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MrRCSound Bass Transducer Speaker

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MrRCSound Bass Transducer Speaker (Speaker) for Aircraft - MRS015

There is not need to cut holes on your plane to mount the bass transducer. Simply peel the backing off the self stick adhesive and stick the speaker onto the wall of the inside of your plane. This turns your whole plane into a speaker - really. You can increase the decibel level of your single bass transducer by using an additional TT-25 transducer. A second TT-25 easily plugs into the sound board. A second TT-25 is recommend for planes 1400mm to 1650mm. If your plane is over 1650mm, we recommend a 3 additional TT-25 which also requires the MrRCSound amplifier. You can keep TT-25 in each of your planes and move the sound board from plane to plane. This way you have sound in every plane!


Supplement the TT-25 transducers to increase the bass tones. Recommendations are to use in conjunction with one or more TT-25, not to be used alone. This transducer focuses on the lower tones so it must be used with at least one TT-25. The net effect is an overall increase in bass tones, while still maintaining the nuances of the sound.


1m tests show nearly identical output to the TT-25, but may sound slightly less because of the lower tones. 50' test show a slight 1-3db drop in overall volume over the TT-25, but the overall tone is lower.

Bass Transducer Features

  • Weighs only 4.6oz
  • Only 2.25" diameter and 1" thick
  • No need to cut holes in your plane to use the Bass Transducer
  • Easy mounting inside the fuse with a little dab of CA or Epoxy
  • No dead spots because you whole plane is the speaker
  • Improved bass response over a standard speaker
  • Rugged - no paper cone to damage in a crash
  • 108db (max) at 1M sound output

Speakers are rated in SPL, or Sound Pressure Level. The higher the SPL of a speaker, the more efficient it is. Meaning it can put out a higher sound level, with less energy input. Most speakers in the 2"-4" inch size range are rated about 84-86db SPL, or decibels produced at 1 meter with 1W of input. The Bass Transducer is rated at a higher SPL. This means it delivers as much or more sound output than most 4" speakers in a smaller and lighter package (only 2.5oz) while using less energy at that same time. This translates to more flying time!

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Roy L.

Base transducer.

Works well, much better tones as in the Merlin engine. Well pleased.

Mark L.

Mark L

Nothing like I thought. I have had 3 bass transducers, of which two have failed. Not happy, I live in Australia and it is more trouble than it is worth. I will praise Motion for their prompt action when the first bass transducer failed. Motion replaced without question but as soon as I get it a bass transducer failed again


Motion RC

We regret that you had a negative experience with a Motion RC Product or service. Please contact our customer service team for further assistance. You can call, chat, or email by clicking on the following link: [Motion RC Contact Info](

Rick F.


This speaker will wake up the dead.

Jeff L.

Lots of sound from a

Lots of sound from a small device!

Michael D.

MrRCSound Base Transducer speakers

I have purchased four or five and half of the steaks have failed! Will not buy any more of the Base Transducer Speakers Respectfully Mike


Motion RC

We regret that you have had a negative experience with a Motion RC product or service. Please contact our customer service team so that we can help to resolve your issue. You can call, chat or email us by going to

Jack B.

2nd update

I was contacted by Motion about my last update, asking me to talk to their support staff about my prob with the transducer. So I talked to Wayne ( who was GREAT) and explained the situation. He understood the problem, and before we got off the phone another speaker was on its way. Well, while it is good to pass on your own experience, it is equally important to let the good folks at Motion fix the problem. They are very serious about customer satisfaction, which is hard to find now days ! My "Hats off to Motion" for their commitment to "Be The Best"........... they are! ...... Good flying, Jack

Jack B.

update to previous review

Well folks, I will not buy another one, after 3- 4 static test it quit working for no reason. It's too heavy for the benefit ( not much diff than a tt-25). I will put a reg speaker in its place for sure. Jack


Motion RC

We regret that you have had a negative experience with a Motion RC product or service. Please contact our customer service team so that we can help to resolve your issue. You can call, chat or email us by going to

Jack B.

mr rc sound tt bass

In my opinion the transducer is GREAT. But, and this is a big but.... it weighs much, and generates alot of heat. So, you need to make space to mount it exactly at CG. also be shure to vent the hot air out of the frame. Just my experience, best to ya Jack

Steve C.

MrRcSound Bass Transducer

I purchased this transducer to help add a deeper tone to my 4.1 version sound card in a 1400mm P-51 FMS. There is a sound improvement and the speaker lead wires allow for plenty of movement. The 3m tape was not on mine, good to see that as the tape never seemed to work well. I bond them to the air frame using welders glue. All in all not a bad unit only a couple of things to be mindful of 1) The unit weights at least twice as much as the normal speakers that are provided with the sound board 2) The speaker has a large metal frame around it that will cause you to have to remove extra foam to get a proper fit. Also because of the size and in order to get the battery tray to work I had to mount off the cg. Last as a side note since Motion RC has combined with HH I have note that shipping out of Motion now takes an extra 1-3 days. They also seem to be using a slower shipping method. If I placed an order in the morning I always had it at my door in no more then 3 days, now it seems to take at least 5