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Dynam Piper J3 Cub 1200mm (47") Wingspan - PNP

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Dynam Piper J3 Cub 1200mm (47") Wingspan - PNP - DY8941PNP

One of the most famous high wing, light-sport aircraft ever to be built, the Piper J3 cub is a historical icon. Built between 1937 and 1947 by Piper Aircraft, the original plane was designed to be a tandem seat trainer, but the plane was so easy to fly, it became one of the most popular planes for general civil aviation.

The Dynam Piper J3 Cub pays tribute to the classic aircraft faithfully in profile and detail. Constructed of durable EPO foam, the Piper J3 Cub just requires your 2.4Ghz radio and 4 channel receiver, Li-Po charger and 3 Cell 11.1V 2200 mAh Li-Po battery to gently take to the skies.


  • NEW!  Now includes a Tomcat Skylord 30 Amp ESC with XT60 connector
  • Gentle enough to be a trainer for beginners yet fun to fly for all skill level pilots
  • Easy to construct with pre-installed electronics (motor, servos and speed controller)
  • Beautiful design and details faithful to the full scale version
  • EPO construction which makes it lightweight, strong, and crash resistant
  • Easy takeoff capabilities, both from the ground or hand toss


  • Dynam Piper J3 Cub 1200mm (47") Wingspan - (PNP)
  • 30A ESC with XT60 connector, servos and motor come pre-installed for your convenience
  • Decal set


  • 4 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 4 channel radio from our Radio Collection 
  • 4 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 4 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 2200 mAh LiPo Battery with XT60 connector - EPR22003X6
  • 3 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 3 cell (3S) charger from our Charger Collection

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Beginner Plus
BUILD TIME : 3+ Hours


1200mm / 47.2in


850mm / 33.4in

Flying Weight

1000g / 35.2oz

CG (Center of Gravity)65 - 70mm from the leading edge at the wing root

Power System

KV1100 Brushless Outrunner Motor

Electronic Speed Control

30A Brushless with XT60 connector

Propeller / EDF

2-Blade Prop


4x 9g high speed

Landing GearFixed

Required Battery

3S 11.1V 2200mAh 20C LiPo with XT60 connector (required)

Required Radio

4 Channel (required)









Hinge Type


MaterialEPO Foam
Skill LevelBeginner Plus
Build Time3+ Hours
Recommended EnvironmentOutdoor

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It's a Cub!

Good looking plane overall. Had this for over a year and just built it. Like the other stated in their review but mind you, they may have made improvements since i bought mine. Some color mismatches no big deal. The plastic struts for the landing gear were broken right out of the box. Made a repair with CA. We'll see if it holds up but doubtful. Biggest problem i had was the wing attachment. There are mounting bosses set into the top of the wing which are tapered. Mine were set in backwards so the screws didnt line up with the boss in the fusalage. Also there were no wing bolts or nothing that was long enough included. I reset the wing bosses and found a couple long screws that were just a little fatter and longer. To avoid cracking the bosses I heated them with a torch and ******* them in, through both sets of bosses and the rear window. Looking inside the cabin you can see about 1/8 of screw. They ain't going nowhere. Most of the screws I ended up using were from other planes as the screws included were all too short or too thin. They also included an extra hardware bag for the verticle stab including the struts and springs for the 1100 version. Its up to you to figure out which set to use. So nice detail, a litttle teadious to assemble but overall she looks great. Im sure she'll run out like any other Cub. I'd but it again in a heartbeat. Love my Cubs. Thanks Motion RC.


QC, What's that?

I just built my Cub. It was just what the other reviewers said, kinda The tail braces were the wrong dive, along with the landing gear shock absorbing struts falling apart in my hands as I installed them, she's a pretty bird. I hope she behaves better than she built

Steve K.

Motion r c

Poor kit construction wing. Bolts did not line up,Aron prop for this model , broken engine cowling,first flight engine mounting came loose ,had reapoxy would not recommend this plane!!!!!


Motion RC

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Benjamin C.

Beautiful J-3 Cub

Very pleased with it.

Michael Kluck

Color match

I'm sorry to give more negatives, but... After working on the wings, one of which is badly warped, I pulled out the fuselage. Wow!... The glued in cabin area is some kind of olive drab yellow! Not even close to the rest of the plane! The engine cowling is off color too, yet at least, close. There are, also, glue finger prints on the left windows. I certainly hope it flies better than the asthetic workmanship. Doc

Michael Kluck


In 1963, I soloed in a J-3. It's nice to have one again, even if it is a model. I'm glad the 12als are not applied. I'm putting the N number of my solo J-3 on it. The scale qualities of this plane are very nice, however, the tail surfaces should not have ribbing. The wheels are, also, too small. I wish they could have made it without the dozens of mold sprue dimples. I'm going to match the paint and remove the dimples and tail ribbing. It also needs the wire fuel guage in front of the wind shield. I'm through nit picking...It's a beautiful plane. Doc


Great trainer plane

Great detail, Flies great but I found the stock motor to be underpowered. I replaced it with a 3536 1250kv motor, This plan was a total blast after that.


Nice Model

Scale details are very nice. First flights nosed over on landing on a grass field. One wheel does not rotate freely so I will **** that, but otherwise, an option for oversized wheels would probably help those of us limited to grass only. A little tough to put together, but nothing insurmountable, flies nicely and looks very good.

Larry Bennett

Easy assembly, quality fit and finish

Purchased this from another dealer. Glad to see that Motion Rc is carrying this aircraft as the other dealer was limited on parts. Assembly was easy, fit and finish were great. Only issue is the plastic landing gear. I broke the first set trying to slide the metal portion into the slots on the fuselage. Little better gear construction would be nice!