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FMS Gear Door Sequencer for P-51 - 6 Second

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6 Second Landing Gear Door Sequencer for FMS P-51 - FMMSEQ6SP51

This FMS Sequencer is P-51 specific. This sequencer has a 6 second delay until the landing gear doors close. The gear doors close again after the landing gear is down. This is the proper sequencer for FMS P-51 with FMS designed retracts.

Compatibility: 1400mm FMS P-51D V7, V7.5, and 1400mm P-51B with customer upgraded FMS designed retracts. 1700mm P-51D sold from Motion RC after July 2013 will need this sequencer.

Background: FMS designed retracts are standard on 1700mm P-51D sold from Motion RC after July 2013. They are optional for the 1400mm P-51 V7 and V7.5 planes. The FMS designed retracts close at a slower (more scale) speed as compared to the retracts included with the 1400mm P-51 V7 and V7.5. When the landing gear is put up, the stock sequencer in the 1400mm P-51D V7, V7.5, and P-51B closes the doors after 3 seconds. If you use the 3 second sequencer with the new optional FMS designed retracts, the doors will close on the gear. This 6 second sequencer solves this problem.

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