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FMS F18 Grey 64mm EDF Jet V2 - PNP

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FMS 64mm EDF F-18 Fighter V2 in Grey Color Scheme - Receiver Ready (PNP) - FMS009GREY

This is a brand new updated version of the FMS F-18 Hornet. For starters, the F-18 is now made of strong EPO foam as opposed to the EPS foam used in prior models. The motor was upgraded to a larger 2627-5100Kv power plant and the ESC was upgraded from a 35A to a 50A. The battery bay has been expanded to accommodate a larger 3S 2200mAh LiPo battery. All these improvements make this version significantly more advanced than the prior model, so we have designated it as version 2 (V2). Landing gear is easily removable so this can be hand launched and belly landed. It you want the most speed like the guys at Motion RC, we recommend you remove the under wing missiles, drop tanks, and landing gear. If you are more of a scale flyer, the F18 flies just fine with the missiles in place albeit a little slower. While this is a 4 channel plane, the rudder channel is for steering only - there is no functional rudder. The Motion RC pilots recommend flying the plane using 5 channels - we separate the elevator into two channels so we can subtrim the elevator halves for perfect control. This vastly improved EDF is a pleasure to fly and demonstrates very stable flight behavior.


  • New, more powerful 2627-5100kV motor
  • New 50A ESC
  • Now made from durable EPO foam
  • Super scale details including independent horizontal stabs
  • Steerable nose gear for easy taxi, take off, and landing
  • Detailed wing surfaces and decals
  • Motor, ESC, and servos come preinstalled for quick assembly
  • Can perform ground takeoffs or hand launches


  • 4 Channel Radio - Click Here for recommendations
  • 4 Channel Receiver - Click Here for recommendations
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 2200 mAh Lipo Battery - EPR22003
  • Lipo Battery Charger - Click Here for recommendations

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate


710mm / 28in


960mm / 37.8in

Flying Weight


Power System

2627-5100Kv Brushless Motor

Speed Control

50A ESC, T Connector

Propeller / EDF

64mm EDF


9g x 5

Landing Gear

Fixed main gear, steerable nose gear

Required Battery

11.1V 2200mAh 3 cell 30C LiPo

Required Radio

4 Channel









Hinge Type



EPO Foam

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Keith S.
Center of Gravity Problem

I received mine as a gift and it went together well, but the plane is VERY nose heavy with either an 1800 mah or 2200 mah battery at the specified 88mm distance from the wing root. There is no room to move the batter back to help correct this condition. I can't fly it until I resolve the issue and hate to add the significant weight it would take to bring it into balance. I see others have had the same problem. Suggestions welcome.

Not bad but needs some adjustment.

This model assembles easily and is pretty sturdy considering the problem I had during the first few flights. The manufacturers specified cg of 88mm was way off. My first and second flights resulted in the jet flopping around the sky nose straight up then straight down with very little control. This was using a 2200 mah 3 cell, 30c discharge rate battery, hand launched level with a nice firm push in winds of 5mph. I was fortunate to land by hovering it nose up gently to the ground. No fun at all. My third flight resulted in an immediate left roll into the ground, ripping off the left wing and stabilizer. After gluing it back together, I set the battery to balance out at 76mm. My next three flights using the same 2200 mah eflite batteries, hand launched at a 30 degree angle in 9mph winds resulted in trouble free fun with well controlled landings and a few tricks as well. Two clicks of up trim were all that were needed. The 2200mah batteries provided 2.5 minutes of flight time at mostly full throttle. Only after resolving the cg issue would I recommend this jet. I was ready to give up on it and bought a PNP Stinger in the event of another failure after moving the cg to 76mm. Turned out the new jet was not necessary but now I have another aircraft to add to my collection. I view that as a happy ending. Note: My low rate DR setup on a Spectrum DX6i was 50% travel on ailerons with 30% expo and elevator at 50% travel with 60% expo. Even on these settings, the elevators were very sensitive but manageable. I won't be using high rates on this jet for quite some time.

Lots of small problems

I purchased this jet, and I discovered that the fan was not seated properly in the duct, so I had to sand down part of the duct to make room for the blades to spin without hitting it. I also noticed that the 12al has the spelling "vugilantes" on it, which is...uh... a huge spelling error. it's supposed to be vigilantes, which means vigilant. Vugilantes doesn't mean anything. I've found 2 big problems with it, and I haven't even taken it up to fly, yet.

Absolutely Awesome 64mm EDF!

I currently have two of these and just purchased a third from MRC. This jet is GREAT stock, plenty of power, nice pitch and roll authority and all around good flyer. I own one that is completely stock and one that is HIGHLY modified and pretty much an airframe overhaul ( inboard trailing edge Flaps, outboard Ailerons, FULL elevator instead of the partial ones and retracts[yes, RETRACTS!]). I fly my smaller jets on a nice newly built field on our base during the week and larger aircraft(90mm+) at a Club field on the weekends, so I needed something that was not TOO big and could make a great daily flyer. If you fly this aircraft slick wing (No pylons/weapons) she's nice, fast and very smooth. Very easy to put together. I suggest using 30-min two part epoxy for the wings and make sure you sand the contacting surfaces for a good, snug fit as mine had been painted over. Very well packed, didn't have a single scratch on it. She's a pretty tough cookie. I'm in the Navy and work on F/A-18C's and tried to use my working knowledge of the aircraft to do some changes and another great thing about this aircraft is that if at some point later on you do 12ide to mod it, it's very simple to do so! Since I work at a Base full of F18's, when I go and pull these out to fly-I always get a good response from people and fellow R/C buds! The only complaints I really have is the nosecone, it looks great when installed but as far as it being VERY thin, you really had to mindful of accidentally bumping it on the ground or into anything else. Also, The battery placement. Mine kind of fits in a little tight since my RX is right under it. moving it too much will shift the CG a bit giving you some pretty heavy nose down. Overall, a good "meat and potatoes" , Must have EDF jet suitable for EDF fans all around!

F-18 Review

2nd order from MRC and it was another great experiance (ordering, packageing, shipping, and delivery). Construction was easy, the glue provided set up within the specified time. The only issue I had were the 12als bubbed, or peeling off out of the box.

F18 fms

This f18 is bad *** fast and very we'll made I love the looks and build was easy like most fms edfs. I enjoy it and fly all the time with other planes I got. Guys will not disappoint get this

michael r.
first EDF jet!

quick shipping- first time ordering from motion. opened box and ever thing was present and in good order. took about 2 hrs to assemble and dry used provided glue with no problems. I used 3S 1800 MAH 30C lipo and the CG was pretty dead on out of the box. On my first flight i gave it about 4 clicks up on the elevator and 5-6 on the aileron and she flew straight and steady at half throttle in no wind. Got about 4-4 1/2 minutes but was just doing big circles at half throttle to get a feel for the plane that might drop a little as I get braver. very pleased with how it looks and flies I'll enjoy this one for a while thanks Motion!!!

Good One

Flew mine(Updated Version) for the first time today. It flew great and had good power and speed. It was very stable in flight after I got it trimmed out. It trimmed out with the elevators a little above neutral using a 2200 3s. I gave it four stars because the build was not so great from the factory. Both of the aileron servos were glued in somewhat cockeyed and needed reset. An aileron hinge was not centered. The other aileron came slightly warped and there is a bad hinge alignment on one of the horizontal stabilizers. Lastly there is not security for the battery position like some models have. Right now mine is rigged with adhesive Velcro and that seems to do the trick. Room for battery compartment is just right but you need to lift the wires before installing the battery. I did not use the enclosed glue but instead used 5 minute epoxy. If you get one go through it carefully, take your time and you should have a good flying jet. Very stable, lands nice. On my third landing today I set it lightly on the mains and it rolled out before the nose gear came down pleasing me and the onlookers. Can't wait to fly it again.

Fun jet!

Flys well, once you have the CG set! The CG that worked for me is right at the back end of two small rectangular cutouts at the top of the fuselage/wing...about 65mm from the front of the main wing. The supplied glue worked well. I did not mount the drop tanks or large missiles under the wings; just the wingtip missiles. Flys about 4 min on a 2200 3S (25-45C). Flipped on a couple of landings...but very little damage..holds up well. After a few tries the landings are much better:) I plan to try a different EDF unit, with 4S. Ingested a small pebble after several flights; fan blades toast. I used 50% exponential on the elevator. Wires too short to put receiver in nose, but fit on top of battery after battery in. Not for a first time for intermediate to advanced!! Have not tried to hand launch it..only did take offs with wheels. Take off roll about 50 to 60 feet in light wind.