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Freewing Flight Design CTLS 1200mm (47") Wingspan - PNP

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Freewing Flight Design CTLS Light Sport Airplane, Receiver Ready - PNP

The Freewing Flight Design CTLS is one of the most unique looking RC planes to come along in a while. We find the Freewing CTLS stands out at the flight field in what seems to be an endless sea of warbirds. Not only does it look good but it has amazing flight characteristics. The stability of this RC plane makes it a very relaxing plane to fly but it still has capability for loops, rolls, and inverted flight. Not only does the plane handle well in the air but the steerable nose gear and fantastic balance make it very easy to maneuver on the ground. This is a very robust plane built from durable EPO foam. Optional flaps are molded into the wings along with a pocket for the flap servos. Better yet, the hardware for the optional flaps is included. You only need two 9 gram servos to make the flaps fully operational in about 10 minutes. With very scale details, a brushless power system and 5 micro servos already in place, this Receiver-Ready RC plane can be built in about an hour - just add your favorite receiver and a battery!


  • Durable EPO foam construction
  • Nylon hinges on all control surfaces
  • Optional flaps for easy take-offs and smooth landings (Requires two 9 gram servos, see note below)
  • Smooth and predictable performance
  • Brushless motor, ESC, and 5 micro servos installed


  • 5-6 Channel Radio - Click Here for recommendations
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 1800 mAh Lipo Battery - EPR18003
  • Lipo Battery Charger - Click Here for recommendations

Tech Note: Flaps require one forward and 1 reverse servo if a Y cable and single receiver channel is used. Two normal forward servos can be used if 2 receiver channels are used and the second channel is reversed from your radio.

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate





Flying Weight


Power System

Brushless 3510-1000Kv

Speed Control

30A, Internal BEC, T connector

Propeller / EDF

9x8 3 blade prop


9g standard with 300mm lead : elevator, rudder
9g standard with 550mm lead : left aileron, right aileron
9g reverse with 100mm lead : nose gear

Landing Gear


Required Battery

11.1V 1800mAh 25C 3 cell LiPo

Required Radio

4 Channel




Optional -molded servo area and flap cut outs





Hinge Type

Nylon hinges on all control surfaces


EPO Foam

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Clifford L.
Freezing, CTL 1200mm

Aircraft easy to assemble. Test flight was on warm day at 70 degrees, wind at 2-3mph. The alternative flaps were installed on test flight. The run way is a grass field. Takeoff was uneventful. Wheels rolled on short grass with no problems. Flight was excellent with minimum trim. The aircraft has suffenent power. Landing was with power at minimum rpm and final touch down was was with a lot of flare. The noise gear heals high for touch down. I am more than pleased with this airplane. Cliff Lanham

Follow up Tip

Just a follow up on my previous review. There are 2 screws that attach each wing. There is on hole hidden under the decal at the leading edge of each wing on the bottom. If you feel with your finger you can feel the hollow. Then probe with a screwdriver to punch through the vinyl and you'll see the pre drilled hole same as the rear edge. Can't miss them, they go in the mounting bosses and are absolutely necessary.

Got an absolute "Killer Deal"

I just had to buy this plane. I got it during the Black Friday Sale for $89.00 with free shipping from MRC, a deal that couldn't be beat! This is well made. The only glue on this plane is the decorative antenna. Everything else is screw together. Has nylon hinges and the control horns are already ******* on with backing plates. There are wing spars that make alignment a breeze. Comes with all the extra hardware to make the flaps operational except the servos. One normal and one reverse is needed. I also purchased an extra front landing gear and prop. Assembly instructions are almost comical as you can tell immediately that they're written by some Chinese guy. Assembly tips: There is no mention of what screws to use where so I provided the list below. There are only 3 different type of screws Short large head self tapping screws are for the wings and main landing gear. Longer small head self tapping screws are for the front landing gear. Machine thread screws are for the flap control horns if you add them. When inserting the elevator, just a dab of vegetable oil will help snap it into the detent as it is very tight and you run the risk of breaking or crushing the foam because of the pressure it takes to insert it. You can also file a taper on edge of the slot to help get the two pieces started. Using my tips and looking at the photos in the directions as a reference the assembly is less than 30 minutes. Again this was a great buying experience... Well done MRC!

George W.
George verified buyer

very nice looking plane, good detail but, putting together was a real challenge. First, the wiring was miss marked, horizontal stab would not click into place without some carving on the bracket, the screw that secures the access hatch to the servos, the head was striped, had to drill the head of the screw off as push rod needed to be adjusted. Last but not least, there is not enough room to install a 4 channel spectrum receiver. Would I buy another Freewing Model, YUP Have a Spacewalker by Freewing "NO PROBLEMS"

nice, but will she fly?

I built my CTLS last night. It went together easily. My only concern was with the flaps. I had to remove the fuselage side doors on both sides to be able to route the flap servoe wire. I now have an "OPEN COCKPIT" on my CTLS. I just hope it does'nt boost up the drag so much it wont fly. The other issue was preventable. The horizontal stab fits in the tail and slides into a retainer to hold it in place. My issue. Wheres the retainer? Obviously the product control supervisor overlooked that it is missing on my aircraft. But all is well, THICK CA came to save the day. Aside from that, I hope she flies as well as she looks.

Richard M.
Great plane, but weak power at altitudes

I purchase this plane this past summer and have flown it a few times at various flying site in KS and NE and it flew great. When I fly it at my local flying field in northern Colorado it barely takes off. I have tried various props and did not improve performance. Today I changed the motor to a Turnigy Park 480 motor and used a 10 X 7 3 blade prop. This totally changed the performance of the plane taking off in 30 feet or so. Also flew great. The Park 480 motor weight is within .3 oz of the Freewing motor the plane comes with, so did not have to change any settings or trim to the plane. Only other issue is the front landing gear. The case around the landing gear servo breaks easy if hitting the front landing gear first or flying off grass. I solved this problem by designing a better case that is thicker in the areas that breaks and 3D printed it. No longer having this problem.

very stable plane!

I got this plane around a month ago, and what I can tell you I love it, I'm getting back into the hobby, so is been 8 years since the last time I flew, I got this plane the first time and it was like nothing , like I flew the day before, very stable I will give it not 5 stars but 10

Great looking plane!

I purchased this aircraft about 6 months ago and it handles like a dream! The cockpit detail is incredible. I installed flaps and they perform very much to scale. The tail section was a bit twisted but a bit of heat and a firm grip sured it up nicely. I would very much recommend this plane!

Just building right now.

Just got this under the Scratch and Dent section. Had to re-glue both pilots. Not a big deal. Revamped the seats, put cushions on them to fit the pilots better. Added the flaps. A pain to run the wires into the fuselage and down to the receiver area, but doable. Rudder hinges both loose-easy fix. Reinforced the nose gear housing area with aluminum flashing strips and epoxy, and put in a metal gear servo. Still have to install the receiver and gyro. Will put the receiver next to the battery, and the gyro is going to be out back on top of the rear servo access cover.