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FMS Zero V2 Green 750mm (29.5") Wingspan - PNP

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FMS 750mm (29.5") Japanese Zero Version 2 in Green Color Scheme - Receiver Ready - FMS036

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Zero V2 Follow Up

I tried the recommendations with the prop and hand launching technique that Shane Randol posted below. He was spot on, and thank you for the tips. I put some packing tape on the bottom of the fuse and leading edge of the wings as I will be landing on the belly without the wheels in the grass.

Zero V2

I was really impressed with the fit and finish of this model. It looks good enough to be a display model. This is my first FMS purchase. I am using a 3 cell 800 pack, and added .25 ounces of weight to the nose just behind the motor to achieve the balance point in the manual. I have found you need to feed in a lot of right rudder on takeoff, and power is not lacking. I have 3 flights in now and have the trims dialed in. The props are very brittle and that is why I gave this model 4 stars. I am going to try an 8X6 two bladed prop another reviewer below has recommended.

Great Looking and fast

This is a great 4th or 5th plane. It is small, fast and can get away from you real quick. It has nice scale appearance, but is a handful to fly. The CG envelope is small and tough to achieve, the recommended spot was incorrect in the instructions. Once dialed in, flew great in the air. Stable, maneuverable, fast lander. Would recommend to advanced fliers only. Great service as usual from MotionRC

Shane R.
Great Flier

I finally got to maiden my zero yesterday on 2S 1000mA batteries hand toss. What a sweet flying plane. I have several parkzone warbirds, F-27, Stinger 64, etc.. to give you an idea of my background. For me the trick to handtossing this bird is 1/2 to 3/4 throttle, right thumb on the aileron/elevator stick holding in a bit of right alieron, up elevator. Underhand toss with the left hand at maybe 30 degrees up. Flys straight out with no drama. Prior attempts using right overhand resulted in torque roll crashes for me. Once in the air, I was impressed with how the plane tracked and flew in general. CG is per the manual. My timer was set for 5 minutes, had around 25% battery left at landing after running at 3/4 throttle. I think I see more 800mm planes in my future.

Charles C.

One of my favorite war birds is the Japanese Zero! I have no idea why but I am just drawn to the looks of the plane. Assembling the plane was a breeze went by so fast! I would honestly recommend this plane to advanced pilots its a very fast and agile plane and you can defiantly lose track of it on a sunny day the plane will almost do whatever you want it to do very touchy and responsive! You really need to take your time landing this plane needs to be very precise! Also my only complaint is there isn't a lot of room for the battery in the plane and there are just so many cords its kind of stressful!

Gorgeous detail, nice flier too

I am learning to really like these 800mm warbirds from FMS. My only real complaint with this series is that the props are very brittle and kind of expensive if you have to replace them often. CG on these planes is very critical too, but once set, they fly fantastic. I did switch my Zero to an 8x6 two blade prop with an E-flite rubber spinner while getting everything set up. It flew great with that prop, plenty of power and speed, and very aerobatic. It does come in pretty hot though, so landing on a grass field and getting it to stay on the mains without flipping is a challenge. I am flying a bit nose heavy, so I think next flight I will remove a about .25oz of weight and try it again. Great plane, but not for beginners! I have also bought the T-28, P-40, Skyraider, and the Petie 2nd P51 in this series. Yes, I am hooked!!

S R.
Great bulid

My past experience with foam has been mainly ParkZone. These guys should be worried, because FMS is going to eat their lunch. Very impressed with the fit, finish and detail on this model. I needed to add about 1 oz of weight to the nose to get the plane to balance with the recommended 2S 1000 mAh battery. This is with NO landing gear installed, I plan to belly land in grass. The 1300mAh may be a better choice. My plane drew about 14.5A at WOT with the recommended pack and the stock prop. Prop / spinner seemed to be balanced pretty good. Have not flown yet due to harsh weather, but expect a good flier. Great service from Motin RC. Buy it, You'll like it.

Sturdy and very responsive with great scale looks

Very nice plane to fly. Very sturdy,I added a 1300 mah Lipo with a little cutting into canapy and wow what a difference, very fast and maneuvable.......Only complaint 3 blade prop very breakable.