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TechOne MXS 3D 800mm (31") Wingspan - ARF BUNDLE

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TechOne MXS 3D 800mm (31") Wingspan - ARF BUNDLE - TEC0701004P

The TechOne MXS EPP is a fun, acrobatic performer made from the crash-resistant and easy to repair EPP foam. Cut your teeth on all the usual 3D maneuvers such as loops, rolls, knife edge, hover, hammer heads, flat spins and so on. Each flight is bound to give you several minutes of pure, unadulterated 3D excitement!


  • Designed with crash-resistant and easy to repair EPP foam
  • Specially designed for both slow, precise acrobatics and normal flight
  • Powerful AS2204 KV1700 Brushless motor for a wide flight performance envelope


  • TechOne MXS 3D 800mm (31") Wingspan - ARF BUNDLE
  • AS2204 KV1700 Brushless motor
  • 10 amp brushless ESC with JST connector
  • 3x 6-8g micro servos


  • 4 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 4 channel radio from our Radio Collection 
  • 4 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 4 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
  • 2 Cell 7.4V 400 - 500 mAh Li-Po battery with JST connector - 2S 450 mAh
  • 2 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 2 cell (2S) charger from our Charger Collection

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate
BUILD TIME : 5 Hours


31.4in / 800mm


33.3in / 845mm

Flying Weight

180 - 195g

CG (Center of Gravity)80mm - 90mm from the leading edge of the wing at the root

Power System

Powerful AS2204 KV1700 Brushless motor (installed)

Electronic Speed Control

10 amp brushless ESC with JST connector (installed)

Propeller / EDF

Electric propeller


3x 6-8g micro servos (installed)

Landing GearFixed

Required Battery

2 Cell 7.4V 400 - 500 mAh Li-Po battery with JST connector (required)

Required Radio

4+ channel radio system (required)









Hinge Type


MaterialEPP Foam
Skill LevelIntermediate
Build Time5 Hours
Recommended EnvironmentIndoor/Outdoor

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Product Updates:

  • February 12, 2017  -  The TechOne ARF BUNDLE version of this airplane requires intermediate level building skills.  Some included components such as servos and motors do not come pre-installed and will need to be installed during the build process.  Detailed building instructions are included with each model.


If you need any additional assistance, please visit the Motion RC Help Center

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Miller R.
Planet Earth
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First flat out foamy

It flies Nice and assembles pretty straight forward.The servos don't center very well, but not so much a big deal in my opinion it's just an plane to throw around and have fun with.

Joseph m.
TechOne MXS 800 3d

Bought this plane to explore 3D at a low cost level. It is easy to fly and I enjoyed it from the start. will I ever become an expert at 3D? Doubt it, but that is not my goal.

Chuck W.
build was straight forward… and

build was straight forward… and I used the build series on u tube

Jasonn W.
Fun little plane

This build went much better than my build with the 31 inch wingspan Yak. Basically the same but I learned what not to do this time. Since the carbon fiber controls rods can easily break. I drilled a bigger opening in the connectors that you attach to the carbon fiber rods that connect to the servo arm and control horn so they easily slide in and out so you can make adjustments as necessary. The build was nice and easy. One thing I like was there was preinstalled bullet connectors on the motor and ESC. So I did not have to solder anything. On my Yak I had to solder the ESC to the motor. No big deal but the bullet connectors were nice. However I did replace the JST connector on the ESC to a T connector as I already had switched all my batteries. I only flew it one time but the flight was uneventful and it seemed to fly nice. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Jordan L.
Fun little plane

This was my first EPP kit. The instructions were good but I watched youtube videos that showed the build process. The build was easy and straightforward. Took around 3 hours because I took my time to make sure everything was perfect. I prefer my planes to be responsive so I used 100% rates with 40% expo. It's very easy to fly so it would make a good first 3d plane because it's so light and this type of foam is almost impossible to break in a crash. It's very easy to hover and do basic 3d maneuvers. It also floats around at low speed for nice relaxing flights. It's great for backyard or indoor flying. I highly recommend it! I'll have to get more of these EPP 3d planes from techone.

Tracy T.
Great solid plane

I'm brand new to flying (2 months) and picked up this plane for its durability value. It hasn't disappointed. After I toned down the rates and expos, and shifted the CG a bit forward, it has become a plane that even I can handle. Its fun to fly. Very acrobatic, nimble and responsive. The wheel system is a bit confusing to assemble but other than that, it was easy to put together and took very little adjusting prior to flight.

Flies Great

This plane goes together fairly easy. I did watch a Youtube video on assembly that helped even though the instructions are good enough. The plane flies great. I have one setting on my transmitter with 50% rates and 50% expo that allows anyone to fly it like a trainer. It just floats along. Very stable. I will definitely buy Techone again.

Awesome well designed 3d practice plane

This plane rocks. Very well designed. I purchased to fly in my hangar on rainy days. I cant stop flying it! It is very light and indestructable. After the first flight i chose to remove the landing gear to make it even lighter. I have hit everything in my hangar including the floor nose first. Just straighten the prop and launch it again.