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Admiral GP10 5030-400kV Brushless Motor Multi-Pack (2 Motors)




Admiral GP10 5030-400kV Brushless Motor Multi-Pack (2 Motors)

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2 Pack of GP10 5030-400kV Brushless Motors from Admiral - ADM6000-003

Placed firmly at the top of most peoples 'go to' brand for power with our renowned Admiral LiPo's, Admiral is proud to present the latest addition to our Power range, the Admiral 'GP' Series Brushless Electric Outrunners. The Admiral 'GP' series was created specifically for the powering of balsa models traditionally designed for Glow/nitro and Petrol/gas planes, offering a equivalent 'drop in' replacement for a wide range of models from .15ci/2.4cc right through to 1.60ci/25cc class models and beyond, resulting in greater all round performance over 'wet' power systems, without any of the mess! Our GP motors are designed to a high standard, manufactured to a high quality and optimized for maximum power, efficiency and performance, giving you everything you'd expected from an Admiral Power product and all at a very affordable price.

Admiral GP10 5030-400kV is rated up to 1180 watts and an equivalent to a .60ci nitro/10cc gas engine and ideal for scale and sports models weighing between 2.7 - 4.5kg (6-10lbs), be it your latest '60' sized balsa ARF project or converting a bigger glow/gas model to electric, the GP10 is the perfect choice for this popular size of model when used with a 4-8S LiPo. As with all Admiral GP series motors, the GP10 comes supplied complete with a comprehensive set of mounting hardware, tools, X-plate mount and bolt on prop shaft.


  • Convenient motor two pack is ideal for multi-engine ARF builds
  • Equivalent to .60ci nitro/glow or 10cc gas engine
  • Ideal for sports/scale models weighing between 2.7 - 4.5kg (6-10lbs), or 3D/aerobatic models up to 3.2kg ( 7lbs)
  • Suitable for models requiring up to 1180 watts of power
  • Rated up to 60 amps
  • 4mm gold pin connectors
  • High torque output
  • Mounting hardware and accessories included
  • Admiral blue anodized finish
  • Quiet and lightweight alternative to 'wet' power systems (nitro/gas)
  • Hardened steel shaft supported by high quality ball bearings
  • Designed for use with props from 14x8 - 17x7 and 4-8S LiPo
  • Recommended motor for the BlackHorse Norseman, BA Eagle, J3 Cub


  • Two Admiral GP10 5030-400kV Brushless Motors
  • (6) Female connectors
  • (6) Heat shrink
  • (8) M3 screws


  • Please review the specification table at the bottom of this page for battery, ESC and other recommendations that will work best for this motor

Brushless Motor Measurement Key

Product Specifications:

Motor Type


kV Rating (RPM/Volt)


Maximum Watts


Maximum Burst Current


Recommended Battery (Input Voltage)

4S to 8S

Recommended ESC


Recommended Propeller / EDF

14x8 to 17x7

Slots, Poles

12, 14

Shaft Diameter (A)


Motor Length (C)


Motor Diameter (D)


Overall Length (E)



396g / 13.968oz

Connector Type

4mm Bullet

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