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E-flite Convergence VTOL BNF Basic 650mm (25.6") Wingspan - BNF

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25.6" Wingspan E-flite Convergence VTOL BNF Basic - Bind-N-Fly - (BNF) - EFL11050

The Fly Guys at Motion RC are salivating over this new offering from E-flite.  A VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) RC aircraft at a reasonable price point.  This is our first VTOL offering and we think it looks like an absolute blast and can't wait to get our hands on it!

The intel we have so far on the E-flite Convergence VTOL is that it is extremely easy to fly thanks to the exclusive flight control software.  It is quite speedy at 75mph in forward flight mode.  Takeoffs and landings do need to be in VTOL mode due to the large size of the nacelle propellers which could break in belly landings.  Metal gear servos were added for the nacelles which is a nice touch and appropriate in our opinion.   This BNF version comes with a Spektrum receiver and can be bound to any any full-range, 6+ channel DSMX® aircraft transmitter.

The Convergence VTOL requires a 3 Cell 11.1V 2200 - 3000 mAh LiPo battery and flight times can last up to 8 minutes.  This VTOL comes with a huge fun factor and will create an exciting ride for any intermediate to advanced pilot.  Get ready for something unique and thrilling to add to your hangar and be the talk of your flying club!

  Visit the Official E-flite Convergence VTOL Discussion Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.


  • Multirotor versatility and sport plane agility
  • Designed by champion pilot, Mike McConville
  • Exclusive flight control software makes it incredibly easy to fly
  • Stability and Acro Modes provide a wide performance envelope
  • Powerful brushless motors for outstanding speed and climb performance
  • Super-simple transmitter setup - no complex programming required
  • FPV-ready with camera and video transmitter mounting stations
  • Durable Z-foam™ material


  • E-flite Convergence VTOL BNF Basic 650mm (25.6") Wingspan - BNF
  • Spektrum DSMX® 2.4GHz receiver


  • 6 Channel Spektrum Compatible Radio - Select a minimum 6 channel Spektrum compatible radio from our Radio Collection
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 2200 - 3000 mAh LiPo Battery - We recommend the 3S 2600 mAh LiPo Battery
  • 3 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 3 cell (3S) charger from our Charger Collection


  • Spektrum FPV Camera - SPMVC650
  • Spektrum 25mw 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter with Raceband 

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : intermediate


650mm / 25.6in


680mm / 26.9in

Flying Weight

Around 771g (1.7 lbs)

Wing Area 291 sq in (1883 sq cm)
CG (Center Of Gravity) N/A

Power System

2210-1450Kv Main, 2730 - 1550Kv tail Brushless Outrunner Motors

Speed Control


Propeller / EDF



metal gear

Landing Gear


Required Battery

3 Cell 11.1V 2200mAh - 3000mAh LiPo with EC3 connector

Required Radio

Full-range, 6+ channel DSMX® aircraft transmitter









Hinge Type




Skill Level Intermediate
Build Time 1 hour
Recommended Environment Outdoors
Flight Time About 6-8 Minutes

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Tsinaki M.
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Convergence VTOL BNF

Best reliable VTOL on the Market. Flight time on a 3s 2200mah about 5-6 minutes. I don't recommend no higher battery than a 3s 2600mah, this will give a good safe 7-8 minute flight time. Great for my FPV flying and racing around a park. This baby loves a Big wide open park, will get up to speed like a rocket. I recommend her smaller version for flying at smaller parks. I am a Motion RC Customer for Life.

Tsinaki Medicinecrow verified customer review of E-flite Convergence VTOL BNF Basic 650mm (25.6) Wingspan - BNFTsinaki Medicinecrow verified customer review of E-flite Convergence VTOL BNF Basic 650mm (25.6) Wingspan - BNF
Ryan J.
St. Louis, MO
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Not a Plane, Not a Drone, It's a Gimmick!

One thing I want to get up front; the BNF version of this plane WILL NOT WORK with DSM2 radios, regardless of what the webpage said. After many hours of frustration and a call to Motion RC, they passed me to Horizon, who confirmed the BNF will ONLY work with DSMX radios. They said it was a mistake in the literature they sent out to the dealers. I see that Motion RC has now corrected that on their webpage. Horizon sent me a receiver and a set of jumpers to turn my BNF into a PNP, but they must have sent it Pony Express, because it took over a week to get to me. Then the problems really began. I hover-tested the Convergence in my backyard in VTOL Stability mode and I was doing figure-8s around the trees on my first battery. With unjustified confidence and a fresh battery I took the bird to the field, took off, transitioned, did some mild aerobatics. I was not overly impressed. Being warned about the Convergence's battery consumption, I began lining up my transition to land as soon as I hit 3 minutes flight time. On the far end of the field, it went into low-voltage auto transition, and had nowhere near enough juice to make a controlled VTOL landing. Styrofoam snowstorm. When I checked the battery afterwards, it still had 40% charge left on it. At this point I don't know whether the airframe is salvageable, so there may not be a second flight. For the record, this was my 8th plane, or 4th helicopter/drone, however you want to count, so I don't think lack of experience was a factor. I think the Convergence is another one of those "Ooo, I got to have it" gimmicks that looks great in the marketing videos but not so hot at the field. Even if mine does fly again, I doubt it will ever be one of my favorites.

Very fun

This is a nice little plane, I really enjoy it quite a bit. It's still a plane with wings and will behave accordingly so keep that in mind when you transition to MR mode. Take off, land and transition into the wind. When landing with a strong wind, I like to transition ahead of where I intend to land and let the wind push me back as I give a little pitch and control the yaw and roll, keep a nice slow descend and you'll be fine. In air plane mode it flies superb, it's fast for its size and can dot out you quickly. Stabilization works great and will handle wind that most planes this size will not.

Mitch S.
Great Flyer!

The instructions for your transmitter are easy and flying is super fun! It's really fast! My only complaints are that transition takes a while (like 5 secs) and you can't control it until it's in full plane mode, also for me the battery connector is difficult to fit because I need the battery all the way at that back. But those are minor complaints. All around I give it 4 stars!

Ralph H.
What a rush!

I have come back to RC flying after giving up the hobby 27 years ago. This is not my first RC since returning but it is the one that gives me the most thrill. I have spent considerable time learning how to hover and landing the craft and suggest that everyone take the time to learn this skill. In fact, I bought a cheap quad copter that I could fly in my backyard to help me get use to hovering and maneuvering while in hover. While in the hover mode using stabilizer on the Convergence is a must, at least for me. I generally rise to about 50 feet and then transition to forward flight. As soon as the transition is done, I turn off the stabilizer just because it will not allow for very steep turns and the craft can get a few hundred feet away in a hurry. As I level out on final for landing, I reengage the stabilizer for the transition to hover and settle in for landing. For a new experience in RC, I highly recommend this aircraft.

Steve D.
Great Plane

Fast shipping, great job Motion RC. This plane is fun to fly, so far I have 6 flight and everything is still one pice.

Ron B.
Great product But make it bigger!

It arrived perfect went togather quick. Programming was straightforward for dx9 Flys superb. Only one should be 3 times the size it is now! Transition from hover to acro mode takes about 2 1/2 to 3 seconds it get pretty far away a better presentation in the sky would be great. Other then that love it. But make a SUPER SIZE ONE!

Get the right transmitter

As usual motion rc did a great job in shipping. I received my craft in great condition with the extra stuff I ordered. I went through the manual and looked at other reviews everything seemed simple enough. Putting in the stabilizers and props took just a couple minutes. I use a dx6i and this is where my headaches began. Binding took so time because I was a little slow in figuring out that the receiver is under the plane where the fpv camera goes and not on top where battery sits...that's the flight controller. Once you understand that binding is basically the same procedure you know. Next you need to program your radio...the type of programming required for dx6i is not in the manual and is not as straight forward as the more advanced radios. I found a video and tried it. So far it seems to be correct. I have not flow yet because I want to check over properly before I attempt to take to the air. I will give an update after I fly. This aircraft though seems awesome.

Kazuo K.
First time VTOL

Be careful in stable mode because it is easily drifted by the wind. The first flight adjustment is good when windy and breeze. In the stable mode, if you keep on steering the rudder, you will need to get used to getting back to level, and the effectiveness of the rudder is considerably worse. Conversely, in the 3D mode, I hear the rudder very much, so I need to get used to it as well. First of all, after practicing hovering in 3D mode, it is easier to grasp feeling by switching to flight mode while raising altitude, leaving 3D mode.