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FMS P-47D Razorback 1500mm (59") Wingspan - PNP

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59" wingspan FMS P-47D Razorback Plug-N-Play - (PNP) - FMM089P

At Motion RC we are well aware of how long customers have been clamoring for a decently sized P-47 Razorback.  We are pleased to announce that FMS has developed this fantastic P-47 Razorback with a nearly 60" wingspan!   Based on the "Bonnie" livery, this P-47D-23-RA was flown by Major Bill Dunham in the 460th Fighter Squadron, 348th Fighter Group early 1945 in Tacloban, Leyte and the Philippines.

Complete with newly designed electric retracts for the mains and tailwheel, flaps, rocket and gun sets, oil tank, and loads of scale features, this is one P-47D Razorback that won't fail to impress at your flying field. Not only did FMS design a new set of retracts for this plane but they've also designed a new ESC and motor. This is all topped off with shock absorbing oleo struts in the scale landing gear.

  Visit the Official FMS P-47D Razorback Discussion Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.


  • Attractive "Bonnie" livery flown by Major Bill Dunham
  • Complete electric retract system including tailwheel
  • Shock absorbing oleo struts
  • Flaps for slower landings and shorter takeoffs
  • Made of durable and easy to repair EPO foam
  • Comes with oil tank, rocket and gun sets for an imposing presence
  • LED navigation light package for those dawn and dusk sorties
  • Loaded with scale details including cowl flaps, pitot tube and exhaust piping


  • FMS P-47D Razorback 1500mm (59") Wingspan - PNP


  • 6 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 6 channel radio from our Radio Collection 
  • 6 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 6 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
  • 6 Cell 22.2V 50C 5000mAh Li-Po battery with EC5 connector - EPR50006
  • 6 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 6 cell (6S) charger from our Charger Collection

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : intermediate
BUILD TIME : 2 hours


1500mm / 59.0in



Flying Weight

Around 3700g

Wing Load 92.5/dm² (0.21oz/in²)
Wing Area 40/dm² (620sq. in)
CG (Center Of Gravity) 90-95mm From the Leading Edge

Power System

4258-KV460 Brushless Outrunner Motor

Speed Control

70A Brushless with EC5 connector

Propeller / EDF

14x8 4 Blade Propeller


3x 9g digital metal gear (positive and reverse)
6x 17g digital metal gear

Landing Gear

Retractable landing gear including tailwheel

Required Battery

6 Cell 22.2V 5000mAh LiPo with EC5 connector

Required Radio

6 Channel radio









Hinge Type

Coming soon


EPO Foam

Skill Level Intermediate
Build Time 1 hour
Recommended Environment Outdoors
Flight Time About 5-6 Minutes

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