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FMS Designed Rotating E-Retract Set for 1700mm Corsair

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FMS designed rotating retract set for the FMS 1700mm F4U Corsair - FMMRE005

This is a set of retracts (includes right and left) for the 1700mm Corsair. This set has complete metal trunnions, metal jack screw, metal stops on either side of the retract, and a thick and rugged plastic housing. These will not collapse. The micro switch is under the jack screw and trunnion as opposed to the old design where a hard landing could break the micro switch. This design includes channels to stop the trunnion from moving so it physically cannot collapse during a hard landing. These retracts also operate at 1/2 the speed of the prior version so they open and close at a much more scale speed (about 6 seconds to open, 6 seconds to close). This is a perfect rotating retract for planes up to 10 pounds and OEM on FMS 1700mm Corsair sold during or after 5/2014

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: If you are replacing older PZ retracts with these retracts (planes sold before 5/2014), please note these retracts open and close at half the speed of the PZ retracts so they require this 6 second sequencer (click here)

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