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FMS Gear Door Sequencer for P-51 - 3 Second

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3 Second Landing Gear Door Sequencer for FMS P-51

NOTE: The photo above shows the OLD sequencer. We will update the photo soon.

This FMS Sequencer is P-51 specific. This sequencer has a 3 second delay until the landing gear doors close. The gear doors close again after the landing gear is down. This is the proper sequencer for 1400mm P-51D V7 and V7.5 with stock retracts.

Compatibility: 1400mm FMS P-51D V7, V7.5, and 1400mm P-51B with stock retracts. 1700mm P-51D sold from Motion RC before June 2013 will need this sequencer.

Background: Many customers talked to the guys at Motion RC about ripping the gear doors off the P-51 with a hard grass landing. As you know the struts compress which can make the open gear doors get caught in long grass and in turn the grass rips them off the plane. Enter two new P-51 specific sequencers. These new sequencers will close the gear doors after the gear is down. While this is scale, it will also keep the gear doors attached to the plane for the guys who fly from excessively long grass. There are two flavors of this new P-51 sequencer available at Motion. There is a 3 second version which will work with any 1400mm FMS P-51D V7 , 1400mm P-51D V7.5, or 1400mm P-51B plane with the stock retracts. There is a 6 second version for those who decide to upgrade their 1400mm planes with the new optional FMS designed retracts.

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