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FMS Edge 540 V3 3D Aerobatic Airplane 1320mm (52") Wingspan - PNP

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FMS 1300mm Edge 540 V3 3D Aerobatic Receiver Ready (PNP) - FMS066

FMS modeled this plane after the Edge 540 V3. FMS certainly did not compromise on the quality of this plane. Electronics are top of the line. The Edge 540 has the new "gold" motor, 60A ESC, and 17g digital metal gear servos all around. There is plenty of room for a large 4 cell battery and the magnetic hatches for the battery compartment and receiver compartment are plenty strong.

FMS Edge 540 flight review from Motion RC

We at Motion RC have about 100 flights on our test plane and find the flight characteristics absolutely amazing. Here is our take on the 3D ability of this plane. We were able to perform all 3D maneuvers without problem. This includes a hover, inverted, knife edge, 4 point turn, immelman, harrier, flat Spin, inverted flat spin, etc. Knife edge is predictable with a bit over 100% rudder throw, no coupling. Ventral pushover is good, no significant resistance. The Edge 540 assumes hover without snapping. It will settle into a hover with plenty of rudder to still move laterally across the field if desired. The ailerons have plenty of throw to roll while in a hover. Slow flight is respectable. We were able to easily land at only 5 mph. There is plenty of power to climb out without any wag from the tail. A roll to inverted flight is axial without dropping nose and inverted pushover doesn't rock the wings. The Motion pilots found an inverted snap roll to inverted flat spin is crisp but a little difficult to maintain if aileron expo is too high. We were able to perform a fast snap roll at 40 mph without any problems. Slow rolls are acceptable with minimal aileron expo. Circle course and figure 8 patterns are possible. Quick pinwheels in a wide circle are easy to maintain. The prop and motor are matched well to the model's AUW, and the Edge 540 flies well on the recommended Admiral 4S 2500 battery pushed all the way forward. The battery bay is huge and can easily fit up to a 3600 4S battery but tail weight would be required which could significantly impact the 3D ability of this plane. Overall the Motion RC pilots loved this plane, 

FMS Edge 540 build review from Motion RC

The build of this plane was easy and very straight forward. All surfaces held together firmly and all screws aligned with their threaded surfaces. The plastic to plastic joints were perfect and the carbon wing spar fits perfectly into its sleeve. The wing mounts overlap which makes the design very strong. The wheels are decently sized but we think customers will need to remove the wheel pants for anything but the most groomed grass fields; our test flights were all off of a paved runway. The rudder uses 3 nylon hinges for extra strength. All 17g servos are digital metal gear. These are the highest quality servos we have seen on any PNP plane to date. All servos are mounted in a pocket using a cover with screws to hold the cover in place. This allows for easy servo swaps, servo horn changes, etc. The ESC is very easy to access and it has more than adequate cooling. All the servo connectors are clearly labelled and securely fastened. The motor is advertised as 760Kv and we tested it at 754Kv; well within the margin of error. We put the spinner and propeller on a balancer and found the props are balanced very well. If you need to replace one blade, Motion RC recommends replacing them all since FMS balances the entire set of props in a single bag. We found the decals and paint to be perfect and the blue paint to be very durable. This plane should look good for a long time.

History of the full size aircraft

The full size Edge 540 was designed n 1992. It is a highly aerobatic aircraft capable of rolling more than once per second. The current Edge 540 is the V3, a lighter and more aerodynamic plane which allows the CG to be customized to individual pilots. The Edge 540 is the most common aircraft in the Red Bull Air Race World Series and for good reason - it wins over and over. People confuse the Edge 540 with MX Aicraft's MXS and MXS-R. While they do look similar, they are different planes. The full size Edge 540 costs roughly $500,000 - which makes the RC version a bargain.

Tech Note: The spinner for this model is now chrome.


  • New lightweight more durable EPO foam
  • All servos are 17g digital metal gear
  • Large, scale control surfaces for advanced 3D and aerobatic flight
  • 60A ESC and Powerful 3948-760Kv Motor
  • 4mm metal landing gear
  • Multiple spars are molded into the main wing and horizontal stab for extra rigidity
  • Additional beefy carbon spars are inserted in the wing and stab during installation
  • Quality hinges
  • Pinned rudder hinges for better durability and performance


  • 4-6 Channel Radio - Click Here for recommendations
  • 4-6 Channel Receiver - Click Here for recommendations
  • 4 Cell 14.8V 2500 mAh Lipo Battery with EC3 connector - EPR25004E
  • Lipo Battery Charger - Click Here for recommendations

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate


1320mm / 52in


1270mm / 50in

Flying Weight

1680g / 59.26oz

Power System

3948-Kv760 Brushless Motor

Speed Control

60A ESC, Internal 3A SBEC, EC3 Connector

Propeller / EDF

13x5 3 Blade Scale Propeller


17gx4 digital metal gear

Landing Gear


Required Battery

14.8V 2500-2600mAh 25C 4 cell LiPo with EC3 connector

Required Radio

4 Channel









Hinge Type

Some foam, some nylon


EPO Foam

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