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FMS X Motor Mount

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Motor Mount SJ118 for FMS and RocHobby planes - FMMDJ009

This motor mount is for the following FMS and RocHobby planes:

  • 980mm FMS P-47
  • 980mm FMS P-40B
  • 980mm FMS Ki-61 "Tony"
  • 980mm RocHobby P-39 Cobra II
  • 1100mm FMS PT-17
  • 1100mm FMS HS123
  • 1100mm FMS Zero
  • 1100mm FMS F3A
  • 1100mm RocHobby Staggerwing
  • 1100mm RocHobby Waco
  • 1100mm RocHobby Critical Mass
  • 1100mm RocHobby Corsair F2G
  • 1100mm RocHobby Strega
  • 1100mm RocHobby Voodoo
  • 1220mm FMS Super EZ V1/V2

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