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FMS 9g Servo

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FMS 9g Servo - FMMSER9GP

NOTE: FMS Sky Trainers purcahsed before 4/2015 will require the NEW size steering/rudder servo arm (MG196) when using this servo for rudder/steering.

This servo is used in many FMS planes

1400mm Sky Trainer for ailerons, elevator, and rudder

1400mm P-51 rudder and right inner fairing door

1400mm F4U Corsair V3 right front landing gear door

1400mm P-40, P-47, and Stuka rudder, ailerons, and flaps

1400mm B-25 Ailerons, elevator, and right landing gear door

1400mm T-28, F6F, and Zero rudder and ailerons

1400mm P-38 elevator, rudder, ailerons, and front landing gear door

1100mm PT-17, HS123, and F6F elevator, rudder, and ailerons

1400mm BF-109 rudder and ailerons (old servos were metal gear - new are not)

1400mm FW-190 ailerons

1220mm Super EZ V1

RocHobby F-16 V2

FMS F-35 V2

1400mm Stuka ailerons and rudder

64mm and 70mm EDF Jets for elevator and ailerons

1100mm Zero

1100mm FMS F6F

1100mm HS-123

1100mm PT-17

1280mm Easy Trainer

1500mm Moa and L-13 gliders

800mm Easy Trainer

1700mm P-47, and 1700mm F4U Corsair right main landing gear door and rear landing gear door.

1700mm P-51D right landing gear door and cooling exhaust

2300mm Fox glider ailerons, rudder, and elevator

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