FMS J3 Cub 1400mm Support Page

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Product Updates:

  • May 1, 2014  -  We are shipping the updated and improved FMS J3 Cub - Updates include:
  • New type of EPO foam is lighter to save weight, increase flight duration, and increase performance
  • The position of the main wing has been moved slightly and the main wing has been updated
  • The change in design and position of the main wing means lead ballast is no longer added by the factory to maintain the center of gravity (CG)
  • The position of the cockpit has also changed slightly for improved CG and flight characteristics
  • The fuselage has been updated and improved
  • The cowl has been updated due to the new position of the motor and prop shaft in the fuse
  • Due to all the changes above the plane is lighter and flight characteristics have improved. Overall weight savings is about 5% compared to the old plane.


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