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Admiral Carbon 5100mAh 6S 22.2V 70C LiPo Battery with EC5 Connector Multi-Pack (2 Batteries)




Admiral Carbon 5100mAh 6S 22.2V 70C LiPo Battery with EC5 Connector Multi-Pack (2 Batteries)

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2 Pack of Admiral Carbon 5100mAh 6S 70C LiPo Batteries with EC5 Connectors - EPRAC5006E

In mid 2017 Motion RC gave Admiral LiPo batteries a significant upgrade with the goal of providing superior reliability and performance. Our standard Admiral LiPo battery packs feature reasonably low internal resistance, factory sorted and matched cells, and the power to help your planes perform their best. 

August 2018 highlights the release of our Carbon series. Admiral Carbon takes the Admiral brand to a whole new level. We are very excited to share Admiral Carbon technology as this battery will provide the performance boost many are looking for. The boost will be most noticeable in EDF jets with a high current demand.  Independent testing verifies Admiral Carbon is one of the top performing batteries available today. The Admiral Carbon cells are factory sorted and matched.

Unbelievably Low Internal Resistance

These Admiral Carbon packs have very low IR (Internal Resistance) which effectively raises the C rating.  A carbon-based conductor is used to keep IR extremely low.  Carbon has very little resistance which promotes a very slow and shallow discharge curve when looking at amperage output. 

An average LiPo battery produces its highest C rating for the first 10 seconds.  From there, the amperage becomes exponentially less as the flight continues.  You simply cannot maintain the performance at the end of the flight that you had in the beginning.  This is the natural regressive state we are all used to with normal LiPo batteries.  However, the Admiral Carbon will give you nearly the same performance at the end of your flight as compared to the beginning.

Due to a lack of regressive performance, it is vital that you use a timer because you will not have any appreciable visible cues for when it is time to land due to the battery's resistance to a noticeable drop off in performance.  Eventually, the Admiral Carbon becomes discharged and performance drops drastically as you hit Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC), a practice you always want to avoid to maintain proper battery health and longevity.  Here is a basic chart to illustrate the difference:

Of course, all of this performance does come with a small price.  Admiral Carbon packs are heavier and larger than our standard Admiral LiPo.  Please check the dimensions and weight of this battery and be sure it fits your application.  Note extra performance does not equal extra flight time.  Flight time should remain similar to the Admiral 5000.


  • Convenient battery two-pack is ideal for multi-engine aircraft builds or 12S setups
  • One of the lowest IR (Internal Resistance) ratings on the market
  • Independent testing verifies the Admiral Carbon is one of the top-performing LiPos on the market
  • Perfect for your power-hungry 6S EDF jet or airplane
  • Extremely low and shallow discharge curve (one of the best in the industry) 
  • High-quality, 10 AWG copper wire
  • Genuine EC5 Connector
  • JST/XH Balance Connector, the most common balance plug on the market which is compatible with most Li-Po chargers

Product Specifications:


866g / 30.54oz


150mm / 5.90in


50mm / 1.96in


55.5mm / 2.18in

Wire Gauge


ESC Connector

EC5 Connector

Balance Connector



5100 mAh

Discharge Rate


Charge Rate




Series(S) Parallel(P)


Number of Cells


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