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FMS P-47D Razorback 1500mm (59") Wingspan - PNP

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59" wingspan FMS P-47D Razorback Plug-N-Play - (PNP) - FMM089P

At Motion RC we are well aware of how long customers have been clamoring for a decently sized P-47 Razorback.  We are pleased to announce that FMS has developed this fantastic P-47 Razorback with a nearly 60" wingspan!   Based on the "Bonnie" livery, this P-47D-23-RA was flown by Major Bill Dunham in the 460th Fighter Squadron, 348th Fighter Group early 1945 in Tacloban, Leyte and the Philippines.

Complete with newly designed electric retracts for the mains and tailwheel, flaps, rocket and gun sets, oil tank, and loads of scale features, this is one P-47D Razorback that won't fail to impress at your flying field. Not only did FMS design a new set of retracts for this plane but they've also designed a new ESC and motor. This is all topped off with shock absorbing oleo struts in the scale landing gear.

  Visit the Official FMS P-47D Razorback Discussion Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.


  • Attractive "Bonnie" livery flown by Major Bill Dunham
  • Complete electric retract system including tailwheel
  • Shock absorbing oleo struts
  • Flaps for slower landings and shorter takeoffs
  • Made of durable and easy to repair EPO foam
  • Comes with oil tank, rocket and gun sets for an imposing presence
  • LED navigation light package for those dawn and dusk sorties
  • Loaded with scale details including cowl flaps, pitot tube and exhaust piping


  • FMS P-47D Razorback 1500mm (59") Wingspan - PNP


  • 6 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 6 channel radio from our Radio Collection 
  • 6 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 6 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
  • 6 Cell 22.2V 50C 5000mAh Li-Po battery with EC5 connector - EPR50006
  • 6 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 6 cell (6S) charger from our Charger Collection

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : intermediate
BUILD TIME : 2 hours


1500mm / 59.0in



Flying Weight

Around 3700g

Wing Load 92.5/dm² (0.21oz/in²)
Wing Area 40/dm² (620sq. in)
CG (Center Of Gravity) 90-95mm From the Leading Edge

Power System

4258-KV460 Brushless Outrunner Motor

Speed Control

70A Brushless with EC5 connector

Propeller / EDF

14x8 4 Blade Propeller


3x 9g digital metal gear (positive and reverse)
6x 17g digital metal gear

Landing Gear

Retractable landing gear including tailwheel

Required Battery

6 Cell 22.2V 5000mAh LiPo with EC5 connector

Required Radio

6 Channel radio









Hinge Type

Coming soon


EPO Foam

Skill Level Intermediate
Build Time 1 hour
Recommended Environment Outdoors
Flight Time About 5-6 Minutes

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Kenneth S.

Disappointing Quality Control and Warranty Service from Horizon Hobby

This is my first FMS aircraft. I have always loved the P-47 for its ruggedness, horsepower, and firepower. I especially like the early razorback models, as the air museum near me has one of the few flyable razorbacks in the world and I am lucky enough to see it fly at least once a year. At any rate, it took me a while to pull the trigger on this purchase because of the price point, as well as the fact that I'd need to step up from my typical 3s and 4s setups to 6s, which is a substantial cost. At any rate, I finally purchased the aircraft and eagerly anticipated its arrival. During transit, I did all the research I could, including reading the entire thread for this product on the Hobby Squawk forum. I noted only a few seemingly minor complaints, and everything indicated that this would be an excellent aircraft. Upon initial unboxing, I noticed that other reviewers are correct -- the foam is incredibly soft. Whereas the foam on the FlightLineRC F7F is rigid and dense, the foam on this aircraft feels soft and spongy and one must exercise the utmost in caution handling the aircraft. I thought "Ok, that's fine. I'm aware of that small issue, I'll just handle the airplane accordingly." After removing the fuselage, however, I noticed that the glue holding the ESC mount to the inside of the fuselage had failed, and the ESC had completely detached itself from the motor wires and was flopping around loose in the fuselage. A bit frustrating, but about a half-hour later, I had the ESC glued in and the motor rotating in the proper direction. The build was simple and straightforward, although I tend to spend 4-6 hours assembling an aircraft like this, giving each component a very thorough inspection and taking ample time to set up the aircraft perfectly - got the CG set up dead on 93mm, and set up the throws and servo travel perfectly, except for the rudder, which will not achieve the high rate throws even with the pushrod in the outer servo arm hole and in the inner control arm hole as well as the servo travel maxed out in my DX8. Seems the servo arm is too short for this. Incidentally, for those curious, I am using a Spektrum AR8010T 8ch telemetry receiver with flight pack voltage telemetry, which I find more informative than a flight timer. I also have the A3 gyro installed to help smooth the aircraft out in choppy conditions, and also for a last ditch "panic" recovery, although thankfully I have never had to use that safety net on any of my aircraft so equipped. On to the maiden flight: conditions were not ideal, as I had about a 10mph variable wind gusting to 15-20mph, but luckily I had access to a dead-end paved road that pointed straight into the wind. Cognizant of the large, heavy propeller, I throttled up slowly with half flaps while pointed into the wind. To my delight, the tail lifted after about a 20 foot roll, and in another 20 feet or so the aircraft was airborne. A perfect, gentle takeoff at about 40% throttle. I urge all of you to throttle this aircraft up slowly until you get a good feel for it, otherwise you may encounter some unpleasant problems on takeoff. Just be aware of the torque, throttle up slowly, and counter with right rudder. I began in high rates so I'd have good rudder authority, just in case (although not much was needed). During the maiden, I took it easy as it was windy as noted and I was trying to condition my new 6s 5000mAh battery. It was during this flight that I encountered the first serious problem. This aircraft has good power, and I got a lot of altitude quickly (at about 40% throttle). I turned back to descend in a glide, throttle cut, prop windmilling. After bleeding sufficient altitude, I throttled back up, or at least I tried to. I heard a grinding/growling noise come from the motor, and I completely lost power for about 2 seconds, until the motor throttled up. Later, I encountered the same problem one more time after some bench testing. What happened is upon throttle up, it seems the ESC tried to start the motor in both directions, and the prop wiggled back and forth rapidly as the motor made loud noises, and it took several seconds for the motor to finally spool up. This is unacceptable -- sometimes when you need power, you need power! But wait, I had further issues. On the third flight (before I had fully diagnosed the ESC issue), I greased a perfect Navy landing - no bounce or anything (this plane is very "floaty" by the way). As I cut the power and the aircraft coasted toward me on the pavement, it reached a point about 15 feet from me, doing maybe 3-5mph, and the right main wheel fell off! The wheel fell in two pieces (one wheel half with tire rolled one way, one wheel half rolled the other way) and the aircraft settled down on the gear door on that right side, giving some nice road rash to the plastic. Needless to say I was dumbfounded. All of my landings had been good, and the last was textbook. Upon inspection, I noticed that the end of the right main strut axle had sheared off!!! For those of you who don't know, the main wheels are retained to the axle by an e-clip that clips in a retaining groove machined into the axle. No groove or e-clip was to be found! As I mentioned, the end of the axle sheared off, likely from a void or impurity in the axle, or perhaps improper heat treating. These two issues were disappointing, to say the least. Brand new, fairly expensive aircraft with two major issues, and to top it off, replacements of both were out of stock (leading me to believe I am not alone in my experience). Unfortunately, I also found out that since Horizon Hobby owns FMS now, Horizon will not authorize MotionRC to replace parts past $50 in value, meaning I had to deal with Horizon. I got all kinds of runaround from them, including "The plane was flow, therefore it is used and the warranty is null and void." I had to speak with Wayne and also Martin, the CS manager at Motion. Martin was (and is) exceptional, and advocated on my behalf to Horizon. After wasting about 5 hours of my time in phone calls, Horizon finally came up with a somewhat acceptable solution to replace my parts, but it will take about a full business week. I would give 10/5 stars to MotionRC, particularly Wayne and especially Martin, for their help. I give 0/5 stars (or negative, if possible) to Horizon for all the runaround, excuses, and wasting my time! Everyone looking to buy an FMS plane should be aware that MotionRC is impeded by restrictive Horizon warranty policies, and that Horizon is a nightmare to deal with, in my limited experience at least. I will stick to in-house brands for future Motion purchases (FlightLineRC/Freewing), as Motion fully controls the warranty process with those brands. Finally, one last word about the P-47 itself: as I said, I took it easy for the first few flights to condition my new Glacier 5000mAh 45c 6s, and to get a feel for the P-47. In my brief experience, though, the aircraft flew great. Very stable, no weird tendencies. It is very floaty, and it can want to go airborne again upon landing. Also remember the torque from that big prop! Decide early on if you are committing to landing or need to abort. Waiting until you're about to stall, then firewalling it would be asking for $$$ trouble. As I mentioned before, I am meticulous in setup with my CG machine and throw meter. This pays off too. The Thunderbolt required absolutely no trimming or adjustment of any kind; it flew beautifully right away in that regard. To sum it up, however, be aware of HH controlling FMS and HH's poor service. Also don't think (as I did) that because you're purchasing a "premium" brand like FMS, that you won't experience major issues with basic components like ESCs and struts. In the future, I will stick to FlightLineRC and Freewing. The FlightLineRC F7F is a very special aircraft in every way. It is still my go-to aircraft after over a year of ownership. The verdict will be out on the P-47 once HH makes it right so I can actually fly the thing. I may write another review with updates after I get more stick time. I hope you found this helpful, and I wish each of you calm blue skies and happy landings!

Mark A.

The New FMS P-47 1500 mm

This is the best plane in my war-bird arsenal of 24! FMS has really done a great job with the quality of this plane with incredible detail! The best part is the way it flies! This is the best flyer I have. I have had it up 5 times so far and the landings are easy and smooth. Power is incredible with the 6 cell power. I love this plane and would highly recommend it!

David M.

FMS P-47D Razorback 1500mm (59") Wingspan

Quality of kit is quite good. Support from Motion RC excellent. Haven't flown it yet.

William T.

FMS P-47 1400 mm

Plane looks great! Retracts function smoothly. Horizontal stab fit extremely tight. Looking forward to maiden flight.

Mike M.


Great plane, flies stable...but requires a lot of up elevator in turns. Lands easy with power off.

Pilot R.

Richard Aufrichtig

To fix the problem of a glitch and a possible malfunction with landing gear and ailerons when the wings flex due to negative "G" ,loosen the wing plug a few turns and loosen the plug on body of plane completely so it has room to move and stay connected.So far this has worked for me. Hope FMS makes a Fix for this on this plane and future ones with this system.Other then that this plane fly's like a dream take offs and landing are like the real thing. I fly Cessna 172 @182.and I can feel the smoothness of this plane.

Pilot R.

Richard Aufrichtig

Had problem with plane inverting by it's self found when wings stress in steep turns plugs separate and course a glitch. This can course landing gear malfunction and air lone malfunction.

Mike M.

P-47 1500mm

Motion RC is the greatest!

Mark B.


this plane is a great replica in all aspects. Took longer to program on the radio than assemble hardly any adjustments. If you wanted a great one to fly get this...