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TechOne Sport Popwing Yellow 900mm (35.4") Wingspan - ARF

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TechOne Sport Popwing Yellow 900mm (35.4") Wingspan - ARF - TEC0704004K-YEL

The TechOne Sport Popwing EPP flying wing is constructed of durable EPP foam that is tailor-made for countless of hours of outdoor flying fun. This is the upgraded, faster version of the popular Popwing. Whether you fly the skies solo or engage in combat flying with friends, the TechOne Sport Popwing EPP is sure to please both intermediate and advanced pilots.


  • Available in both red and yellow liveries
  • Constructed from durable and light EPP foam
  • Easy to build, fly and maintain


  • TechOne Sport Popwing Yellow 900mm (35.4") Wingspan - ARF


  • 4 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 4 channel radio from our Radio Collection 
  • 4 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 4 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
  • TechOne AS2208 KV1370 Brushless motor - TEC1001006
  • TechOne 20 Amp Brushless ESC - TEC1002004
  • 2x 8g micro servos - TEC1003005D
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 800 -1000mAh Li-Po battery with T connector - EPR10003T recommended
  • 3 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 3 cell (3S) charger from our Charger Collection

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate
BUILD TIME : 4 Hours


35.4in / 900mm


19.1in / 485mm

Flying Weight

340 - 360g

CG (Center of Gravity)195 - 205mm from the leading edge of the nose

Power System

Powerful AS2208 KV1370 Brushless motor (required)

Electronic Speed Control

20 amp brushless ESC with T connector (required)

Propeller / EDF

7 x 5 Electric propeller


2x 8g micro servos (required)

Landing GearNone

Required Battery

3 Cell 11.1V 800 -1000mAh Li-Po battery with T connector (required)

Required Radio

4+ channel radio system (required)

AileronsYes (elevons)


Yes (elevons)






Hinge Type


MaterialEPP Foam
Skill LevelIntermediate
Build Time4 Hours
Recommended EnvironmentOutdoor

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Product Updates:

  • February 12, 2017  -  The TechOne ARF BUNDLE version of this airplane requires intermediate level building skills.  Some included components such as servos and motors do not come pre-installed and will need to be installed during the build process.  Detailed building instructions are included with each model.


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Ranse P.

Fast and tough - verify correct cg during build

The first thing that impressed me about this wing is all the sparring. Even the vertical stabilizers have pre-installed spars on both sides. Overall it's a very stiff and strong wing. The biggest issue with this wing was the incorrect CG stated in the manual. It's been a while since I purchased and built it so I don't know what the current manual states. The original manual specified 195mm to 205mm from the nose. This puts the balance point too far aft and the wing will be uncontrollable. For my build the CG was located at 180mm which required modifying the battery tray to use a 3S 2200mAh mounted sideways at the very front of the tray. I prefer more battery rather than dead weight if possible. My setup for power is a 2208 1800KV with 7x6 prop. With this combination the wing is pretty fast and still surprisingly stable. However, with large elevator travel it will still snap-spin as I found out when throttling up and applying full elevator to abort a landing. It spun over and nosed into the ground before I could blink. Most wings can't tolerate overly-aggressive elevator travel without snapping over so this isn't anything unique to the Sport Wing. Although it does seem to be a little more pronounced on this wing because of it's compact size and higher wing loading. Just keep the speed up and limit the elevator travel. The snap-spin into the ground revealed that the weakest part of the air-frame is probably the wooden bulkheads of the battery/electronics tray that hold the cover with wood slots. Some modding with a flat carbon fiber spar and some CA to repair a crack in the nose and around the tray was all that was required to make it airworthy again. Otherwise the tray and cover work fine for normal flying. The motor leads did need to be extended to reach the tray from the motor with the ESC located in the tray. With the mentioned electronics, this wing will go ballistic with ease and stay airborne for 20 minutes moderating the throttle. Even with more than a dozen wings, I still like to take this one out when I need a small-ish, simple, fast flying fix.