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Dynamite 10 Amp 6 Cell (6S) AC/DC Touch Screen LiPo Battery Charger

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Dynamite Passport Ultra 100W AC/DC Touch Screen 6 Cell (6S) LiPo Charger - DYNC3000

The Passport Ultra charger is an easy to use touchscreen charger with a built in power supply, 5 year warranty, and the ability to balace charge 1S to 6S LiPo batteries at a rate up to 10 amps. This charger includes everything you need such as charge leads for batteries with EC3 or T-connectors. Charge leads are interchangeable and any standard charge lead will fit (see spare parts tab). This charger can be powered from a standard wall outlet using the included AC power cord or it can be run from a 12V battery at the field using the optional DC power cord. In addition to LiPo batteries this charger can charge NiMH, LiFe, LiIon, NiCd, and Pb. The Passport Ultra will allow you to spend less time charging and more time enjoying the hobby.


  • 100W powerful charging and 20 Battery Memory
  • 0.1 to 10 amps for quick recharging
  • Chargers LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/NiMH/NiCd and Pb
  • 1-6S LiPo Balancing
  • 2.1A USB port for charging smart/mobile devices
  • TFT Color Touch Screen, 400 x 240 Pixel
  • EC3 and T connector charge leads - others optional
  • Ptotection from Short-circuit, over-current, reverse polarity, low input voltage, over-temperature
  • Comes with extended 5 year warranty


  • 10A AC/DC touchscreen charger with built in power supply
  • JST/XH Balance board
  • AC power cord
  • Banana to T-connector (male) insulated charge adapter
  • Balana to EC3 insulated charge adapter
  • Charge lead with receiver connector

Product Specifications:


175mm / 6.89in


222mm / 8.74in


75mm / 2.95in

AC Input Voltage


DC Input Voltage


Max Continuous Discharge Rate

0.1–5.0A / 10W Max

Battery Type

LiPo, Pb, LiIon, NiMH, LiFe, NiCd

Charge Rate0.1–10.0A / 100W

Input Connector

AC cord, detachable, North American plug, DC cord, detachable, alligator clips

Output Connector

Banana Plug (EC3 and T connector charge leads included - others optional)

Battery Balance ConnectorJST_XH

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