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Freewing F-104 Starfighter Camo 70mm EDF Jet - ARF PLUS

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Freewing F-104 Starfighter Camo 70mm EDF Jet - ARF PLUS - NJ20111K+

Version Info: This is the ARF+ version for pilots who wish to install their own power system. All primary electronics including servos and landing gear come pre-installed, just add your own power system (EDF, motor, and ESC) to begin flying.

Looking for something different for your EDF fleet? Introducing Freewing’s 70mm F-104 Starfighter! Own a piece of aviation history with this sleek and storied interceptor, the “Man in a Missile”!

This aircraft is quite a surprise at the flying field because it flies much more stable than it appears it can. Onlookers will swear that it cannot fly slowly due to the F-104’s iconic stubby wings, but in fact Freewing has optimized their RC rendition to handle gently at a wide flight envelope while remaining as true to scale appearance as possible. The key to its performance is its very low weight, optimized airfoil, and economical power system.  Adding your own 70mm 6-blade or 12-blade EDF combined with a 60A ESC provides lightweight and efficient power with a 6s 4000mAH battery. The result is an aircraft which can reach top speeds of 90mph, land at 20mph, and fly for four minutes with mixed throttle, while still including the creature comforts we’ve come to expect from Freewing jets like standard flaps and electric retracts.

The 70mm F-104’s size puts it in similar company with Freewing’s 80mm jets, and borrows some of that classes’ features while simplifying on others appropriate for the pricepoint. The magnetic nose cone reduces the long fuselage by nearly 9.5” for easy transport. The wings are removable with screws also, and there is enough slack in the wiring to clear the short carbon spar in the wing. The fuel tank on each wing tip is secured with a sliding plate and two screws for a secure fit. 

We did find that the F-104 is best suited for paved surfaces. The main and nose wheels are 45mm and 35mm, respectively, and the 3mm steel wire struts with metal trunnions are sheathed in plastic like Freewing’s A-10 Warthog. The result is a lightweight landing gear setup which can easily be bent back to shape in the event of a hard landing, but not one which would perform well on taller grass. If operation over tall grass is unavoidable, we recommend hand tossing instead of a traditional rolling takeoff. The wing’s slight anhedral allows the model to skid along its belly and wingtip tanks for stable landings. 

For pilots who have flown other aircraft in Freewing's 80mm Jet Series, the F-104’s visibility difficulty is similar to the Mirage, while the F-104’s stability is similar to the F-5 or Super Scorpion. Its length can be deceptive; despite being longer than the F-86, the F-104’s wingspan is narrower than the Mirage’s. It truly is a missile with wings! The four tone SEA (“South East Asia”) camouflage color scheme is very easy to see against a blue sky. The solid underside contrasts with the camouflage topside to orient the model during distant maneuvers. The F-104 is optimized to fly our Admiral 6s 4000mAh lipo battery with an EC5 connector. We do not recommend using a larger or heavier battery, for CG and weight concerns. Pre-installed electronics and minimal assembly limits build time to 1-2 hours. The Freewing 70mm F-104 Starfighter is recommended for Intermediate to Advanced pilots only. We recommend that pilots have competent experience with at least two prior EDF jets of this size.

  Visit the Official Freewing 70mm F-104 Discussion Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.


  • Durable EPO construction allows for easier repairs in case of flight damage
  • Magnetic nose cone, removable wingtip fuel tanks, and removable wings
  • Scale sized pilot and historically accurate Vietnam-era livery celebrating the USAF’s 479th TFW
  • Electronic retractable landing gear with 3mm steel wire struts and metal trunnions
  • Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)
  • All servos and retracts come pre-installed for your convenience


  • Freewing 70mm F104 USA EDF Jet - ARF PLUS


  • 6-12 Blade EDF Power System - Click Here for recommendations
  • 60A ESC with EC5 connector - Click Here for recommendations
  • 6 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 6 channel radio from our Radio Collection 
  • 6 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 6 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
  • 6 Cell 22.2V 4000 mAh LiPo Battery - EPR40006E
  • 6 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 6 cell (6S) charger from our Charger Collection

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 18 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate
BUILD TIME : 2 Hours


656mm / 25.82in


1403mm / 55.23in


1080g / 38.09oz (1675g AUW)

CG (Center of Gravity)N/A

Power System

2849-2200kV (6 blade fan) or 3048-2150kV (12 blade fan) Brushless Outrunner Motor (required)

Electronic Speed Control

60A, EC5 Connector (required)

Propeller / EDF

70mm 6-Blade or 70mm 12-Blade EDF (required)


9g standard gear with 300mm lead : nose gear steering, left aileron, right aileron, rudder
9g standard gear with 100mm lead : left flap
9g reverse gear with 100mm lead : right flap
9g metal gear standard with 300mm lead : elevator

Landing GearFull electronic retractable nose and main landing gear with metal trunnions

Required Battery

6S 22.2V 4000mAh LiPo (required)

Required Radio

6 Channel (required)









Hinge Type

Nylon hinges

MaterialEPO Foam
Skill LevelIntermediate
Build Time2 Hours
Recommended EnvironmentOutdoor

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Product Updates:

  • November 8, 2017 - The photos of the camo version show the model with the Taiwanese Air Force decal set but this model is shipping with the USAF Vietnam decal set pre-applied.


If you need any additional assistance, please visit the Motion RC Help Center

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Man in a missile

The kit is very good quality, plane looks very nice. Wish more of the were offered in the ARF plus version.

John K.

Sharp looking model

Unfortunately the miserable weather here in Chicago has not allowed me to fly this yet, so these comments apply to the kit itself: The quality is excellent, all parts fit perfectly and the finish is great too. I got the ARF+ kit so I had to fit a fan unit which involved threading the wires through the fuselage, but this was not an issue. The battery/radio compartment is fairly small so the installation was a little tight but again, no problem. I found that the landing gear legs are the exact same dimensions as the 70mm F-16 legs, so I replaced the stock struts with the F-16 metal upgrade struts. This noticeably improves the appearance and required no modification to the fuselage. Now, if only the weather would cooperate.

A Motion RC Customer
Michael R.

Great flying F-104!

They said it wasn't possible, a great flying F-104 with those iconic stubby wings and bullet-like fuselage, but Freewing delivered another winning jet! With full flaps deployed, and using a lighter 3300mah battery, the F-104 slows down very nicely for landings without giving you a heart attack. In the air, it is locked in and tracks very well, with a very high roll rate. That said, I had a few issues. I had 2 bad retracts out of the box, but they were both replaced by Motions great C/S team. I did a few mods as well, re painting the model as "Snoopy Sniper" and shortening the landing to a scale stance.

Michael R. verified customer review of Freewing F-104 Starfighter Camo 70mm EDF Jet - ARF PLUSMichael R. verified customer review of Freewing F-104 Starfighter Camo 70mm EDF Jet - ARF PLUSMichael R. verified customer review of Freewing F-104 Starfighter Camo 70mm EDF Jet - ARF PLUS

Nice F-104 Starfighter !

Mine arrived well packed and with no major blemishes. It's now made out of EPO foam (not the beercooler eps). Installed a WeMoTec 10-bl MiniFan evo with an Arc motor and a 100A esc on 6S 2700's . Repainted mine entirely in silver, more details on RCGroups. Flies very nicely, quite fast and very easy to land. Make sure you put loctite on that nosegear steering arm set screw, mine vibrated free on the first flight. CG on mine at 30mm.

Elmer F.

Freewing F104 - An Honest Review

While I am new to foam models. (Balsa has always been my choice) I must say that I was both impressed and disappointed with this model. Accuracy of design was very cool and the model was fairly complete. The pilot had broken it's mounting in shipment and was laying face down in the seat. Repair required removing the canopy which resulted in damage to the foam. Something I didn't expect in a new plane. Decals were lifted in spots and it arrived with dents in the EPS foam. All due to quick workmanship and poor packaging by the factory. The EPS foam is also not tolerant of hanger scars or long lifespan. Figured I would give it a few flights and then see what I think.

Victor S.

F-104 Starfighter Kit Plus

I am working on my 2nd F-104 Starfighter Kit Plus, it has a few weak points due to the EPS foam but if you reinforce it before you fly it, you should be fine. I removed the bottom plate for the main gear area to reglue the wooden stick that pulled out very easy. I choose the Kit Plus for a reason, I was waiting a long time to find a fast airframe for my TP POWER 2940 2800kv 14 blade inrunner to fly this interceptor as it should be flown, AS AN INTERCEPTOR! The landing is of course challenging, it is not a trainer! here is one of my videos: