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FMS Gear Door Sequencer - 6 Second

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6 Second Landing Gear Door Sequencer - FMMSEQ6S

This FMS sequencer has a 6 second delay until the landing gear doors close. The gear doors stay open after the landing gear is down. This is the proper sequencer for FMS 1400mm F4U Corsair sold after 3/2014 and 1700mm FMS P-47 sold from Motion RC after September 2013 with FMS designed retracts. If your 1700mm P-47 has PZ retracts, the 3 second sequencer is what you need.


  • 1400mm FMS F4U Corsair sold at Motion RC after 3/2014
  • 1700mm FMS P-47D sold at Motion RC after 9/2013
  • older FMS 1700mm P-47 with customer upgraded FMS designed retracts

Background: The FMS designed retracts close at a slower (more scale) speed as compared to the old PZ retract. If you use the 3 second sequencer with the new slower speed FMS designed retracts, the doors will close on the gear. This 6 second sequencer solves this problem and operates at a much more scale speed.

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