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Detrum iStone 6-AXIS Airplane Stabilizer

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Detrum iStone 6-AXIS Airplane Stabilizer - DY-DTM-G001

The Detrum iStone 6-AXIS Airplane Stabilizer is a great addition to the growing class of gyros.  Change flight modes quickly and with ease by switching channels during your flight.  Supports standard, 3D and V-tail model aircraft.  Easy to program, the Detrum iStone 6-AXIS offers three primary flight modes:

  • Gyro Off - Turn your gyro on or off at the flick of a switch.
  • Self-Balance - Standard gyro setting, stabilizes your aircraft.
  • Attitude Lock - Holds and maintains your aircraft at a given attitude.

With the Detrum iStone 6-AXIS Airplane Stabilizer you have a high performance gyro that is easy to program, easy to use, easy to mount and easy to enjoy!


  • High-performance 32-bit ARM core processor, 6-axis sensor chip
  • Supports conventional, 3D and V-tail aircraft
  • You can change the flight modes quickly by switching the channels during flight
  • There are three intelligent flight modes: Gyro Off, Self-Balance, and Attitude Lock
  • Easily programmed by pressing the button and checking LED indicators, the sensitivity for three axes can be independently adjusted
  • Supports Futaba S.BUS / PWM input
  • Small size, supports forward, backward, and side mounting
  • Neutral position calibration functions for gyro and transmitter

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