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FMS 9g Digital Flap Servo

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9g Digital Servo for Flaps on various FMS and RocHobby Aircraft - FMMSER9SLP

Features extra slow speed for scale flap movement. The old part number for this servo was SU124

This servo is used for spoilers and/or flaps on the following FMS planes:

  • 1100mm HS-123
  • 1100mm Zero
  • 1400mm P-51D
  • 1400mm P-51B
  • 1400mm T-28
  • 1400mm F6F
  • 1400mm P-38
  • 1400mm Zero
  • 1400mm FW-190

This servo is used for flaps on the following RocHobby planes:

  • 1100mm Strega P-51D
  • 1100mm F2G Super Corsair
  • 1100mm Voodoo P-51D
  • 1100mm Critical Mass
  • 1030mm Beechcraft Staggerwing

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