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SkyRC Ultimate Duo 1400W/30A 8 Cell (8S) DC LiPo Battery Charger - (OPEN BOX)

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Ultimate Duo 1400W/30A 8 Cell (8S) DC LiPo Battery Charger from SkyRC - OPEN BOX

Open Box Details:

  • Missing Parts: None
  • Damage/Defects: Factory Refurbished. General signs of use/repair. Gift box slightly damaged in shipment.
  • Builder Notes: All issues are simple cosmetic fixes and will not affect performance.

Please Note: Because of their deeply discounted prices, Open Box merchandise does not include the standard Motion RC warranty and cannot be returned or exchanged even if additional product issues are found. Please consider these restrictions before purchasing Open Box products.

The SkyRC Ultimate Duo 1400W is a twin channel charger capable of charging two different types of batteries simultaneously.  This high performance charger allows both charging channels to be set by channel one.  The battery memory can story up to 10 different charge/discharge profiles per channel.  Adaptable to various types of batteries such as LiPo, LiIon, LiFe and LiHV with PC software to easily configure the charger including monitoring pack voltage, cell voltage, view various data with real-time graphs, update firmware and much more.


  • Charge two different types of batteries simultaneously
  • Easy to configure and update firmware through a PC
  • 20 Amp maximum charge current with 1400 watts of charge power
  • Charges up to 8 Cell (8S) LiPo batteries
  • Stores up to 10 charge/discharge profiles for each channel
  • Temperature Threshold keeps the charger/battery from overheating
  • Channel synchronous mode
  • High efficiency with synchronous rectification techniques
  • LiHV Mode available
  • Balance port for charging/discharging
  • Terminal voltage control
  • Re-Peak mode for NiMH/NiCd battery
  • Battery meter
  • Battery Internal Resistance meter
  • Maximum safety protection


  • SkyRC Ultimate Duo 1400W/30A 8 Cell (8S) DC LiPo battery charger
  • 2x Balance board
  • 2x XT60 Charging leads
  • 2x Open-end charging leads








  • Never, under ANY circumstances, leave your charger unattended while charging a LiPo battery.
  • Keep the charger away from moisture, dust, direct sunlight, or any heat sources.
  • The charger should always be placed on a heat-resistant, non-flammable surface during charging.
  • Never overcharge or exceed a 1C charge current. A 1C charge current means the charge current equals the capacity of the battery. For example, a 2200mAh battery should never be charged using a current greater than 2.2 Amps (2200mAh).

Product Specifications:

DC Input


Charge Circuit Power (DC Input)

Max Total All Channels: 1400W
- Max Channel 1: 700W
- Max Channel 2: 700W

Charge Current Range

Channel 1: 0.1-30.0A
Channel 2: 0.1-30.0A

Max Charge Current @ 30V input

2S LiPo: 30A (both sides)
3S LiPo: 30A (both sides)
4S LiPo: 30A (side1), 20.5A (side2)
5S LiPo: 24.7A (side1), 15.6A (side2)
6S LiPo: 20.7A (side1), 13.3A (side2)

Discharge Current Range 0.1-5.0A x2
Discharge Power 30W x2

LiPo/LiFe/Lilon Cells

NiMH/NiCd Cells 1-20S
Pb(Lead Acid) Battery Voltage 2-24V
Dimensions (L x W x H) 200 x 140 x 55mm (7.84 x 5.51 x 2.16 in)
Weight 1220g (2.68lbs)

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