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Futaba 14SGA 14-Channel Transmitter with R7008SB Receiver

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Futaba 14SGA Air Computer Radio on Mode 2 - FASST, FASSTest, S-FHSS 2.4GHz Radio with R7008SB 8 channel Rx - 14 channel FUTK9410

The Futaba 14SG radio system picks up the the Futaba 8FG Super leaves off. What are the differences? The 14SG is compatible with FASST, FASSTest, and S-FHSS receivers so you can use almost any air reciever Futaba makes. The 14SG also has telemetry capability while the 8FG does not. The 14SG also has minor enhancements like the ability to change servo speeds. Fuaba is known for building the highest quality and most reliable radio systems on the market. The Futaba 14SG is simply one of the best radios available. The radio includes a rechargeable 1800mAh NiMh battery pack and charger. Airplane, heli, and glider setup and programming menus are included. If low latency and ultimately reliability are required, this is one of the best radios on the market.


  • Channels: 12 proportional, 2 switched
  • Compatible with FASSTest, FASST and S-FHSS protocols
  • FASSTest telemetry – compatible with Futaba telemetry sensors (sold separately)
  • Free user-updatable software
  • 30-model memory
  • 10-character user naming
  • 10-character model naming
  • Airplane, helicopter and glider programming
  • Large, 1.75” x 3” backlit LCD screen with 128 x 64 resolution
  • SensorTouch™ programming
  • SD Card compatibility for external model memory and software updates (SD: 32MB-2GB; SDHC 4GB-32GB)
  • Left and right assignable slider switches
  • Two assignable rotary knobs
  • Six assignable three-position switches
  • One assignable momentary two-position switch
  • One assignable two-position switch
  • Comfortable rubber grips on the sides and back
  • Wide top switch spacing
  • Adjustable stick tension
  • Dual ball bearing gimbals
  • 4 vibration warning types
  • Home/Exit; User Menu/Servo Monitor buttons
  • Audio earphone jack (for telemetry alarms)
  • 6V 1800mAh NiMH battery pack
  • User stick calibration
  • Trainer system
  • Servo speed adjust
  • 5 programmable mixes
  • V-tail, Ailvator, winglet, motor mixing
  • Trim mix
  • Logic switch (condition switch only)
  • Internal programmer for S.Bus servos
  • User menu
  • Servo monitor (neutral and moving tests)
  • 2 count up/countdown timers
  • Integral timer
  • Model timer
  • Quick model select

Airplane Features:

  • 7 different wing types
  • 3 different tail types
  • 2 different rudder types
  • Flap setting menu
  • Differential ailerons
  • Aileron to camber flap mixing
  • Aileron to brake flap mixing
  • Aileron to rudder mixing
  • Rudder to aileron mixing
  • Rudder to elevator mixing
  • Camber mixing
  • Elevator to camber mixing
  • Camber flap to elevator mixing
  • Snap roll mixing
  • Airbrake mixing
  • V-Tail mixing
  • Ailvator
  • Winglet
  • Motor mixing
  • Fuel mixture mixing
  • Gyro mixing
  • Throttle curve (5-point)
  • Pitch curve (5-point)
  • Idle down

Glider Features:

  • 11 different wing types
  • 3 different tail types
  • 2 different rudder types
  • Flap setting menu
  • Differential ailerons
  • Aileron to camber flap mixing
  • Aileron to brake flap mixing
  • Aileron to rudder mixing
  • Rudder to aileron mixing
  • Rudder to elevator mixing
  • Camber mixing
  • Elevator to camber mixing
  • Camber flap to elevator mixing
  • Butterfly mixing
  • Butterfly to elevator mixing

Advanced HELI Programming:

  • 6 swash plate types
  • Pitch/throttle curves (5-point)
  • Throttle hold
  • Swash mix
  • Throttle mix
  • Pitch to rudder mixing
  • Fuel mixture
  • Gyro (Flybarless support)
  • Governor (700-3500 rpm)
  • Hover pitch
  • Hover throttle
  • High/low pitch
  • Swash AFR
  • Swash setting (mixing rate, linkage compensation, speed compensation)
  • Swash ring (electronic)
  • Throttle cut


  • Futaba 14SGA (Air) radio
  • R7008SB 8 channel Receiver
  • 1800mAh NiMH Transmitter Battery and charger
  • Neck strap
  • Instruction Manual

Programming port & earphone jack

Rubber hand grips and adjustable gimbals

Wide switch spacing

Edit switches

Battery compartment/SD card slot

Balances perfectly

Home screen

Main telemetry screen

Servo speed screen

Modulation screen

User-configurable menu

Customizable quick select menu

Sensor warning setup menu

3-axis gyro menu

Governor menu

Product Specifications:

Number of Channels


Modulation / Protocol





Mode 1-4 (Default Mode 2)

Model Memory

30 Aircraft


Backlit LCD

Rotary Knobs


2-Position Switches


3-Position Switches


Slider Switches


Momentary Switches



Dual Ball Bearing



Voice Alerts


Memory Card Support


Data Port


Upgradeable Firmware


Trainer System

Yes (Wired)

Dual Rate / Expo


Throttle Cut


Servo Speed Adjustment



Rechargeable 1800mAh NiMh battery pack (Included)

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  • November 16, 2017  -  For a list of compatible receivers please click the Spare Parts tab above.


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Futaba 14SG World class transmitter

I have had the 14 SG for a couple years now and it is without question the most reliable transmitter I have ever owned and it is built excellent too. I had a DX8 gen2 for about 5 mis and had lost contact with a few planes on 5-6 occasions...i couldn't figure out why . Love the DX8..But live being in control of my plane more. The 14SG is easy to navigate and after a few hours of setting up 3 planes w new Futaba FASST receivers, I was very comfortable navigating the SG14. Screen has a nice backlight w time, screen is easy to read as well. I like that the 14SG has the feel of top shelf quality the second you pick it up. Futaba has made products for decades that are ALWAYS reliable and they back it up with the best service too. Ask a Futaba tech a question and you will get an instant logical answer ..not 3 answers from 3 different techs. Highly recommended.

Daniel G.


I am new to the hobby and this is my first radio tx. More experienced pilots usually suggest newbies to start with a more entry level Tx, but i did months of research before jump in and get this 14SG. This radio instant binds to the receiver. Easy in flight adjustments. I have not tested the range yet but with Fasst it should be further than FHSS and most other 2.4ghzs It feels abit large in my hands. And its lighter than i expected. Charging is okay. It has back light and touch sensitive buttons helps you to edit inputs easily. Overall i do not see a reason not to get it. Oh, if you are going to fly alot lf BNF, you might need to get futaba competible receivers. Nowadays most BNF are using spektrum receivers. You can get a futaba competible receiver for $30.



FROM THE PERFECT Tx & Rx TO THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, IT'S A NO BRAINER OF A CHOICE TO PURCHASE FROM MOTIONRC : As an avid modeler, I believe that your transmitter and receiver are the brains and heat beat of your model. And if we could choose what we had in our bodies, we would want the best. So why not put the best in your models body? To be honest, I dwelled over this purchase for months. I am glad I did do the research and buy this package. You see, I have had Futaba and Spektrum radios in the past, and in my opinion those are two of the top manufacturers. I have a spare Spektrum radio system to use for my next build, but I wanted a new system with plenty of channels and not one that had "enough" but extras and not over ****. This radio and receiver is the best combinations one could ask for. If I wish to have just a couple or 14 channels then this will do it. And if your like me, and are tired of buying new receivers every time you get a new Tx, then this is definitely for you. This radio will operate in practically all of Futaba's older and newer systems. (Yes, this Tx can be updated via SD Card slot located in battery compartment) It can operate 2 09ARATE receivers, not just a receiver with a remote antenna, but 2 individual duel antenna receivers for a total of FOUR antennas. It's smooth gimbals, nice screen, and ease of programming make this a must along with MANY other features, like 12 fully proportional channels and 2 switched, but you are able to completely assign EVERY switch and gimbal on this radio, even modes 1-4. From built in Telemetry to built in speech. I truly don't believe I will EVER need to purchase another Tx. There is not a better place to purchase it than from here. You won't regret it, as everyone at MotionRC is a modeler and VERY willing to talk it over and/or help you as long as it takes. Thank you, Matt, for all your help and time you spent with me during this!!! Sincerely, Michael


Liked this one so much I bought 2

After purchasing my first 14sg here and having a very positive experience, I 12ided to order a second one. (The first is devoted entirely to my rc plane fleet, and the second has been converted to a centered multirotor config). The 14sg is intuitive, easy to use, and with the addition of the frsky RXs you really can convert your whole fleet over. I use the genuine Rxs for my big 3d planes and big multirotors and the frsky Rxs for all my close range park flyers... Great radio, a few flaws but that's like any radio really...once you get used to the interface then you really are set to go for a long time.

Mikhail K.

Very impressive radio

My first, not the last order from Motion RC... Site was discovered accidentally while I was shopping for upgrade radio for DJI Phantom 2. Product arrived in time, well packed (double box). Still going through manual and getting familiar. Very wide specter of capability in fine tuning and programming. Guys at shop helped me with order over the phone and were very thorough and friendly, which helped me in making 12ision to purchase two planes and batteries to go with. Will post my reviews in plane section. Thank you all at Motion RC and "Pilot Ryan" who brings a big grin to my face and some great memories...

Casey G.

Not a surprise but surprisingly good.

Thoroughly impressed with this radio. Having worked with Futaba industrial products for quite a while the quality of design and execution does not surprise me at all. The vast array of possibilities and flexibility it offers is just stunning however, especially at this price point. The multi-protocol capability really makes it a steal.


Awesome Radio

I went from the Futaba 7c to the 14sg and it does everything I've always wanted to do with the radio and more. I would recommend this radio to anyone and RC flying


In stock; good price; quick shipping; xclnt cust service

great product.

Tony A.

Awesome Radio

Having never owned a Futaba prior to this one, the learning curve was a little steep but anyone should shy away from. I don't really have an issue with touch wheel as most have noted. The layout of the radio is perfect for my hands and the radio does more than I know how to use yet. I love how easy it was to add battery telemetry to the R7008SB Receiver. I was easily able to monitor both the RX pack and the main battery packs both with multiple alarms. The radio's stock battery seems to last a very long time. I learned how to program a model, adjust a ton of settings, timers, etc. all on one charge over multiple days (think I had at least 8 hrs. on the initial charge and still had plenty left if needed. The available mixes and model types are very easy to manipulate - some odd things that I'm not used to - locations of key functions are in a few scattered places - logically placed just a pain to jump back and forth to (guess that's why they give us a custom function menu that customizable). Haven't used the s-bus system yet but that's coming soon. I love the fact that it's compatible with nearly all the lagacy receivers which allows me to use some cheaper solutions for the park fliers and what not as well as the full speed awesomeness of the newer FASTest recievers.