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FMS 1400mm Sky Trainer Nose Gear Control Arm

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Nose Gear Control Arm for the FMS 1400mm Sky Trainer - MG312

This is the control arm for the version of the Sky trainer without shock absorbing front landing gear. FMS stopped making the Sky Trainer without shock absorbing landing gear well over a year ago and has now discontinued parts.

**NOTE** This part has been discontinued by FMS. The replacement is MG314. Click here for the new MG314.

**NOTE 2** Please be aware the new MG314 REQUIRES the use of the new motor board MG315 click here for MG315

**NOTE 3** When upgrading to MG314 and MG315, you must also upgrade to shock absorbing front landing gear. click here for red nose gear. Click here for blue nose gear. FMS no longer makes the GKEMY red and blue color schemes. This shock absorbing landing gear will not match the GKEMY perfectly but it is the only option.

FEATURE VIDEO: FMS 1400mm Skytrainer 182 Shock Absorbing Landing Gear Mod from Motion RC

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