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FMS Red Dragonfly 900mm (35.5") Wingspan - RTF

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FMS 900mm (35.5") Wingspan Red Dragonfly Ready to Fly - FMS064

Finally an RC trainer plane that makes sense. The FMS Red Dragonfly has a pusher prop on the rear so it is nearly impossible to destroy during a bad landing. The landing gear strut is also robust metal so you will not break it. This is a huge improvement over many other beginner RC planes. Most trainer planes on the market have a fragile cowl, fragile landing gear, fragile spinner, and the prop in the front. Beginners spend too much time and money fixing these parts due to bad landings. The FMS Red Dragonfly solves all those problems which makes it a great RC plane for beginners. The Red Dragonfly takes off from the ground quickly, has sufficient power, good stability, and can perform many aerobatic maneuvers when you are ready. The wing design of this plane makes it very easy to fly and land plus the wing has ailerons making it easy to learn a 4 channel plane. The plane is constructed of very durable EPO foam which is an absolute necessity for any beginner. In addition to all the other benefits, the plane is very reasonably priced making it cost effective to learn to fly an RC plane. This plane comes with everything you need to get started. It includes the radio, receiver, battery, charger, and plane. The Red Dragonfly requires minimal build time. You can be in the air in about 1 hour.

We highly recommend starting this hobby with a trainer plane. A trainer plane will give you the highest chance of success so you can move on to more advanced planes. We discourage any beginner from trying to fly a low wing RC plane as their first plane since they are much more difficult to fly.


  • Durable EPO foam construction
  • Strong landing gear
  • Very easy to build
  • Includes motor, ESC, receiver, battery and 4 channel radio


Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Beginner +


900mm / 35.4in


810mmm / 31.9in

Flying Weight


Power System

2805-Kv2720 Brushless Motor

Speed Control

12A Brushless ESC, JST Connector

Propeller / EDF

5x3 Two Blade pusher Propeller



Landing Gear

Fixed Main Gear, Steerable Rear Landing Gear

Required Battery

7.4V 1300mAh 20C 2 cell LiPo (included)

Required Radio

4 Channel radio (included)









Hinge Type



EPO Foam

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Jeffrey C.
Not again

It's a foam POS.. hardware stinks.. I dont expect it to last more than one flight..

Great Trainer

Easy flyer and does all tricks with easy.

Good flyer, but NOT a beginner plane!

That's right, this is NOT a beginner plane. I'm really not sure why MotionRC has this plane in it's "Beginner/Trainer" category. If you're a newb, you should pass on this bird. Why is it not a beginner plane? It has virtually no dihedral at all, and will not self-correct, like say, the Champ - which is an excellent beginner/trainer plane. It's got a really small wing, which doesn't lend to gliding at all. This plane likes to be "flown" from start to finish – 100% of the way. Even when it's perfectly CG balanced (with some added weight in the nose), it still wants to drop, which means you have to really work that elevator constantly to keep it up. I will say this - the plane flies really well when you fly it fast. It performs best when flown "hot". When you slow it down it becomes less stable. My 84 year-old Dad bought this plane thinking it'd be a great step up from the smaller micros. Big mistake! If you, like us, started out flying micros, do yourself a favor and buy a Radian or some similar glider, but avoid a plane like this which really is more of an "intermediate" flyer. Actually, a really great beginner plane, that's nice and big with ailerons, is the FMS Easy Trainer 1280. That is one nice big plane I highly recommend to a beginner (after he's flown some micros), and you can buy it here on this website. I honestly enjoyed flying this bird, but my Dad struggled with it and destroyed it (literally) three times. He rebuilt it every time though (buying a new fuselage and main wing every time). This last time we have 12ided we are done with this plane. He hit a pole, when he lost control, and it exploded into pieces. It was an awesome looking crash, but sadly the plane is finished. Time to find a better big plane for my Dad…one that doesn't require being flown "hot" and fast.

Martin M.
Great Plane

This was my very first plane, and once you got used to the sensitive controls it flew great. I wish the front was a bit more reinforced, since I crashed and the front compressed a bit, which led to the canopy having a hard time fitting on. The plane hit the ground hard a lot, but it still is in good shape, except for the wing which just got ripped right off the plane, because the screws are way to close to the back end of the plane. Overall, I think this is a great plane.

Skip M.
Sweet Trainer +

Bought this plane from motion rc. What a Great bunch of people. Helpful and inciteful. The dragonfly is an awsome choice for park fly or wherever. Handles like a dream...Rolls effortlessly and very forgiving in stall and loss of control situations. The thing self levels nice. In a bad situation, giving that your high up enough, cut throttle...release controls...take a breath and let the plane fly regaining control is easy afterwards. The plane itself is built rather well. Very solid in the front end. Don't be fooled by the appearance of the boom, it has reinforcement built into it. Only reason not giving 5 stars is poor hardware and the glue they supply. Screws are meda poorly..Better off using a few good screws and save headache of trying to get them to turn out if repair should be needed. The glue supplied is basic model airplane cement. Smells and doesnt dry very fast. No place for this stuff on foam. Would suggest using clear 2 part epoxy for repairs or the build. Really though, I would recommend this plane to anybody with a little flight experience. And it's built to take a crash or two from a New Flier just starting out.Lots of flight time, flew 20 minutes and thought to land and still had about 5-6 minutes flight time left. Wonderful Flier. Rtf version is a little sensitive on controls, Very responsive , but easy to to get used to. Thanks, !!! To the guys at Motion RC, They have helped make this an awsome sport. Their support is superb. Anything you need, they will try to help or offer suggestions. Sincerely, Skip Mette McHenry, Illinois

K.C. Meyer
Hard to understand the instructions!

My elevator control arm was not even attached! I am now looking for two small screws to attach the arm that was shipped as a spare part.

Devi W.
Great fun flyer

This plane delivers exactly what it says.. The plane handles the wind well, but I recommend flying with little to no wind... The flight characteristics are real good! But it would be better with lower wind conditions... CG sets up perfectly.. Plenty of Go!! Cut back power, and adjust for landing can use the glide ratio to help you land... Just liked the way it handles... Get it up high and learn how to handle it .

Devi W.
A really good flyer and durable

I received this airplane and was really very easy to put together.. Did my flight checks and flew it on a more windly day than I should have. The plane handled the wind well, but I pushed my luck and the wind caught..and it took a dive.. Remarkably it did not shatter.. I did some how broke the receiver antenna.. So I'll replace it and buy some other related parts just in case I need them.. I'll say to any RC Flyer, respect the wind.. I flew it a couple times and flew some other planes, but it became too windy..-and because it handled the wind so well I tried again.. Not a good idea.. Great plane..!

Dragonfly airplane

It's good for beginner to have the prop in the back. However, no instruction on how the motor is attached to a new fuselage in case of a bad crash, and a new fuselage is needed.