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FMS Multi Port Connector

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FMS Multi Port Connector - FMMCON001

This is the new FMS multi port connector that goes in the following FMS planes:

  • FMS 1400mm F4U Corsair V3 Blue
  • FMS 1400mm P-51B Dallas Darling
  • FMS 1400mm P-51B Shangri La
  • FMS 1400mm P-51D Big Beautiful Doll
  • FMS 1400mm P-51D Petie
  • FMS 1400mm P-51D Red Tail
  • FMS 1400mm T-28 Red
  • FMS 1700mm F4U Corsair V2
  • FMS 1700mm P-51D Ferocious Frankie
  • FMS 1700mm P-51D Red Tail

 Tech Note:  Please click the image thumbnail below for a detailed schematic for the wiring instructions.

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