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64mm Freewing Stinger Jet - SCRATCH AND DENT - Receiver Ready (PNP) - FJ10411P(F2701B)

Freewing Stinger Red 64mm EDF Jet - SCRATCH AND DENT

Brand: Freewing /
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64mm Freewing Stinger Jet - SCRATCH AND DENTReceiver Ready (PNP) - FJ10411P(F2701B)

Scratch and Dent Details:
  • Product condition: Factory New
  • Missing parts: None
  • Damage/defects: Vertical stabilizer is torn where it meets the fuselage.  Easy fix with a small amount of glue.  Minimal foam wrinkling in effected area.
Please Note: Because of their deeply discounted prices, scratch and dent items cannot be returned or exchanged even if more is discovered to be found wrong beyond what was reported. 

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