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Blade Scout CX Coaxial Fixed Pitch 165mm (6.5") Rotor Diameter - RTF

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Blade Scout CX Coaxial Fixed Pitch Beginner Helicopter - Ready to Fly (RTF)

The amazing Blade Scout CX™ heli may only weigh a little over half an ounce (17 grams), but it will have you flying circles around other helis like it. State-of-the-art 2.4GHz radio control with advanced Blade engineering and electronics** make it all possible. And it’s so easy to fly, you’ll be able to do it even if you’ve never flown before.

** The included radio system is not compatible with JR 2.4GHz or Spektrum 2.4GHz systems.


  • Engineered by experts in RC helicopter performance
  • Advanced 2.4GHz radio control lets multiple helis fly at the same time
  • Computerized Piezo gyro for superb directional control and stability
  • Proportional rotor head servo for smooth, precise control response
  • Replacement parts available to keep your Scout CX™ heli flying like new


  • Blade Scout CX Coaxial Fixed Pitch Beginner Helicopter
  • 3-CH 2.4GHz Transmitter with Built-in LiPo Charger
  • 3.7V 1S 70mAh LiPo


  • Nothing! Everything you need to get in the air is included in the box, including four AA batteries for the transmitter.

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Beginner
BUILD TIME : 15 Minutes



Main Rotor Diameter

6.50in / 165mm

Tail Rotor Diameter


Overall Length

6.30in / 160mm

Overall Width

1.57in / 40mm

Overall Height

4.13in / 105mm

Rotor Blade Length

3.00in / 76mm

Flying Weight

0.60oz / 17g

Motor Size


Speed Control


Main Gear Ratio


Approximate Flight Time

4 minutes

Required Radio

3-CH 2.4GHz Transmitter with Built-in LiPo Charger (included)

Required Battery

E-flite® 1S 3.7V 70mAh 25C Li-Po Battery (included)

Skill LevelIntermediate
Build Time10 Minutes

Recommended Environment

Indoor / Outdoor

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