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Freewing Spirit Racing Glider 815mm (32") Wingspan - PNP

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Freewing Spirit Mini Racing Glider Nose Propeller Version - Receiver Ready (PNP)

This is the nose propeller version of the popular Freewing Spirit racing glider. As an added bonus, each Freewing Spirit also includes the hardware for a top mounted propeller; it's like getting two planes in one box (top mounted motor sold separately). Perfect for dog-fighting or great anytime you want a predictable, fun flying experience in a park flyer sized model. The Freewing Spirit is easy to assemble, well-built, and a great value.


  • Two planes in one, includes hardware for nose propeller and top mounted propeller (top mounted motor sold separately)
  • Folding propeller helps minimize damage and improves flight time when gliding
  • Simple, glueless assembly
  • Durable EPO foam construction
  • Hand launch and belly lander design means the Freewing Spirit can land on nearly any soft surface
  • High contrast graphics give the Spirit a modern look and make it easier to see in the sky
  • All major components including brushless motor, electronic speed control, and servos come pre-installed for your convenience


  • Minimum 4 Channel Radio - Click Here for recommendations
  • 4 Channel Receiver - Click Here for recommendations
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 600 mAh LiPo Battery - EPR06003
  • Lipo Battery Charger - Click Here for recommendations

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate


815mm / 32in


620mm / 24.4in

Flying Weight

345g / 12.2oz

CG (Center of Gravity)Check Manual

Power System

2621-1100kV Brushless Outrunner Motor (nose propeller)
2226-2200kV Brushless Outrunner Motor (top propeller)

Electronic Speed Control

20A, T-Connector

Propeller / EDF

5 x 4.5 (top propeller)
8 x 5 Folding (nose propeller)


4 x 5g

Landing GearNone - Belly Lander

Required Battery

3S 11.V 450-600mAh 20C LiPo

Required Radio

4 Channel









Hinge Type


MaterialEPO Foam
Skill LevelBeginner (top propeller), Intermediate (nose propeller)
Build Time1 Hour
Recommended EnvironmentOutdoor

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Nick B.
here's the equation

short wingspan + big fast prop (P-factor) X handlaunch = Torque over crash. Ya better have your ducks in row when you throw it. I'm pretty good with my skills and these type planes are a handfull LOL

Easy to assemble

Number one recommended fast plane,great plane,love it like a jet.seller have a very net packaged 5??????????

Todd S.
Favorite plane of all time!

I have at least 200 flights on this plane....Now on 2nd wing and 3rd fuselage....It will hit the ground super quick if your not ready for the fast response....I like to fly with maximum throws at all times....I also add a fiberglass spar in the wing for extra strength and glue the wing halfs together... Use a Turnigy zippy 1000 mah 3 cell.. to make it scream...flys at close to 80mph...Always will have one of these ready to go...Wish Freewing would make it in three sizes...small med large.. Safe flying out there!

Nick B.
Good, fast and stable

Got about 6 flights on this Bird. It's a fun fly... fast but stable. If youre still thinking about how to move your thumbs... not so good. If youre a proven pilot... get it now! Here's a trick - droop the Ailerons as much as 30 degrees down to slow the bird, then its a Glider. This plane is very good for 'close in' flight work.

Great plane but disappointed

Got the spirit a week ago. Assembly simple. Putting on 12als took more time. Cg and trims easy to set. Initial flight was going well until I lost control and crashed nose first. Took some work but rebuilt with epoxy. Further investigation showed that y connector was defective lost aileron control. Still need to do test flight after crash. May have to go to pusher set up as nose is sort of out of shape.

Fred P.
Can do everything , but nothing well ...

I've been flying this plane for about 2 weeks now. I bought this airplane because I was searching a medium size ship I can fly in a grass field behind where I leave . As said in the tittle , this plane is capable of doing everything , but nothing well. It's not a good glider . The plane is too heavy vs the wing surfaces . It's not a pylon plane , not fast enough with the stock equipment . It's not a good 3d plane , surface control too small. I'm not disappointed by this plane but not impressed as well ...

Maiden Flight update

I finally got out this morning to maiden this one and my FMS Easy Trainer 1280. While the 1280 was slow and deliberate, this Spirit was a hoot. Fairly fast, stable, and pretty aerobatic too. I set up throws starting at 70%, then 85%, and finally 100% on my DX9, all expos were started at 30%. I flew for over 6 minutes on the first battery, an Admiral 600mAH 3 cell, and still showed 60% left afterwards. She glides well, but again, the weather here this morning was a bit chilly and cloudy, with winds up to about 5mph. I think on a nice, calm summer evening, this one will be a favorite to take up and let it float some. It was pretty easy to land as well, but be prepared for it to glide quite a way before touching down! Very happy with this one!

Spirit 815-any idea of what the control throws should be?

I haven't flown mine yet, but I did finish the build last night. Actually, other than binding the receiver and some minor trimming, the "build" was completed in about 10 minutes, if that long! Very simple to put together, it took me longer to apply the 12als than the build took. Balance with the 600mAH battery from MRC in the space under the cockpit, and the rx in the belly hatch worked out really well. It is on the foremost mark toward the nose, or slightly on the nose heavy side. I will maiden it there, and see how it does and maybe adjust after that first flight. It is a light plane, so I want a bit more weight in the nose to help ********* the wind. The only issues I had were that one of the wing mounting screws was missing, but it is only a 3mm x 10mm sheet metal type screw, so I had an extra. Also, the instructions were not the best, and maybe I missed it, but I could not find any listing for recommended control throws on any of the surfaces. If anyone has flown this one, and has some recommended throws, please let me know. Otherwise, a really nice looking plane and I am anxious to try it out. I will update this after my first flight.

Most fun you can have for 100 bucks

I typically fly large-scale electric but I was looking for something to play around with in between flights and something I wouldn't be to worried about if I banged it up. I figured for $100 I would take the gamble. I must admit the Spirit really surprised me - it went together really well, all the components seem to be high quality and this little sucker is fast. I haven't messed around with the top prop yet, but I'm not worried about breaking the nose prop since it's folding. A couple of the members at my field have similar planes and they use them for dogfighting - I'm tempted to join in on the fun, especially cause I think the Spirit is a bit faster. All in all a great plane for the money.. oh and of course it was shipped fast but everyone already knows that about Motion.