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Detrum GAVIN-6C 6-Channel LCD Transmitter w/ SR86A Receiver + Gyro - SCRATCH AND DENT DY-DTM-T009

Detrum GAVIN-6C 6-Channel LCD Transmitter w/ SR86A Receiver + Gyro - (OPEN BOX)

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GAVIN-6C 6 Channel LCD Transmitter w/ SR86A 8CH Receiver + Gyro from Detrum - OPEN BOX

Open Box Details:

  • Missing Parts: None
  • Damage/Defects: Opened product.  General signs of use.  Nothing wrong with the radio whatsoever.
  • Builder Notes: None.

Please Note: Because of their deeply discounted prices, Open Box merchandise does not include the standard Motion RC warranty and cannot be returned or exchanged even if additional product issues are found. Please consider these restrictions before purchasing Open Box products.

Wireless IC

Adopting powerful wireless chips, with extended power amplifier (PA) and low noise amplifier (LNA), can maximize the system output power while reducing the system noise factor, thereby improving the signal coverage.

All-angle antenna

The transmitter uses excellent linear all-band gain antenna, can greatly improve the transmitting efficiency, thereby enhancing the stability of the R/C system. The receiver adopts a diversity antenna, can automatically switch the signals to ensure the stability of the received signal.

Suitable for various aircraft

It is suitable for airplanes, helicopters, multi-rotors and other aircraft.

Long distance remote control

The R/C system adopts 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) and multiple frequency-hopping (initiative to avoid co-channel interference) technologies, has high receiving sensitivity and strong anti-interference capability, can support a stable remote control for more than 1,000 meters on the ground and more than 1,600 meters in the air.

Unique ID code

Each transmitter has an individually assigned, unique ID code. Once the binding is made, the ID code is stored in the receiver and no further binding is necessary after restarting the receiver. When the receiver is working, it will verify whether the ID code of the transmitter is being paired, to enhance the stability of the R/C system.

Fail safe function

It has the fail safe function. When the aircraft flies out of range (the receiver does not receive a valid RF signal from the transmitter), the receiver will output signals base on the fail safe setting from the transmitter.

High-resolution sticks

By using these high-resolution (4096-segment) sticks, you can experience a smooth and exquisite flight operation.

Low power consumption

Using low power devices and transmitting the signals at intervals, this will reduce the transmission power, also lead to low battery power consumption and longer battery life.

Low voltage alarm

Detecting the input voltage of the transmitter in real time, it will alarm in advance when it is low battery voltage. This will bring greater security for flight operation.


  • Detrum Gavin radios are only compatible with Detrum brand receivers. Click the Spare Parts tab above to see a complete list of compatible receivers.


  • 4x AA Batteries


  • Detrum USB Flight Simulator Cable (allows you to use your Gavin radio with ClearView Flight Simulator Software) - DY-DTM-U020
  • Detrum 7.4V 1750mAh LiPo Battery for 6C and 8C Gavin Radios - DY-DTM-1005





Product Specifications:

Number of Channels


Modulation / Protocol





Mode 1-2 (Default Mode 2)

Model Memory

30 Aircraft


Backlit LCD

Rotary Knobs


2-Position Switches


3-Position Switches


Slider Switches


Momentary Switches



Dual Ball Bearing



Voice Alerts


Memory Card Support


Data Port


Upgradeable Firmware


Trainer System

Yes (Wired)

Dual Rate / Expo


Throttle Cut


Servo Speed Adjustment



4x AA Batteries (Required)

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Product Updates:

  • November 16, 2017  -  For a list of compatible receivers please click the Spare Parts tab above.  To update the firmware you will need to purchase a micro-to-USB cable to link to a PC.


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