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FMS BF-109F Brown 1400mm (55") Wingspan - PNP

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FMS 1400mm (55") Wingspan BF-109F Receiver Ready Warbird - Brown - FMS046

The FMS 1400mm BF-109F is finally available in the new brown color scheme. Our favorite feature on this plane is the unique "multi-stage" split flaps. This is in addition to servoless retracts, lights, and the usual FMS top quality construction. While the BF-109 is certainly enjoyable to look at on the ground, it is even more enjoyable to fly. The FMS BF109 has great vertical ability due to the larger motor and three blade prop. Flight manners are very good. The BF109 looks as unique in the air as it does on the ground.


  • Super Scale details
  • Realistic 13" Three Blade Propeller
  • Unique landing gear
  • High visibility LED navigation lights
  • Full functioning Multi-stage split flaps for quick takeoffs and smooth landings
  • Durable EPO Foam


  • 6 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 6 channel radio from our Radio Collection 
  • 6 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 6 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
  • 4 Cell 14.8V 3600 mAh Lipo Battery with EC3 connector - EPR36004E
  • 4 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 4 cell (4S) charger from our Charger Collection

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate
BUILD TIME : 2 Hours


1400mm / 55.2in


1300mm / 51.2in

Flying Weight


Power System

4250-Kv580 Brushless Motor

Speed Control

65A ESC, Internal 5A SBEC, EC3 Connector

Propeller / EDF

15x8 Three Blade Propeller


9g×6, 17gx1

Landing Gear

Servoless Electric Retracts

Required Battery

14.8V 2600-3000mAh 25C 4 cell LiPo

Required Radio

6 Channel









Hinge Type



EPO Foam

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Matt Miller
  • How would you rate the overall quality of the product? Very LowLowOkayGoodVery Good
  • How would you rate the value of the product for the money? Very LowLowOkayGoodVery Good
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Great, with some tweaks.

So the plane is great. It’s big, beautiful and unique. There are a couple things that need to be upgraded. First off, the pitch of the prop is not enough. The plane lumbers around. Maybe it’s just mine but I shimmed them and it flys fast now. The other thing is the landing gear. They are in desperate need of a rebuild. I have a few sets and I’m planning on adding shock absorbers to them. Other than that, great plane, catches eyes and is a breeze to fly. 4.5/5

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  • How would you rate the value of the product for the money? Very LowLowOkayGoodVery Good
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109 is long overdue for an update...can be so much better

Pros; * Flies very nice with Freewing gyro and 650KV motor upgrade. Beautiful looking in air and tracks well. Fun! Cons; * Getting outdated fast .... Mustang has V8...what about a 109 version update??? * Retracts are sloppy with too much play after just a few flights. No shock absorption transfers unwanted shock to retract, * Foam hinges * Cheap horns and plastic clevis's * No battery tray .... this is a major pain This plane is begging for an update. Update it to 1600mm Flightline Spitfire quality and you have a major winner IMO!

William M.
  • How would you rate the overall quality of the product? Very LowLowOkayGoodVery Good
  • How would you rate the value of the product for the money? Very LowLowOkayGoodVery Good
  • How difficult or easy is the product to assemble, use, or operate? Very DifficultDifficultAverageEasyVery Easy
  • How well does the product perform / function? Very WeakWeakOkayGoodVery Good

Hans-Joachim Marseille's Bf-109F

This plane is absolutely wonderful. I added a sound card and a gyro. I do however recent the fact that it did not come with Swastikas for the rudder and the nose decal, but never the less it is awesome. The flaps are completely awesome. Even the tail wheel retracts into the fuse lodge.


Good. Could Be So Much Better.

I adore the 109. This model is a beauty on the ground. Great 1/7 scale looks, nice detail, fun to weather. It holds a big 4s4000 battery and went together easily with no electronic defects from the factory. Flying is another story, though. I'm not a beginner pilot, and this 109 is currently on my bench in three pieces because of two words. Tip stall. It's ridiculous. Forget making any sort of turn or bank below 60% throttle, which means you'll need a really big flying field. I had three stalls out of five flights just doing basic flying maneuvers. One I recovered from, one ended in a tree for a few days and resulted in repair, and the last shattered the plane. I really appreciate the scale detail that FMS puts into their 109, but modifying the wingtips slightly to make a better flyer would not bother a large majority of potential customers. Also, the landing gear is accurate but silly. It needs shock absorbers and tougher components in the worst way. Be prepared to take apart and reassemble your gear after a few landings. The screws strip out as well, which is also tedious. If FMS would make those changes, I'd give this BF-109 ten stars out of five. Please FMS. Do it.

Michael K.


Not sure what the bad reviews are all about i guess some not all got a bad 109 aircraft from FMS mine arrived this afternoon I went over mine with a fine tooth comb. the motor is in the right place no adding washers on this one the kit over all is cherry. I also bought the Gyro to help out with take off and landings ,no it wont fly the plane for ya but it will help smooth out the problems Messerschmitt's are known for. So looking forward to the build and flying this beauty. Thanks Motion RC and FMS .

Brian G.

Only FMS plane I regret buying Do your self a favor and take a pass on this one

This plane has a couple of issues that make it a total waste of money. First and for most being the landing gear. The gear on the 109 is long. This plane has no shock absorption so any force in landing goes directly to the wire in the gear. The gear has a milled out spot about an inch and a quarter down. Its just inside the plastic fake shock part of the gear. The gear bends at this spot on all but the most perfect landings. Replacing it is an utter pain. They don't sell just the wire so you have to buy the over priced full wheel assembly. On top of that you may as well order the retract to because the cheap grub screws that hold it tend to strip and you will never get them out.


109 Lovers Rejoice!

The 109 is by far my favorite war bird of all time, so I'm partially biased. If you are considering this as a step up plane from a trainer or even as a first war bird, I'd reconsider. Hopefully it will save you from a disappointing experience. Like all planes this one has its quirks. If you know what you are getting into, and address those issues before the fateful maiden flight, odds are this bird will full fill your expectations and then some. I'd recommend reading through the RCgroups post regarding this plane. There is some great advice in that post which I've found very helpful. Link below: There is also a great build video on youtube that addresses some of the build quality problems you may find with this bird. To FMS's credit they have address many of the problems with the current version of this plane. Regardless, its helpful to be aware of the problems and validate that your plane is configured correctly. Onto the review: Build/Kit quality: This bird builds easily and all parts fit together as they should. The only issue I had (which was easy to fix) was the nose cone alignment to the front cowl. The angle was off. This is something many have found, and isn't really a big deal so long as you check it, and correct the angle. Other than that, everything aligned (Wings, elevator, Rudder) properly. Very little glue is needed in this build, and the glue that is needed is not structural. It's all for cosmetic purposes. It's not critical, but the flaps do not set flush to the wing. They sit around an 1/8 of an inch off the wing. I shaved the inner flaps so they set flush in the full up position. This modification is purely cosmetic and will not affect the flight performance if you choose not to do it. As mentioned in the Motion RC vid for this plane. You really need to Loctite the 8 small screws on the retracts. You WILL lose them if you don't. As far as kit quality. They plane is packed well, and I received all parts is excellent condition. I did notice both wings have a strange indention on the top of the wing right above the wheel wells. It's definitely a molding issue but nothing too obvious or game breaking. Since I plan to repaint the plane anyway, I'll use lightweight Spackle to fill the void. Flight Performance/appeal: I've been flying the new FMS 1400mm P40B alot this spring and summer, along with the 109. If I had to choose between these two birds, I'd grab the 109 all day long. Why? 1. Ground handling is a challenge, but so rewarding when you get that scale take off/landing. 2. The 109 can take off and land in grass that makes the P40 nose over 9 out of 10 times. While the P40 is easier to handle on smooth runways/short grass, I have no other options with that bird. With the 109, I can choose, un-managed grass or runway. 3. The 109 has awesome low speed stability. You can fly her like a rocket ship or float around. The P40 seems less stable at lower speeds. 4. The 109 floats in on landings, and seems to stay in ground effect for as long as you like. 5. It looks so **** majestic and menacing at the same time. 6. It's a draw at the flying field, and is usually met with greater appeal than the run of the mill P51's everyone else is flying. Mileage may vary. There is no doubt the 109 is a handful on the ground, but it more than makes up for it in the air. I fly the 109 with a gyro on the rudder channel only, which really helps calm down the P-factor. 4000mah 4S packs all the way forward, and she balances out perfect at 80mm gear down. Gear up she's a tad tail heavy, but that's how I like to fly anyway. No mixes, ballooning is a minimum if any at all when full flaps are deployed. I also fly with a castle SBEC instead of using the speed controls BEC. Overall I'm very pleased with the plane, and would highly recommend this bird to anyone who likes a bit of a challenge, and loves the 109. She will definitely help most folks with ground handling skills. Cheers and happy flying. Only bad thing I can say is I bought her for 319. Before the prices dropped to 299. Get em while their hot!

David C.

Poor quality components; disappointing

This review refers only to this FMS product. Motion RC has been great! I think they set the industry standard for customer service and I'm completely satisfied doing business with them. They are currently my vendor of choice. However, this is the first FMS product I've purchased and I'm disappointed. Out of the box the model had a dead flap servo which Motion RC quickly replaced by sending me 2 replacement servos. Thank you, Motion RC! If you do have a dead flap servo you'll want to replace both flap servos at the same time because they'll need to have matched turn rates and ranges so they'll operate correctly on a Y-harness. The ones that came installed in the model don't match the new ones that Motion RC sent me. Even if they did match I suspect the second original flap servo is dying because it jitters constantly even when not under a load. There were significant flap linkage geometry issues that I was able to correct. The flaps are also warped due to inaccurately installed flap hinges. They'll need to be removed, corrected, and reinforced with a thin carbon fiber strip to stiffen the flaps. It's really an interesting design, but the foam flaps just aren't stiff enough on their own. Today, on my second trip to the field with this bird, one of the main gear actuators failed in the up position. I've only cycled the gear about a dozen times since assembly so I'm disappointed at the early failure. Thankfully it failed during a ground test and not in flight. So, with only 3 flights on this plane I've already had 3 failed components; not a good start. I own models from several other manufacturers and have never had this kind of experience. I'm determined to get this model flying, but I'll think twice about purchasing another FMS product.

Colvin S.

FMS BF 109

Motion RC on the quick response again...Super Corsair purchased a while back is super fast, love that plane...but just purchased FMC BF 109...delivered within a week, had bad flap servo...replaced by Motion within days...flying it with Eagle Gyro (cheapest one)...I'm blowing minds at Lagoon Valley AMA field...great flying scale and tracking all the P-51's...they love the intimidation!!!...gyro helps this old man land smoothly each time!

Colvin S. verified customer review of FMS BF-109F Brown 1400mm (55) Wingspan - PNP