check out the Mercury, Trainer King, and Saturn; all available in Plug-and-play (PNP) completion level variations. For 3D Flying, TechOne has a huge assortment of models in a variety of sizes – from 3D indoor F3A-style airplanes to larger outdoor 3D profile airplanes, TechOne really has them all!

We also carry a large selection of molded EPP RC Airplanes, such as the Yak 54, Swift 3d, and SBach 342, which are durable and incredibly easy to build. If you want the latest cutting-edge innovations in aerobatic flight, check out the new Revolution, Thunder, Katana, and Venus model RC airplanes. Lastly, if you have the need for speed, they have ultra-fast flying wings like the Neptune and Popwings, built for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and incredible performance.

But what happens if you throw a propeller blade, damage landing gear, or encounter any other sort of mishap that damages your TechOne RC airplane? Fear not, for Motion RC has you covered with our wide selection of replacement parts and components. Contact us today for assistance from our helpful team so that we can get you airborne again as quickly as possible! Combined with our expert guidance and TechOne’s superior-quality RC airplanes, any aerial hobbyist who uses one of these fantastic planes is sure to have a fun, stress-free, and inspiring time in the air!

Use the filter menu on the left to narrow your search results or browse our entire TechOne RC Airplane catalog below.

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