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Freewing Moray Sport Racer Orange 800mm (32") Wingspan - PNP

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Freewing Moray in Orange Color Scheme - Receiver Ready - FS10221P

Looking for something fast? Enter the Freewing Moray. We clocked the Moray just above 85mph using a pocket radar. This is one of the best constructed foamy RC planes we have ever seen. It has no problem holding up to extreme speeds - and we do mean extreme. Carbon rods are present in the fuselage, the wings, and the horizontal stabilizer. In addition to all the carbon, the servo push rods are very well constructed. The Freewing Moray is a rocket fast, very well built, extremely fun to fly RC plane. Make sure you fly at a very large flight field because the Freewing Moray covers a lot of ground quickly. Best of all the Moray requires no glue and can be built in about 30 minutes - just add your receiver of choice and a battery!

How to launch the Freewing Moray

First, grab the fuselage of plane at or slightly ahead of the C.G. Launch the Moray underhanded in a nearly vertical attitude at full throttle. Only a gentle toss is required given the Moray's power. The Moray will effortlessly go straight up without any drama. This is a simple tried and true method to successfully launch the Freewing Moray time after time. Be sure to launch the Moray away from your body but DO NOT launch the Moray like a normal plane. A traditional overhand horizontal launch at full throttle will result in a torque roll and a crash.


  • Durable EPO foam construction reinforced by carbon rods
  • Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)
  • Extremely fast, able to reach speeds near 90mph!
  • Brushless motor, ESC and micro servos installed


  • 4-6 Channel Radio - Click Here for recommendations
  • 4-6 Channel Receiver - Click Here for recommendations
  • 4 Cell 14.8V 1600 mAh Lipo Battery - EPR16004
  • Lipo Battery Charger - Click Here for recommendations

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 18 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Advanced
BUILD TIME : 30 Minutes





Flying Weight


Power System

Brushless 3040-1400Kv

Speed Control

40A, Internal BEC, T connector

Propeller / EDF

7x6 2 blade prop



Landing Gear

None- belly land, hand launch

Required Battery

14.8V 1600mAh 30C 4 cell LiPo

Required Radio

3 Channel









Hinge Type

Nylon hinges on all control surfaces


EPO Foam

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Ray M.
First class speed demond

The little plane is fast, if quick turns are your thing and rolls so fast you can't count them this one is for you. looks great. This is my second Moray, still flying my first one, got this one for a back up just in case. Can't beat the price $40 cheaper than my first one. Just add your Rx and battery and go fly. Never had any problems with any hardware supplied with kit. After reading some of the other reviews this plane is not the easiest to hand launch. I did break a prop or two at first. Trim a little up on the elevator, 40% expo on ailerons, full throttle a slight nose up and give it a toss, just be ready on the aileron stick. Your up turning and burning. Have fun and be safe.

Dan M.
I have a need for speed!!!

This is my 4th plane and an absolute blast to fly. Need to be very smart how you build and the proper CG. I am running an a Thunder Power 1800ml 4S, but what is key is a 8 x 8 APC prop. This set up will put this plane at about 125 miles an hour. But do not fly in weather over 85 degrees or your engine and set-up will get HOT. The characteristic of this plane are such that is need to maintain a certain amount of speed, otherwise it WILL FALL OUT OF THE SKY. Not for an intermediate pilot. Must have a good amount of area to land this plane, otherwise this is a super exciting plane to fly, and hauls ***!!! If anyone needs to know more I will certainly respond to emails at Also I recommend with this setup that you purchase a backup motor, overtime you will burn the motor out. Keep in mind this is a formula car, it requires upkeep. If you don't want to deal with that, this plane is not for you, period.

Good luck!!

5 attempted launches = 1 successful flight and 4 busted props plus some glue in between. Busted it up real good on the 5th and final attempted launch. Tried straight up 1/2, 3/4 and full throttle. Each attempt resulted in a roll over and crash. only successful launch was about 1/3 throttle angled about 45 degrees. Complete waste of money. The one successful flight it was very fast and fun to fly.

A fun hand launcher

This is a fast, fun plane! So far I've had to have someone hand launch it for me. I've tried but the pull to the left from motor rotation is huge. Once airborne this baby is fast and fun. If you like speed than this is a good one for you, inexpensive and fast.

Looks good

Plane was easy to put together look good but put it up around 100ft and it was smoking the plane came down and burned up on maidan but I called motion rc and they took care of right away thanks motion rc Greg !

Chaos 4.

Fastest plane at our field. Tough as a tank!!

Dale C.
This thing is an Animal

This plane is crazy fast and fun for the need for speed in me. I like a variety and this one fills the bill for speed. The best advice I can give is put her together with the receiver and battery as far to the tail as you can go. Buy the Admiral 4s 1600 stubby and she will fly great. Toss her bout 85 degrees into the air at full throttle and watch her torque to the left and forward a little. Let her climb to bout 35-40 before you touch the sticks. This thing tracks excellent and did I say FAST!!! Extremely Fun. Advanced pilot only should attempt this jewel.

shannon f.
Faassttt!!! And flys great

Well built little foamy and very fast. A lot of prop noise as the 4s setup pushes the rpm limit for most available props. Paint looks great but comes off while touching it. Overall worth the bucks easy.

Dale C.
Flight Results

I am leaving this at 5 Star because the result in maiden flight was not a result in the equipment it was all my fault. I say my fault; I am an experienced pilot and this one simply got away from me. I launched it nearly strait up at full throttle per the recommendations into a mild breeze and I never had control. I attempted to calm her down so I could figure out were she was orientated and as soon as you know it...into the ground she went. Dang I say. Fortunately the new fuse is only 27 bucs. It has been a long time 4 or more year ago since I crashed on a maiden. I will repair her and she will have another day. I will follow up on next attempt.